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Get A Look At The Full Length Street Fighter V CG Trailer

Street Fighter V is just on the horizon, and we are seeing a ton of pre-release material to show that off. We’ve seen chracter reveals, introductions, story trailers, gameplay and now we are at the full length CG trailer…whatever specific void that fills. It goes over all the characters in the game, showing off their… Read more »

Catch The Epic And Gothic Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic

It’s almost strange how close we are getting to Dark Souls III. It only feels like last week I wrote my Bloodborne review, but alas! Here we are in the marketing cycle for another Hidetaka Miyazaki directed Souls game. Not that I am complaining! To give you a palette cleanser and let you know what… Read more »

Check Out This Launch Trailer For The Hitman Beta

Hitman is one the verge of being back with us, albeit in a controversial episodic form. The game has seemingly been a bit of a mixed bag since the release schedule was announced to be splt…and then announced again to be episodic. Well, the title is getting a beta this week for those who have… Read more »


The Geek Shopping Ninja Strikes Valentine’s Day With A Bouquet Of Droids

What’s the point of getting flowers? I mean, don’t you want to get your special someone something that will last forever? The Geek Shopping Ninja has the answer for you. The answer is Star Wars…Star Wars droids to be specific. ThinkGeek has come out with a line of special plush bouquets, and while I remember seeing the… Read more »


Oh, You’re My “Best Fiend”…Tarsier Monkey

Have you heard of the hit game Best Fiends? If the answer is yes, then you’ll probably be excited to hear that Kidrobot is releasing a vinyl form of one of the characters. “Wu” the Tarsier Monkey joins us, in honor of 2016 being the Year of the Monkey. “Wu” measures approximately 8-inches tall, features… Read more »

Check Out These ‘Introducing’ Street Fighter V Vidoes For Nash, Nicalli And Zangief

As we saw a few days ago, Street Fighter V is going through the process of bringing out introduction videos for all of its fighrers on the roster. These will be useful for new comers and those looking to brush up on what each character is good for. Here are three more with Nash, Nicalli… Read more »

Titanfall 2 Will Have Single Player Campaign Says Lead Writer

One of the short comings of Titanfall was the game’s multiplayer only focus. It tried to tell stories within the online matches, which is a neat idea, but it never quite gelled. Well, according to lead writer on the game Jesse Stern in an interview with Forbes, the game will indeed feature a single player game. Stern… Read more »


PlayStation Middle East Hinting At Crash Bandicoot Return?

I’m beginning to get more and more convinced that we will see Crash Bandicoot again soon. From Sony’s Shawn Layden‘s infamous Crash shirt at the Paris Games Week Conference, to people at Sony being looser lipped talking about him, these are the kinds of signs we see before a major announcement. Case and point, this… Read more »

Red Dead Redemption Is Currently Backwards Compatible On Xbox One…Kinda

Red Dead Redemption has remained the most asked after game for Xbox One backwards compatibility. It seems people really want to play that title on new gen consoles. Well, now you can, but it doesn’t seem like you are supposed to. As spotted by NeoGAF, you can get access to the game on Xbox One, but only… Read more »

This Street Fighter V Video Introduces You To Ken

One of the most daunting things about learning a fighting game is understanding the shorthand for who does what. It is a pretty high barrier for entry for casual players and certainly turns more than a few off. That is what this new video series is clearly aimed at though. It is going to run… Read more »


Hasbro And Mattel Talk Merger

Two of the biggest toy manufacturers are talking about merging. Hasbro, the home of GI Joe and My Little Pony, has an estimated value of $9.5 Billion and Mattel, known for Barbie and Hot Wheels, is worth roughly $11 billion. It’s said that Hasbro approached Mattel late last year and the companies have been having on-and-off-again negotiations… Read more »

XCOM 2 Launch Trailer Preps You To Take The Fight To Our Alien Overlords

XCOM 2 is out now. I’ve been playing it for a few days now, and a review will be is incoming soon. (Spoilers: It is very good.) To get you nice and jazzed to jump in to the commander’s chair again, take a look at this new launch trailer for the game. It shows the… Read more »

Conan O’Brien Plays Doom With Von Miller and Josh Norman Ahead Of The Superbowl

Last year, Conan O’Brien had an episode of his Clueless Gamer series ahead of the Super Bowl. Competitors Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski joined the host to play Mortal Kombat X, to gory effect. Well, with the Superbowl again coming to a head this week, he has got two more opponents together to play a… Read more »

Everyone Seems Very Disappointed In Faith In This New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be with us in May, which should be exciting for the group of niche fans of the first game. The first game was problematic though and never found quite the mainstream appeal it could of. I definitely think Mirror’s Edge Catalyst could have it in it though. To show that potential… Read more »

This Pretty Clever Far Cry Primal Trailer Takes You Through Time

Live action trailers are all the rage nowadays. You can more or less expect them from all the major game releases now. This one for Far Cry Primal  is quite clever though. Taking the conventions of the games industry today and moving backwards through all of warfare in history, the advert eventually ends up in the… Read more »

Doom Is Coming May 13th And Gets A Bloody New Trailer

Doom is certainly going to be a game that fans watch closely. The original is a classic that is still played by fans today, and the game has a huge legacy to live up to. Well, we will be able to see if it does on May 13th. The release date was revealed today, and… Read more »

PSA: Overwatch Beta Back February 9th

I’ve heard stellar things about Overwatch coming from the closed betas the game has run. Blizzard’s new IP has people jazzed and I really can’t wait to get hands on with it. If you are lucky enough to be in the closed beta probgram, you’ll be happy to know the beta is coming back next… Read more »

Get A Load Of The Uncharted 4 Limited Edition PlayStation 4

It was probably inevitable that we would get a limited edition PlayStation 4 console for the Uncharted 4 release, and Sony haven’t disappointed. The company have just revealed this video showing off the blue/grey-ish console featuing Nathan Drake. The console will launch alongside the game, April 26th in the States, and will be available for… Read more »

Take A Look At Some Dark Souls 3 Thief Gameplay

Dark Souls 3 is quickly racing up to us, which is pretty crazy considering Bloodborne came out less than a year ago. But yup, we’re gearing up for pain again with another Hidetaka Miyazaki directed effort. To get you geared up, take a look at some of this new gameplay, centered around the Thief class…. Read more »

Del Toro And Kojima Will Take The Stage Together At DICE 2016

As a lamenting internet know, Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima were set to work on Silent Hills together last year before the game was cancelled by Konami. Well, the two will take the stage at the DICE summei this year. It was announced that A Conversation with Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro would take place… Read more »


The Heroes In A Half Shell Are Getting Their Own Board Game From IDW

How can you make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles more awesome? Well, it’s kind of hard, but you can give them a new platform! IDW Games is doing just that with their launch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past, designed by Kevin Wilson. The game is a scenario-driven, miniatures-based combat board game,… Read more »

Catch The First ‘Day’ In Firewatch Right Here

Firewatch is just around the corner now. Next week we will be able to dive headlong into the American woods and see what mysteries are ahead of us. If you don’t mind having the first 30 minutes of the game spoiled for you, PlayStation Access have put up the first ‘day’ in the game that… Read more »