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Mockingbird #8 Is Controversial. But Not For Any Of The Reasons It Is Causing Controversy.

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Gerard Way And Friends Curate Young Animal Cinema Festival At North Carolina Comicon

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Supergirl -- "Welcome to Earth" -- Image SPG203c_0312 -- Pictured (L-R): David Harewood as Hank Henshaw, Lynda Carter as President Olivia Marsdin, Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl,  -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Supergirl: Welcome To Earth Straight Out Of Todays News

Superbad Director Talks About What He Would Like To Do Instead Of A Direct Sequel

Get A Look At The Final Evolutions Of The Starter Pokemon In New Sun And Moon Trailer

Overwatch Season 2 End Date And Season 3 Start Date Announced

I’ve slowly been picking away at Overwatch competitve mode in Season 2. I really do think it is the comprehensive mode in the game and it’s where I spend the bulk of my time. It seems the second season’s days are finally numbered though. Blizzard have announced that Overwatch Season 2 will end November 24,… Read more »

Final Fantasy XV Gets A Spectacular New Cinematic Trailer

Finally, after years and years and years of development, Final Fantasy XV is only just over a month away. Even as a guy who isn’t that into Final Fantasy, I think the game has the potential to be great and open up to a wider audience. To get you jazzed for the impending release, here… Read more »

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Highlights PlayStation Plus Next Month

October is already coming to an end, with us straight in the thick of AAA game season. I’m sure there are a few hurting wallets out there as we are bombarded with good games once or twice a week now. If you are feeling that burn, or haven’t been able to jump into any yet,… Read more »


Doctor Strange – Master Of The Merchandising Arts

What’s a good movie without good merchandise? After sitting through 2 hours of mystical awesomeness, you’ll likely want to have something to sit on your desk or shelf to remind you of the film. At least that Marvel’s way of thinking and here are some of the Doctor Strange items they’ve put together with Hasbro,… Read more »

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Goes Big And To Space In Live Action Trailer

Call of Duty sure does to go big for its live action trailers, often bringing in big directors and actors to try and put out best live action trailers in the industry. This year is no different. This year’s effort for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare comes from Lone Survivor and Battleship director Peter Berg,… Read more »


The Doctor Strange Marvel Collectors Corps Box Has The Sorcerors Supreme #1 Comic Early

Bleeding Cool reps just received the Thanks to Marvel Collectors Corps Doctor Strange box for November… which also included an early look at the Doctor Strange And The Sorcerors Supreme #1 comic out tomorrow. Looks like corps subscribers got it first. But the standout has to be the mug – check the gallery of images… Read more »


Huntress Premium Format Figure Unveiled

Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled their new Huntress premium format figure. This DC character comes from the design of Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, Ian MacDonald, Mark Solyanik, Kris Anka, and Zak Roane. It stand 23″ High and 12″ Wide… that’s a pretty big piece. It weighs in at 14 lbs and fits onto your shelf with either… Read more »


Unboxing The October Box Of Dread

Got the new October Box of Dread in the mail and thought I would do a quick unboxing video. Box of Dread is a random subscription box that caters to the horror fans out there. For more information on them, check out their website. This month includes items from The Crow, Army of Darkness, Ash vs Evil… Read more »

Emily Kaldwin Gets The Spotlight In New Dishonored 2 Video

I’m most certainly excited for playing as Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2. Her abillities seem unique and devestating in ways I can’t wait to get my hands on. You can catch what the character is going to be all about in this new video too. What I found quite interesting is these abillities are linked… Read more »

Titanfall 2 Gets A Launch Trailer To Celebrate Release

Launch trailers usually end up hitting a few weeks before release nowadays, which is pretty weird. It kind of disrupts the purpose of a launch trailer, but hey, I’m not a marketer. I’m sure there is a reason. Titanfall 2 has done it the old way though and released their launch trailer the day before… Read more »

Dishonored 2 Gets A Live Action Trailer

Dishonored 2 is probably the game I’m most looking forward to that is still left on the calendar. The game, from what I played, is wickedly good with some of the nastiest player abillities I’ve ever seen. To celebrate the incoming release, Bethesda have produced this live action trailr for the title. For me, it… Read more »


Sideshow Unveils Clive Barker’s Hell Priestess In Time For Halloween

Coming from Clive Barker’s world of Hellraiser, meet the latest Cenobite created with Sideshow Collectibles… Hell Priestess. The new character has both a limited edition art print by Ian MacDonald and a premium format figure designed by MacDonald, Alex Pascenko and Zac Roane both available for pre-order. There’s nothing that gives the story for the character… if she… Read more »

Battlefield 1 Review: DICE Create Their Best Ever With Impressive Take On WWI

Battlefield is a franchise that has always impressed me immensely. It’s focus on huge scale online matches and utterly breathtaking graphical capabilities are impossible to not get something out of. That being said, there is something incomprehensible about it to me. It is the only first person shooter I feel genuinely terrible at, it’s scale and… Read more »

We Haven’t Seen All The Nintendo Switch Can Do Yet But We Won’t Find Out What Until Next Year

The Nintendo Switch looks like a really neat piece of hardware, and I think it is the exact console Nintendo could use right now. The home/mobile hybrid could be a really useful device for casual and hardcore users alike, so there is plenty of potential here. It seems we haven’t seen everything it can do… Read more »


Compare The Difference Between Skyrim Special Edition On PlayStation 4 And The Original On PlayStation 3

Skyrim Special Edition is just around the corner now, with the game hitting this week. We haven’t seen it in action too much thus far, but this new video should put your mind at ease. PlayStation Access have a build of the game and have done a comparison video for you to really show off… Read more »


Geeking Out in the Kitchen – To Boldly Slice

By Will Romine, Age 32. Hi ho! Welcome to “Geeking Out in the Kitchen”, where I test and evaluate fandom based cooking equipment and give my honest feedback.  Today’s item is the Star Trek Enterprise NC-1701 Pizza Cutter.  The fine folks at Entertainment Earth sent this to me to solve all of my pizza cutting… Read more »

PlayStation 4’s Mod Storage For Skyrim: Special Edition Will Be Limited To 1GB

There was a bit of a tiff between Bethesda and Sony over Skyrim: Special Edition when it came to mods. First Bethesda announced that Sony and them hadn’t been able to come to an agreement, so the feature would be absent in the PlayStation 4 version. Then it seems an agreement was made, with Sony agreeing… Read more »


This Battlefield 1 Bug Makes A Crashing Zeppelin Even More Spectacular

Here is a bit of fun for your Sunday evening. Battlefield 1 has been live since Tuesday, sending players back to WWI to fight across gigantic warscapes. One of the most impressive things to see in the game is a zeppelin coming down in one of the bigger maps. There isn’t much like it in… Read more »

You Soon Will Be Able To Play Red Dead Redemption On PC But It Isn’t What You Are Hoping

The PC version for Red Dead Redemption is one of the most illusive things in gaming, up there with Half-Life 3. Despite years and years of asking, Rockstar has held firm on on denying fans the port. Well, good news. The game will soon be available on PC… sort of. In a blog post, Sony… Read more »

Unboxing The Firefly Loot Crate For October 2016 – It’ll Come Out In The Wash

Firefly crate! From Loot Crate! And despite the fall in the pound against the dollar even more, Customs didn’t care this time! Find yours somewhere here – and use the BLEEDINGCOOL code for extra discount…

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Delayed Into 2017

The idea of VR Star Trek is a neat one. Bridge Crew from Ubisoft is promising players the opportunity to take up different positions on the deck of the Enterprise and really immerse yourself in the universe with a few friends. Sadly though, if you were looking forward to playing with it before Christmas, you… Read more »


The Han Solo In Carbonite You Never Knew You Wanted

I’m a huge fan of the Sideshow Collectibles 1/6th scale figures. I’ve got close to a dozen already with 2 on pre-order (Doctor Strange and Daredevil). Beside the Marvel figures I’ve got a few Star Wars, Predator, Robocop and Sleepy Hollow figures. So when new announcements come out, I pay attention. Their newest one though…… Read more »