Rainbow Six: Siege Beta Delayed (Hopefully) Briefly


Star Wars: Battlefront Review: There Is Good In Him, I’ve Felt It

Over the last year, I’ve really been thinking about ‘the power of Star Wars‘. Even as someone who would only considers themselves a passing fan of the franchise, with the run up to the Force Awakens, the sheer excitement and wonder that I get from those around me has been palpable. If you’re as entrenched… Read more »


Art Piece Or Toy? Kidrobot’s It’s A F.A.D. Dunny 20” By J*RYU

The more and more I see toys like this, the more I feel like they should just be referred to as art pieces. I guess that’s where the world collectibles come in to play, but I mean…wow. The newest release from Kidrobot is this beautifully sculpted piece coming in at a reasonable $500.00. Now, I can’t really talk because… Read more »

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Playset For Disney Infinity 3.0 Gets Trailer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is really beginning to ramp up to uncontrollable marketing levels right now. As we get more and more TV Sports, that hype is starting to cross mediums. Did you know Disney 3.0 will be the first game to feature the franchise as it currently is (minus Star Wars: Battlefront‘s Battle… Read more »

Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Not Getting A Western Release Over Social Fears

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is rather infamous. It’s most famous for bringing the world the term ‘jiggle physics’ for the other-worldly way it portrayed the breasts of the women in the game. Well, there is a new one on the way called Dead or Alive Extreme 3 from developer Koei Tecmo, but don’t expect… Read more »


Nothing Is Impossible – Engineer On Original Xbox Games Becoming Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

The Xbox 360 back-catalog just started to open up on Xbox One, with the recent launch of the new UI bringing backwards compatibility. It’s an exciting feature and I do truly believe it was an engineering challenge. However, could it go one better? While talking on The Inner Circle podcast (via Gamespot), Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra talked… Read more »


PlayStation 4 Passed 30 Million Consoles Sold

The PlayStation 4 has been a bit of a freak of nature. Before we got underway with this generation, there were plenty of analysts predicting a much less successful one than the previous. However it’s been anything but, with the PlayStation 4 becoming one of the quickest selling consoles of all time. We have a… Read more »


Star Wars: Battlefront To Continue To Give Free DLC

The Battle of Jakku is coming for free to Star War: Battlefront early next month. With with a $50 Season Pass on top of the main game though, many assumed it would be the last blast of content handed to us without cost. It seems that is not so though. In a blog post, DICE… Read more »

Catch The First Hour Of Just Cause 3 Right Here

I’ve actually been lucky enough to play around three hours of Just Cause 3, and I had a really good time with it. It seems to be the logical progression for the franchise, building on the great ideas from the last one. You can see a very sizable chunk of what I was privy too,… Read more »

The Witcher 3 Gets All Epic With This New Trailer

The Witcher 3 came out all the way back in May, and I’m certain there are still plenty of people chipping away at the game’s main story.  The title is certainly vast enough to support most people for this long though,  that’s for sure. CD Project RED has just gotten this rather “epic” trailer out… Read more »

Rock Band 4 Is Getting Free Fallout 4 Outfits

Fallout 4 is on everyone’s lips right now. Most players are still waist deep in radiation exploring the Commonwealth and all she holds. However, if you are feeling like venturing to rocking out, you can soon take a little bit of Fallout with you. On December 8th, Vault 111 suits are being added to Rock… Read more »


Xbox’s Games With Gold Outlined For December

We’re coming into the last month of the year, which means we’re moving into the last batch of free games on both consoles for 2015 too. As is usually the case, Xbox has blinked first and revealed its lineup. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will be free on Xbox One all month long, while Thief will… Read more »

Catch Nine Minutes Of New Unravel Gameplay

Ever since Yarny made his debut at E3, everyone seems to be enraptured with the little red guy. His game Unravel has a lot of people swooning, and I’ve liked what I’ve played of it so far. As part of IGN, we’ve been given a new glimpse into the game, showing off nine minutes of gameplay… Read more »

Just Cause 3 Video Opens Up The Hood To Show You How Destruction Works

Just Cause 3 is just around the corner now and it will likely prove a to be an explosive topper to the busy holiday period. I’ve played a bunch of the game and the time I had with it was very promising. To be a master of destruction in games though, you have to have… Read more »

The SML Podcast – Talking With Four Members Of Rock Band’s Harmonix!

By Joe Cammisa Monday night is here and it’s time for The SML Podcast – Episode 139: Sawrmonix here on Bleeding Cool! Last week may not have had an interview, but this week is jam packed as we have FOUR members of Harmonix joining the show! This week Kris is on a date and Pappy’s… Read more »

Japanese Toyota Ad Calls Upon Monster Hunter To Sell Car

From what I understand, the Monster Hunter series is unbelievably popular in Japan. The country’s preference for handheld gaming is a huge part of this, but it’s a cultural milestone in the East, like it just isn’t in the West. Interestingly, it seems big enough to maybe even sell cars. This new ad for the… Read more »

breaking benjamin

Breaking Benjamin Lead Singer Didn’t Like Star Wars: Battlefront So Much

Watching the response to Battlefront over the last week has been fascinating. Some in the hardcore gaming community have panned the game as not deep enough, while others who just mildly enjoy games and like Star Wars seem to love it by my crude and over-simplified estimation. I’m getting a whole host of reactions relayed… Read more »


Bioshock Creator’s Next Game Will Be ‘Highly Creative And Innovative’

We’ve been slowly drip fed details about Bioshock creator Ken Levine‘s next game. We know it has something to do with a sci-fi setting and ‘fluid relationships’ that change in ways that aren’t similar to Telltale’s, but that’s about it. Well, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick appears to have pretty big creative hopes for the title…. Read more »


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dev Is Pretty Excited About Their Next Project

I really did like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It didn’t stick with me for too long, but that is alright. It was a fun while I spent time with the game and is one of the series strongest offerings in a long time. For my money, that makes developer Sledgehammer Games the one to… Read more »

mass effect

A Bunch Of Rumored Mass Effect: Andromeda Details May Have Leaked

So, take this all with a huge pinch of salt. I’m not endorsing these as true, and in fact I have my doubts. However, now you know that, here is some interesting speculation for the Mass Effect: Andromeda fire. This video has turned up from AntarcticWildlife and is doing the rounds on Reddit. There really isn’t a… Read more »

Sony Wants To Know Which PlayStation 2 Games It Should Bring Back

The other day, we caught word that the PlayStation 4 was currently in the process of offering PlayStation 2 emulation. With Xbox offering backwards compatibility, this is a unique opportunity for Sony to open up one of its largest and most beloved catalogs in response. And it really is a massive backcatalog. Around 1,850 games… Read more »


Fallout 4 Reportedly Sells 2 Million Copies On Steam In 10 Days

Fallout 4, unsurprisingly, has done incredibly well since its release. It’s good to see a single-player only game with a focus on hardcore RPG mechanics really carve out a place for itself in a multiplayer favored world. Unsurprisingly, it seems that the game has done incredibly well on PC alone. Steam Spy (via MCV) are suggesting the… Read more »

Fate - Characters

Making A Board Game With Theme A Reality

Chris Batarlis writes for Bleeding Cool: How to Succeed at Kickstarter Without Really Trying! Making a Board Game with THEME a Reality! By the title, you know that we must be joking! Of course we are! You have to try really, really hard to succeed at Kickstarter or any crowdfunding for that matter. Especially when… Read more »