Author: Brendon Connelly

James Cameron Goes To The Bottom Of The Ocean In Trailer For Deepsea Challenge 3D

James Cameron loves a bit of high-tech adventure, both in work and play. His expedition to the lowest point beneath the ocean was filmed, and the resulting document Deepsea Challenge, is set for release later this year. Here's the trailer. [youtube][/youtube] You can see that in HD at Apple.

London Getting The Guardians Of The Galaxy IMAX Preview Next Tuesday

If you'd like to spend some of next Tuesday night watching 17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D, Disney are running a ballot for tickets right now. To accommodate demand it's not first-come, first-served. As with the US sessions, there's a giveaway poster too. It's happening at the IMAX Empire Leicester Square […]

Footage From Studio Ghibli's New Feature, When Marnie Was There

From the various plot synopses I've dug up on the internet, the next Studio Ghibli movie When Marnie Was There seems to be a rather melancholy affair. It's the story of two girls becoming friends, one of them… being a girl who lived in another time, I think it's fair to say. The first footage […]

Where The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Leaves The Hulk For Future Movies

Spoilers. There, I said it. Spoilers. Now you can't complain Recently, Mark Ruffalo has been dodging questions about a Planet Hulk movie left, right and centre. Most recently of all, he's been feeling empowered to say it won't happen. Why? Because he's found out what Marvel's actual plans are for the character, and they seem […]

Bryan Singer Reveals How X-Men: Apocalypse Begins

It looks like X-Men: Apocalypse will pick up where Days of Future Past left off, and that's in ancient Egypt. Bryan Singer shared a photo of the treatment for the new movie, highlighting the start of "sequence 1-15." When it comes to changing a known mutant into a horseman, they could go with Angel, they […]

Community Renewed For A Sixth Season To Air On Yahoo's Web Video Service

Negotiations went down to the wire but Sony have now made a deal for a thirteen episode, sixth season of Community with Yahoo Screen, the web video streaming service. As of tomorrow the cast would have been free of their contracts and it might have been impossible, or at least expensive, to get them back. […]

Trailer For George Takei Documentary Movie, To Be Takei

George Takei is a textbook example of a celebrity who can leverage his fame to create a trade with his fans: I'll amuse you if you hear me out when I have something to say. I hope that this documentary, To Be Takei, gives weight to both personality and passion, "mirth and mission." [youtube][/youtube] To […]

Our First Image Of Michael Rooker As Yondu Is Shady Business

James Gunn is both a regular collaborator and longtime friend of Michael Rooker and I was delighted to learn, way back when, that Rooker would be playing Yondu in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We've yet to see the character so far – well, you are, I won't pretend that I didn't see some […]

Doctor Who Series 8 – Old Monsters Return And New Guest Star Signs Up

The BBC have officially unveiled a new guest star and a returning "villain" for the upcoming eighth series of Doctor Who. You may consider one or the other or both of these announcements a spoiler, but you should also expect to be ambushed by them in trailers and marketing so, really, you might as well […]

Andy Serkis Appears To Be In The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Probably

Andy Serkis has a role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, probably, and it's probably a motion capture role, probably. Possibly. Variety's reporting of this is muddy at best. Let me cut and paste exactly what they've run and we can talk about what it means afterwards. It's their question and Serkis' answer. You're involved […]

TV's John Constantine Doesn't Smoke

Smoking isn't just an incidental character trait of John Constantine in his DC comics incarnation. Without spoiling anything for young readers – really, anybody can be 23 years behind publication if we're being fair, and I'm still angry about the original Planet of the Apes' DVD cover – let's just say that John's habit is […]

The New Terminator Is Just Terminator And Genesis Ain't No Part Of It

A couple of very different sources have now told us that the various bits of licensing, merchandise and toys that will tie into the next Terminator film are being branded as just Terminator tie-ins. No The, No Genesis. It really looks like the film's final title is Terminator, plan and simple. Not a total surprise, […]

Phineas And Ferb Meets Star Wars

While Family Guy's Blue Harvest retold Star Wars with animated characters, this Phineas and Ferb special smuggles its own characters into the cracks without overwriting anything. These are deleted scenes from Star Wars in effect, a parallel story, just with a slightly different aesthetic. [youtube][/youtube] Could well be a lot of fun and for the […]

Another Trailer For Jupiter Ascending – The Film's Pushed Back But The Marketing Show Must Go On

I assume Warner Bros. had a plan to put a new Jupiter Ascending trailer before Transformers: Age of Extinction. Otherwise it seems a little odd to drop another promo having recently pushed the film right back to next February. [youtube][/youtube] Maybe we'll see something radically different between now and the film's eventual release. Hopefully something […]