The Doctor Who Event That May Be A Lot Smaller On The Inside

doctorwhoeventblueThere is a Doctor Who event called, well, The Doctor Who Event, happening later this year at the University of North Florida. The website promises an appearance by Sixth Doctor Colin Baker at the October show, as well as appearances from the IDW Doctor Who artist JK Woodward, Doctor Who Movie writer Matthew Jacobs and also the author of the Doctor Who Guide 2014, Thomas Perryman.

Yes, about Mr. Perryman…but we’ll get to that.

The same website also has an offer to its readers:

The entire Doctor Who Collection of over 250 TV Adventures or Doctor Who Stories, we offer ALL the Spin Off Shows as well, PLUS MUCH MORE!

All these rare and highly collectible episodes that total over 430 gigs are stored on a USB Hard drive or 500GB External HD that works on anything and anywhere in the World.

A Must for any true Sci-Fi fan or Doctor Who followers!

All we ask is that you……

1) Read the contents on our Doctor Who PDF file offered on this page.

2) Ask any question you need or require but clicking the link provided or go to our “Contact Page” and fill out the form

3) Purchase safely with the Amazon

Payment occurs through the Amazon Payments system, rather than the items being offered directly by Amazon. Sorry, “the Amazon”. For $350.

My Pic of meI emailed the site asking for more information about what they were offering and received a reply. Which came from, surprise, surprise, one Thomas Perryman. He wrote,

I have the Collection for sale, Its a great collection and has every Doctor Who episode, special, and spins off (like K-9 & Company and K-9’s 2009 series, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, any & all Doctor Who Specials, etc). Covers 1963 to this past Christmas episode (with the November 50th anniversary episode as well with “An Adventure In Time drama about the creation of the Doctor Who series).

Its all the episodes. There are episodes that have reconstruction for example Evil Of The Daleks with the 2nd Doctor. Recons could have animation with original audio or BBC publicity shots with original audio. Not sure what the percent is but I would estimate my collection is about 97% original proper episodes with about 3% that has to be reconstructions episodes. Doctor Who missing video is being found nearly every year with a piece here and a piece there.

As for screenplays I have only one screenplay. I have the 1996 FOX TV Doctor Who script with the 8th Doctor but I’m sure your question was on the TV episodes. The Quality is amazing!!

I was going up to $400 U.S. Dollars at the beginning of this year but I have not changed the “Buy” buttons yet so I’ll do this in a few weeks.

This is not on DVD or VHS but I have an modern update alternative to this.

It comes on a NEW USB 500 gig storage drive, which you can hook to your PC or to newer TV’s, Just Plug & Play.

Looks perfect on my 50 inch plasma TV and not a bad or crappy file in this collection.

My family has worked on this since the late 70’s as we are long time fans and gotten some material directly from my BBC overseas visits.

Hope this helps and I hope I can fulfill your Doctor Who Collection.

You can burn all to DVD’s or some it’s your choice. With today’s tech I find it better on the storage drive because some DVDs play on some players yet not others.

There is no region lock out on these files or drive plus it is PC & Apple friendly. Use it on your cell phones, Tablets, or again just plug in your TV, Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3, etc.

Shipping to your area is included in the price.

Is Perryman organizing the show? Is that why he’s responding directly to site inquiries? And is someone like Colin Baker okay with being denied residual royalty payments for his Doctor Who episodes that appear on the USB, and with Perryman getting the full $350? Will copies of this USB stick be on sale at the show? What would BBC Worldwide say?

I think Thomas Perryman is about to find out.

Especially Tony Lee, the Doctor Who comic book writer whose comics are promised to appear on this USB, has been making his position on the matter clear.




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