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Fritz Casas Covers John Carter: Warlord of Mars #11

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Javier Garcia-Miranda’s Process Art For Aliens / Vampirella #1


Uncharted 4 Is Launching March 2016


Destiny’s New Raid Won’t Launch On The Same Day As The Taken King

The Taken King is on the horizon now and I’m very excited. The proposed changes are huge and I can’t wait to see what Bungie have done to revamp the title. This could be huge. It’s just a case of if Bungie deliver on all their promises. It seems like there is a fair amount… Read more »

Mad Max Gets Exclusive Hood Ornaments On PlayStation 4 In New Trailer

Console exclusive content is usually a little silly, and amounts to little but tat. I mean, Hawkmoon in Destiny is one of the big console exclusive content I’ve chased in the last few years, but usually it doesn’t amount to much. And thus we come to Mad Max‘s exclusive PlayStation 4 content. In this new… Read more »


Lawbreaker’s Cliff Bleszinski Can See Why Free-To-Play Is A ‘Dirty, Dirty Thing’

The idea of free-to-play is a weird one. For many, it is a dirty word, associated with mobile games that exist to rake in the money by addiction. For me though, I see the inherent value, as I’ve gotten 200 hours out of Dota 2, only ever spending $30 on the title. I’m super interested… Read more »


Star Wars: Battlefront Doesn’t Share ‘A Single System’ With DICE’s Battlefield

The complaint I hear most often leveled at DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront reboot is that it’s just a Battlefield clone with a Star Wars skin. Honestly, that sounds perfectly fine by me, but I understand people are very concerned. Well, DICE’s general manager Patrick Bach has tried to reassure those fears in an interview with Official… Read more »

Dragon Age: Trespasser DLC Announced And It Looks Really Good

So I thought I had quietly retired my last game of the year, Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game gave me a good 70 hours, which is more than enough time with a deep RPG. However, I might be dragged back in now, thanks to this rather awesome additional content just being announced. The new DLC… Read more »


Lawbreakers Would Be Welcome On Xbox One Says Phil Spencer

Lawbreakers‘ gameplay was revealed on Friday, and I thought it looked pretty fun. The free to play game is currently only announced on PC, and is being designed on that infrastructure, but it seems a home on console wouldn’t be out of the question. Specifically, on Xbox One. Talking on Twitter, the head of Xbox… Read more »


Assassin’s Creed Movie Will ‘Have Consequences’ On The Games

This week we got our first look at how Michael Fassbender will appear in the Assassin’s Creed movie. One of the cool things, I think, is that the movie isn’t a retelling of any of the old titles, but instead is a totally new narrative, that exists in the same universe as the games. On… Read more »

2787231-final-fantasy-xv-monster-car (1)

Final Fantasy XV Gets An Announcement For A Release Date Announcement

We exist in a hype culture that is such, that teasers for teasers aren’t a rare thing anymore. In fact, they are near expected. I suppose that is why I shouldn’t be surprised when I’ve heard the news of this announcement of an announcement. Speaking at a panel at PAX (via NeoGAF), director Hajime Tabata revealed that… Read more »

metal gear

Metal Gear Solid V Is “The Game Of Year, Guaranteed” Say Konami

Look, when a company says their game is really good, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. When they guarantee it as Game of the Year though, it’s worth noting. Speaking to MCV, that is just what marketing executive at Konami, Jon Edwards has done. In the interview he displays a brashness that comes with the confidence of… Read more »


Mortal Kombat X Has Been Cancelled On PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360

Sad news, those of you who are still rocking old generation consoles. Mortal Kombat X has now been cancelled on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The versions were delayed previously, but have now been entirely scrapped. In a statement, Warner Brothers said: After months of development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has come to the… Read more »

rocket league

Rocket League Sells Over A Million Copies On Steam

The sheer dominance of Rocket League is pretty insane. The game has probably been the breakout title of the summer, providing fun and competition to all. The game was free on PlayStation 4 all last month, ensuring that the buzz was at a fever pitch , but the title has been doing serious numbers even… Read more »


XCOM 2 Has Been Delayed To Early 2016

When XCOM 2 was announced just before E3, I was surprised to hear it was coming out this year. With such little build up for a sequel to a beloved franchise, it felt a little too low key an announcement. Well, 2K will now have a little bit more build up to play with as… Read more »


Nick Fury Gets The Hot Toys Treatment

I’m surprised it took this long, but Hot Toys (and Sideshow Collectibles) will be releasing a Nick Fury 1/6th scale figure. The character, played by Samuel L. Jackson, has been part of the Marvel Universe since the first Iron Man film and has been the linchpin to pulling everything together. This figure is based on… Read more »


Valve And HTC’s Vive Won’t Launch Until 2016 Commercially

Ever since the Vive was announced, it was under the impression that it would hit in 2015, making it the first consumer headset out of the door. With reports that it might well be the best of the first batch of VR headsets, I was really pulling for the tech. Well, lets pull the breaks… Read more »

Lawbreakers Gets A Gameplay Trailer Showing Off Multiplayer Arena Fight

On Wednesday, Boss Key and Cliff Bleszinski announced their new IP LawBreakers. The announcement trailer didn’t give us a great idea of what to expect out of the franchise, but it did a lot of world building, letting us know about the lore. That has all changed now though, as this new gameplay trailer has… Read more »


Until Dawn Review – When Do I Go Home?

Horror’s been a tricky proposition for games in recent years, especially in the AAA space, where the incentive to create games in this genre has dropped near to zero. Titles like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Dead Space have either faded away, turned more towards action or both. While the indie scene is riddled with… Read more »


One Of Until Dawn’s Most Gory Scenes Is Getting Censored In Japan

Until Dawn doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to representing gore. It can get down right grizzly at some points, never shying away too much from the nasty of what is happening. It appears that it in fact, it might be a little too hard edge for Japan. As Kotaku report, certain scenes are… Read more »


A Real Awesome Shovel Knight Amiibo Has Been Announced

I’ve been hearing rumors of a Shovel Knight amiibo for a while now, and the mere idea has had me buzzing. I’m a big fan of Shovel Knight, and if you haven’t played the game yet, you really, really should. That’s why I’m very happy a Shovel Knight Amiibo has now been announced officially. After Falco,… Read more »


Not Being Able To Archive Twitch Streams Of Until Dawn Was An Accident

Yesterday, I wrote that Twitch wasn’t archiving streams of Until Dawn, being a thorn in the side of some video content creators. Well, it turns out this wasn’t an intentional decisions. Speaking to Engadget (via VG247), a Sony representative revealed this was an accident on their part: We are currently working on a fix that will enable… Read more »


Get Your First Look At The Battle Of Jakku DLC For Star Wars: Battlefront

The Battle of Jakku is going to be a a real interesting bit of content for Star Wars: Battlefront. If you don’t know, the map is going to be added to the game two weeks after launch for free for those who pre-order the game. Everyone else will get it a week later. The battleground… Read more »

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Category: Video Games – Episode 48: Space Signs

After a rather unfortunate series of events, the last few episodes have been lost to the wind, which is a bit rubbish, but hey, Category: Video Games is back, and we are swinging. If you are joining us for the first time, this is the podcast where me, Laura Kate Dale and Andre Miller sit down to talk about the video… Read more »

R. Mika Has Been Confirmed For Street Fighter V

The other day, we learnt that we’d be getting a new Street Fighter V character announcement, which has now come to pass. As I noted was most likely, R. Mika is the character joining the roster, and she is quite…something. Her outfit and demanour are ridiculous, but that is obviously the point. I mean, her… Read more »