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Get A Doctor Who Comic Especially For You

Titan Comics are arranging a boatload of Doctor Who customizable covers for the launch of their two new series, Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor. Retailers have to commit to buying five hundred issues of one or the other (or both). Here’s the mock up of …

Grant Morrison And Rian Hughes’ The Key – A New Comic From The BBC

As part of their Freedom 2014 season, the BBC has commissioned a new webcomic from Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes, entitled The Key. It can be read in its entirety, here. It tells a wordless story, of freedom of action, of …

Mark Gatiss Scripting Two Doctor Who Season Eight Episodes For Peter Capaldi

One has to imagine that bookmakers would give Gatiss the best odds to take over from Steven Moffat as showrunner when – and surely it must be a matter of when, and not if – the situation comes around.

Set Snoop Report: The Doctor Tracks Aliens Around Sherlock’s Drug Den

UFO graffiti, a lab coat and some aliens. What does it all mean?

Keeley Hawes Joins Doctor Who As A Sexy Banker Villainess Type, Ms. Delphox

The hairdo and glasses have had a powerful effect on her look, but here’s the always more than watchable Keeley Hawes in her Doctor Who get-up.

Titan Confirms No Doctor Who Comics For The UK… Yet

I’m at the Diamond Retailer Day at the Aloft Hotel in London’s Docklands, ahead of tomorrow’s London Super Comic Con. It kicks off in an hour, but I just bumped into Titan Comics folks in the bar. They confirmed to …

Play The 30th Anniversary Edition Of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Game Online Now

The BBC have refurbed the official tie-in video game to Douglas Adams’ beyond-seminal radio comedy show and are hosting the new version, murderous paradoxes, spit, polish and all, on their website.

Some Less-Spoilery Doctor Who Gossip

From sources close to folk from Doctor Who production… only twice removed, these ones. But a lot less spoilery than our earlier post. Peter Capaldi is brilliant in the role but is genuinely finding the strenuous schedule a struggle. That …

Doctor Who, The Master And A Speculative Spoiler

The following article is a mixture of speculation, of guesswork, of sources and of gossip. It may be completely wrong. But if correct, it would be one hell of a Doctor Who spoiler. So, consider yourself completely and utterly warned if you take one more step.

Sylvester McCoy Seems To Have Spoiled A Bit Of A Doctor Who Surprise

Everything that follows is unconfirmed, but the general information sits very well with well-sourced rumours that have been criss-crossing behind the scenes for months now.

More Clips And Images From Tonight’s Frank Quitely Documentary

Yesterday, we looked at the Frank Quitely documentary, part of the What Do Artists Do All Day strand on BBC Two Scotland tonight at 10pm and BBC Four soon. As we said yesterday, those in the UK not living in …

Frank Quitely, The Documentary Airs Tomorrow Night On The BBC. Trailer And Screencaps…

“Ideally you want to be a couple of months ahead on a project. But I rarely am.” – Frank Quitely. BBC Scotland have made a documentary about Frank Quitely, part of their What Do Artists Do All Day, airing tomorrow. …

First Trailer For The Walshes From Graham Linehan And A Diet Of Worms

I’m not too familiar with the Irish comedy troupe Diet of Worms but Graham Linehan‘s work on Big Train, Black Books, Father Ted et al has made up a big part of my viewing patterns for almost twenty years now. …

Titan Comics’ Doctor Who Comics Not Available In Print In The UK

It does seem a little ridiculous. A British publisher, employing British creators, licensing a British TV show from a British broadcaster cannot sell the comics in Britain. I’ve just had that confirmed to me by BBC Worldwide after being given …

No Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Comics From Titan. Yet. And Exactly Who Will Be Able To Sell Them?

Announced at the ComicsPRO retailer event in Atlanta, Georgia, are details of the two new monthly Doctor Who comics from Titan Comics. One featuring the Tenth Doctor even though he’s technically the eleventh, and one featuring the Eleventh Doctor even …

Lego Now Accepting Doctor Who Designs For Their Cuusoo Projects

Oh… and you know what? This might might might just make it possible for The Doctor to turn up in the Lego Movie sequel. That could be fun.

New Recurring Doctor Who Character Announced – Samuel Anderson Is Danny Pink

Meanwhile, there’s also a heavily qualified rumour that Peter Capaldi may only be playing The Doctor for one series. I don’t buy it, at all, but I thought you’d at least like to know.

Lily Allen’s New Album – ‘Sheezus’

Lily Allen has just announced the title of her new album on the Graham Norton Show on BBC 1. Sheezus. And yes it is meant to be a sly reference to Kayne West‘s Yeezus tour. Though as she tweets, It’s …