Will Fans Decide the End to Tales From The Dark Multiverse: The Judas Contract #1?

Will Fans Decide Who Dies in Tales From The Dark Multiverse: The Judas Contract #1?

When listing the retailer exclusive variant covers from DC Comics in December, I noticed one slight difference between the solicited description for Tales From The Dark Multiverse: The Judas Contract #1 by Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom and Tom Raney, and the one from the retailer exclusive variant cover. Here’s the solicitation: The Dark Multiverse reimagines […]

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Does Wally West’s Fast Forward #1 Throw Shade on Heroes In Crisis? (Spoilers)

The hands of DC Comics’publisher Dan DiDio are heavy on Flash Forward #1 by Scott Lobdell, Booth, Norm Rapmund, Luis Guerrero and Troy Peteri are all over Flash Forward #1, published today. Specifically the use of Tempus Fuginaut, the instigator from DiDio’s Silencer series.  But there’s also the clear intent to try and make sense […]

DC Comics' Full Solicitations for December 2019 -

DC Comics’ Full Solicitations for December 2019 – Including Doomsday Clock #12

We ran some Frankensteined versions earlier but that was just the start. Here are the full DC Comics solicitations for December 2019. Including a certain Doomsday Clock #12… YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: HELL ARISEN #1 written by JAMES TYNION IV art and cover by STEVE EPTING variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICI blank variant cover DC’s […]

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DC Comics’ December 2019 Solicitations – A Very Few Frankensteined

DC Comics will be releasing their December solicitations to their media partner sites at 10pm BST/5pm ET/2pm PT. But before then, we’ve done a little Frankensteining of comics solicitations they’ve already released… and all are for December 18th. Looks like it will be quite the pre-Christmas week for DC Comics. We can also wonder what […]

Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus Gets Bigger, More Expensive

The Zero Hours 25th Anniversary Omnibus from DC Comics is getting bigger – and more expensive. It was solicited as a 976-page volume for $125. Both numbers are going up… ZERO HOUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS HC written by DAN JURGENS and others art by DAN JURGENS, JERRY ORDWAY and others cover by DAN JURGENS and […]

Would Mashing Up Doomsday Clock and Heroes In Crisis Save Wally West?

Could Mashing Up Doomsday Clock and Heroes In Crisis Save Wally West?

Last week saw the release of Heroes In Crisis #9. And Doomsday Clock #10. There was some suggestion that the two may in some way be linked. And certainly, we saw Dr Manhattan messing with Wally West and his life, as he created the New 52 reality, only for it to fight back in DC […]

So... Who Killed Lagoon Boy In Heroes In Crisis?

So… Did Wally West Deliberately Kill Lagoon Boy In Heroes In Crisis?

As revealed in Heroes In Crisis #8 by Tom King, Travis Moore and Mitch Gerads, we saw just how Wally West killed everyone. Accidentally of course. Triggering an alarm when he somehow managed to piece all of the Sanctuary information together in order to release it to the world… As the rest of the clients […]

A New Wally West Comic From DC to Follow Heroes In Crisis?

So… What Now for Wally West After Heroes In Crisis #9 (Spoilers)

Bleeding Cool previously reported, after the conclusion of Heroes In Crisis by Tom King and Clay Mann, the last issue of which was published today, that the plan was for Brian Azzarello to write a new Suicide Squad series starring Wally West. Pulled out of prison by Amanda Waller and set to work for the […]

How The Robins See Themselve in Heroes In Crisis #9

How The Robins See Themselves in Heroes In Crisis #9 – Spoiler

Heroes In Crisis #9 by Tom King and Clay Mann is published today. We published a review of the issue – and the series as a whole – here. We looked at what this may mean for Poison Ivy here. How the Wally West solution felt a little familiar, here. And how the Doctor Magnus […]

The Biggest Change Frank Miller is Making to Superman in Year One (Spoilers)

In three week’s time, we get the launch of Superman: Year One by Frank Miller, John Romita Jr and Danny Miki, from DC Comics. Yesterday we mentioned that though this series is intended to be out of continuity, be in continuity with Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Strikes Again, Dark Knight III: The Master Race […]