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We’ll Likely Learn Quantum Break’s Release Date Tomorrow

Quantum Break has remained elusive for quite some time. The game was announced at the Xbox One reveal event way back in early 2013, but has only made periodic appearances since. We know we are seeing it at Gamescom tomorrow though, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has hinted we will finally know when it is… Read more »


Infection Is Likely Coming To The Master Chief Collection

Some of my favorite Halo memories come from playing Infection. The zombies game mode is a classic casual time that always ends in people screaming at the top of their lungs. It looks like the fan-favorite mode will likely be coming to the Halo:Master Chief Collection soon too. In a Halo Waypoint post, 343 let on… Read more »


New Battlefield Experience Coming In 2016

It is almost hard to remember that Battlefield Hardline came out this year. That title seemed to just come and go with out much fanfare. At least no where near as much as you’d expect out of a Battlefield title. The series is going to have another bite of the apple come 2016 though. In a… Read more »


DICE Explain How Heroes And Villains Work In Star Wars: Battlefront

The heroes and villain inclusion in Battlefront II was fairly inspired. There was nothing more fun than waiting at a choke point with Darth Maul and tearing apart Storm Trooper forces as they proceeded on you. That’s why I’m excited to see them in action in the upcoming reboot by DICE. We haven’t seen too… Read more »


Summer Games Done Quick Raises Over $1 Million For Charity

The ‘Games Done Quick’ organisation is becoming a real fan favourite. Many people tune in to see games being eviscerated by speedrunners and it’s all in the name of charity, so it’s for a good cause too. Summer Games Done Quick has just come to a close and its viewers raised $1.2 million for the Doctors… Read more »


Report Suggests Reasons For Konami/Kojima Split And Awful Working Conditions

The Konami/Hideo Kojima story refuses to die, as the increasingly poorly handled break up continues to be one of the biggest gaming stories of the year. And this is one of the more troubling things to come out thus far. First off though, we will get to why Konami ended up splitting with Kojima. This… Read more »

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has Been Considered For A Long Time

Before it was announced, a Final Fantasy 7 Remake had been considered for a long time. After several false starts, things finally aligned at this year’s E3 where the game was finally revealed. It turns out it wasn’t just the fans who were considering the possibility for a while either though. Speaking to OPM (via… Read more »


The Biggest E-Sports Tournament Ever Starts Tomorrow

The International this year has been insane. The prize pool for Dota 2‘s biggest tournament has rocketed to $17.8 million thanks in large part to crowd purchases for the free-to-play game. That makes this the most lucrative tournament in e-Sports history, coincidently beating The Internation last year where the pool was $10 million The tournament… Read more »

Superhot Brings Crazy, Polygonal, Puzzle, Gunfights In New Trailer

Superhot has been on my radar for a while now. The game was successfully Kickstarted back in 2014 and the fruits of labour are beginning to show. The game basically ends up playing like a slow motion gunfight against polygonal red men, but actually turns more puzzle game than shooter, as time only moves when… Read more »


Need For Speed Took Year Off Because Annual Release Are ‘Confusing’

Need for Speed took last year off for the first time in a while. Before that, it was a title you could expect to see each Christmas alongside Fifa, Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. The franchise is returning this year though rebooted just as Need for Speed. But why take the year off at… Read more »

No man's sky

No Man’s Sky Creator Talks About Stars, Oceans And More

No Man’s Sky remains a mystery to most of us. I now have a decent idea of what you are going to be doing in the game, but there are still so many details that are yet to be fleshed out. With that in mind,  game director Sean Murray took questions about No Man’s Sky… Read more »


Hideo Kojima Shows Off Picture Of Snake With A Blue Bionic Arm

In all the pre-release material for Metal Gear Solid V, Snake has sported a red bionic arm. This has been a pretty important part of the marketing thus far, and may be one of the most mascot-y type thing from the game this far. (Diamond Dog a close second of course). But here is something… Read more »


Angry Birds 2 Was Downloaded 1 Million Times In First 12 Hours

I know a lot of people who felt like the Angry Birds craze was dying out, tempering from the seeming world domination the mobile game had garnered at one point. Well, if the idea of going to a supermarket and not seeing a lot of Angry Birds merchandise everywhere sounded good to you, I have… Read more »


Bleeding Gen Con: Two Of The Best Four Days In Gaming

By Christopher Helton So, Gen Con happened, and then my computer broke. It has a been a busy couple of days here at the convention, but because of my computer issues, the articles won’t be day by day like they were last year. It has been a busy convention, and one that has been full of… Read more »

Phil Spencer

Xbox Boss Says That They Are Going After Fewer Third Party Exclusives

The Rise of the Tomb Raider coup by Xbox at last year’s Gamescom was almost certainly the biggest news to come out of the conference. Taking a franchise that was synonymous with PlayStation at one point and wrapping it up for a year on the Xbox One was a big deal. Don’t expect anything like that… Read more »

Behind The Scenes At Hot Toys As They Make New Collectibles

The following video shows behind the scenes what it takes to make some of the Hot Toys 1/6th scale figures. Here JC Hong, president of Hot Toys Production Korea shows off the intricate work his crew does and just how the process works. He talks about how Avengers: Age of Ultron came out in May… Read more »


Rise of the Tomb Raider Director Says Game Is Three Times Bigger Than Predecessor

I don’t seem to remember Tomb Raider (2013) being that small. The island it took place on felt fairly large and I appreciated the depth and detail of the place. With that said, it seems that Crystal Dynamics have seen fit to make the world even bigger. Speaking to Gaming Bolt, game director Brian Horton… Read more »

mighty no.9

Mighty No. 9 Appears To Have Been Delayed Into 2016

Hooo boy, developer Comcept have not been having a good time of late. The developer recently launched a second Kickstarter for Red Ash while its first Kickstarted game, Mighty No. 9, is still yet to release alienating a portion of fans. Things got even uglier recently when fans started taking back their pledges for Red Ash when… Read more »

Don’t Starve Is Getting Shipwrecked In New Expansion

I really love Don’t Starve. The Burton-esque art style put into a survival game is ludicrously charming and the game has a ton of depth hidden beneath that sheen. It has been well supported since its release in early 2013 with various DLC being added here and there. And here is yet another. It’s called… Read more »


Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster Presentation Was Shown To Capcom Bosses Today

Yesterday, we heard that the team behind Resident Evil wanted your input into a possible Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster. Well, things seem to be moving quickly, as the project is already being pitched to Capcom heads. In a very sharing Facebook post, it was revealed that the project was being brushed off to be presented… Read more »

Be The Butler In This Awesome Alfred Arkham Knight Mod

Here is something pretty neat. A few mods have been made for Arkham Knight on the PC, regardless of the ports current dire circumstance. One brought together the entire Bat team to the open world, and this does the same, except instead of bringing those who are adept in combat, it subs in Alfred. Turns out… Read more »


EA Say They Don’t Know If There Will Be A Need For Speed In 2016

Need for Speed is back after taking a year off in 2014. The game has been partially rebooted too, returning the series back to a more Need for Speed: Underground vibe. But after this next one is out, what does that mean for 2016? Is the series about to get annualised once again? According to… Read more »