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The X-Men Are Here to Save the Day with New Q-Fig Figures 

The X-Men Are Here to Save the Day with New Q-Fig Figures 

The X-Men have been such a popular series in the world of comics. It has branched off into so much more too. With the cartoon coming from the 90s, and then Fox taking over the movie rights in the 2000s. Some of them aren’t the best but the X-Men have been in the spotlight for […]

Go Camping with Deadpool and Ghost Rider in New Q-Master Statue

Deadpool Goes Camping with Ghost Rider in New Q-Master Statue

Deadpool has become quite popular these days and he can make any comic or statue embrace his wackiness. Master Quantum Mechanix or Q-Master is teaming up with Sideshow to bring us this adorable and amazingly detailed statue. We do get a Ghost Rider and Deadpool team-up with Deadpool roasting some marshmallows over the Rider’s head. […]

Batman’s Sidekicks Team-Up for Adorable Q-Master Statue

The Bat Family Teams-Up for Adorable Q-Master Statue

Batman’s family have all made names for themselves, they were trained by one of the greats so this makes sense. Sideshow and Master Quantum Mechanix are teaming up for one of the coolest and unique Batman collectibles out there. This diorama showcases all of the great in the Bat-family. We get Batwoman, Dick Grayson as […]

New York Toy Fair: Quantum Mechanix Brings Q-Figs, Debuts Q-Masters

New York Toy Fair staple Quantum Mechanix is always a fun visit on the show floor. Full of wonderful and passionate people, they have been putting some of the most fun figures with their line of Q-Figs for years now. At this year’s show, they brought the first piece in a new line, known as […]

Check Out Quantum Mechanix Adorable New Bat-Family Q-Master Diorama

The Bat-Family is being honored as the first piece in Quantum Mechanix new line “Q-Master”, which they are calling the evolution of their popular Q-Figs line. These will be cast in polyresin and have more heft than a regular Q-Fig, that is for sure. This first one features the lighter side of the Dark Knight, […]

The Nun QXM Figure 7

The Nun’s Valak 1/6th Scale Figure Up For Order Now

The Nun is coming to terrorize your figure collection. Valak is coming home in the 1/6th scale from Quantum Mechanix, featuring two interchangeable heads, eight pairs of interchangeable hands, a cross, a tailored nun habit and veil, and a reproduction of the painting of Valak from The Conjuring 2. The figure will run you $199.99 […]

Captain Marvel Q Fig 2

Captain Marvel Q-Fig Coming in April From Quantum Mechanix

A new Captain Marvel Q-Fig is coming in April from Quantum Mechanix. The figure will stand at 3.50 inches tall and comes posed on a Captain Marvel logo base. She is posed in an action pose with her fists energized and an energy burst coming out of her right hand. This is one of the […]

Q Fig SDCC Collage

Deadpool, Harry Potter, and Alien Q-Fig SDCC Exclusives on the Way

Deadpool, Harry Potter, and Alien Q-Figs are coming exclusively to SDCC. Quantum Mechanix will have the three new figures for sale at their booth on the show floor. Deadpool will be posed in front of a Maximum Effort background, Harry is riding shotgun with Hagrid on a motorcycle, and a Xenomorph face hugger is offering […]

Quantum Mechanix’s Westley, AKA Dread Pirate Roberts 1:6 Scale Figure

We just can’t get over how GOOD this Westley (aka The Dread Pirate Roberts) figure from Quantum Mechanix looks. Perhaps you’ll recall the ’80s film The Princess Bride and its masked-man heartthrob played by Cary Elwes, including all the super-quotable… quotes like “as you wish” and more. Well, QM has the first officially licensed 1:6 scale articulated figure […]

Joker Killing Joke and Batman/Superman Q-Figs Coming This Summer

Joker from  The Killing Joke and an adorable Batman/Superman flying Q-Figs are up for preorder now. The figures will come out in June, and feature all of the dynamic bases and poses we have come to expect from the team over at QMx. Joker features a base with his chattering teeth and “HA” all-around, striking […]