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Carol Isaacs’ The Wolf Of Baghdad Launched at London’s Cartoon Museum (VIDEO)

Cartoonist Carol Isaacs launched her first graphic novel The Wolf of Baghdad at the Cartoon Museum in London last night. Attended by the likes of Martin Rowson, Steven Appleby, Mark Stafford, Jess Sage and more. They even let me in. There was music, punch, and turkish delights. Here’s a look at the presentation (in silhouette) by […]

“Buffaloed”: Magnolia Promotes Film by Eliminating $1.5 Million in Medical Debt

“Buffaloed”: Magnolia Promotes Film Eliminating $1.5 Million in Medical Debt [TRAILER]

From the “Why Don’t They Do This More Often” department, Magnolia Pictures took a philanthropic approach. Promoting their latest comedy Buffaloed, the studio teamed with the non-profit RIP Medical Debt, the studio plans to eliminate $1.5 million worth of medical debt, according to Variety. Medical Debt – A National Problem The national 501c3 organization uses […]


Everybody, Come Meet…ha.i.ley

Comic book creators Shane Riches and Jared Barel have a new graphic novel out called ha.i.ley. from ComicMix. A husband and wife fight for their survival after he has an affair with a cutting-edge, housekeeping A.I. whose obsessive software calculates that it must purge the family. The encroaching, parental dread of A Quiet Place sliced with […]


Free On Bleeding Cool: Resonant #1 by David Andry and Ale Aragon

The collection of Resonant by David Andry, Ale Aragon and Jason Wordie from Vault Studios is out in comic stores on January 22nd, and in bookstores in early February. And ahead of publication, we have the first issue for free on Bleeding Cool… with an introduction commentary from Andry. If you want to make comics, […]

Hal Jordan to Get a Brand New Green Lantern Lantern in Season 2

Hal Jordan to Get a Brand New Green Lantern Lantern in Season 2

What do you get the Green Lantern who has everything or has received every commendation? In The Green Lantern Season 2 #1 by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, it turns out that it’s a new Green Lantern Lantern. As in, a new Lantern that the Green Lanterns get to recharge their rings from when stating […]

How to Recycle or Reuse Diamond's New Shipping Boxes

How to Recycle or Reuse Diamond’s New Shipping Boxes

Introduced in December, Diamond Comic Distributor’s redesigned 200-count, 400-count, and 200/400-count combo shipping boxes were intended to provide comic store retailers with stronger structural integrity for products shipped and are intended to reduce the potential for damages. There may be some debate about this, but one of the innovations was a box without a seam […]

"Tropico 6" Reveals New "The Llama Of Wall Street" DLC

Giveaway: “Tropico 6” DLC Pack “The Llama Of Wall Street”

Would you like to win a code for Tropico 6‘s latest DLC “The Llama Of Wall Street”? All you need is a Twitter account. Kalypso Media was kind enough to give us some codes to give away for you to play the latest DLC where you can make a killing on your own private island. […]


Giveaway: “The Addams Family” Blu-ray Combo Pack

Would you like to win a Blu-ray combo pack of The Addams Family, which will be released on January 28th? All you need is a Twitter account. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has provided us a chance to give away a copy of the film. What do you need to do to win this? In order […]

'Dolittle' is the World's Penance For Iron Man {REVIEW}

‘Dolittle’ is the World’s Penance For Iron Man {REVIEW}

Dolittle is not a good film. Let’s get that out of the way right off the bat. Mired in development hell and release date changing and everything else bad that comes along with releasing a film, all of those problems are evident onscreen. A new take on the property sees Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) and […]

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Wally West Gets Closer And Closer to a Big Sit Down (Flash Forward #5 Spoilers)

Bleeding Cool has a theory about the current Flash Forward series starring Wally West, trying to redeem himself for all those deaths in Heroes In Crisis, and then covering them all up. Because the series began with an empty Mobius chair. The chair had been empty since Dr Manhattan killed its previous occupants… …though in […]

Interview: PAX's Tabletop Ambassador Krystina “Orisha” Arielle

Interview: PAX’s Tabletop Ambassador Krystina “Orisha” Arielle

Last week, PAX revealed a set of ambassadors for their 2020 events, which included Krystina “Orisha” Arielle becoming their Tabletop Ambassador. She joins Jesse Cox, Sonja Reid, Justin Wong, and Robin Hunicke as they will head to all of the PAX events this year, starting with PAX South in San Antonio this weekend. We had […]

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A4: Empyre Will Be a ‘Final Battle No One Saw Coming’

Marvel has yet another A4: Empyre teaser, which is eith a Fantastic Four/Avengers crossover or something to do with British imperial paper sizes. And has explained all the previous teasers… and we were pretty much there. A FINAL BATTLE NO ONE SAW COMING… Writers Al Ewing, Dan Slott and Valerito Schiti bring you 2020’s earth-shattering […]

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Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice? Avengers #29 Flips The Script (Spoilers)

Today’s Avengers #29 may be one of *those* comics, A kinda ‘what were you doing when you first read Avengers #29 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness’ moments. And not just because Blade is wearing a new super-space-suit formed entirely out of a Man-Thing. While the Black Widow gets her own new suit, the War […]

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The Batman’s Grave But Alfred Pennyworth Is Hilarious (#4 Spoilers)

We have collectively been enjoying Alfred Pennyworth’s mouthing off at Bruce Wayne and hi activities as Batman in The Batman’s Grave, from Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, a comic of Warren said in his last newsletter ‘I don’t think DC are completely aware they’re even publishing this book. So please do join us for more […]

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Damian Wayne – Baby Hitler? Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 Spoilers

In today’s Legion Of Super-Heroes #3, Jonathan Kent pops back in time to bring his bestest friend Damian Wayne back to the 31st Century with him. Who within minutes already wants to start making changes to the future. But maybe it’s the changes to his own near-future that he should be worried about. Because just […]

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Marvel Launches New iWolverine Comic Series For Iron Man 2020

Remember that time we talked about an upcoming Iron Man 2020 spinoff called Weapon.EXE in an Iron Man 2020 checklist that was suddenly censored in subsequent versions. We took it to be the continuation of the Weapon series about the other subjects of the Weapon series of experiments that began with Captain America, included Venom, […]