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Bleeding Gen Con: Two Of The Best Four Days In Gaming

By Christopher Helton So, Gen Con happened, and then my computer broke. It has a been a busy couple of days here at the convention, but because of my computer issues, the articles won’t be day by day like they were last year. It has been a busy convention, and one that has been full of… Read more »

Phil Spencer

Xbox Boss Says That They Are Going After Fewer Third Party Exclusives

The Rise of the Tomb Raider coup by Xbox at last year’s Gamescom was almost certainly the biggest news to come out of the conference. Taking a franchise that was synonymous with PlayStation at one point and wrapping it up for a year on the Xbox One was a big deal. Don’t expect anything like that… Read more »

Behind The Scenes At Hot Toys As They Make New Collectibles

The following video shows behind the scenes what it takes to make some of the Hot Toys 1/6th scale figures. Here JC Hong, president of Hot Toys Production Korea shows off the intricate work his crew does and just how the process works. He talks about how Avengers: Age of Ultron came out in May… Read more »


Rise of the Tomb Raider Director Says Game Is Three Times Bigger Than Predecessor

I don’t seem to remember Tomb Raider (2013) being that small. The island it took place on felt fairly large and I appreciated the depth and detail of the place. With that said, it seems that Crystal Dynamics have seen fit to make the world even bigger. Speaking to Gaming Bolt, game director Brian Horton… Read more »

mighty no.9

Mighty No. 9 Appears To Have Been Delayed Into 2016

Hooo boy, developer Comcept have not been having a good time of late. The developer recently launched a second Kickstarter for Red Ash while its first Kickstarted game, Mighty No. 9, is still yet to release alienating a portion of fans. Things got even uglier recently when fans started taking back their pledges for Red Ash when… Read more »

Don’t Starve Is Getting Shipwrecked In New Expansion

I really love Don’t Starve. The Burton-esque art style put into a survival game is ludicrously charming and the game has a ton of depth hidden beneath that sheen. It has been well supported since its release in early 2013 with various DLC being added here and there. And here is yet another. It’s called… Read more »


Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster Presentation Was Shown To Capcom Bosses Today

Yesterday, we heard that the team behind Resident Evil wanted your input into a possible Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster. Well, things seem to be moving quickly, as the project is already being pitched to Capcom heads. In a very sharing Facebook post, it was revealed that the project was being brushed off to be presented… Read more »

Be The Butler In This Awesome Alfred Arkham Knight Mod

Here is something pretty neat. A few mods have been made for Arkham Knight on the PC, regardless of the ports current dire circumstance. One brought together the entire Bat team to the open world, and this does the same, except instead of bringing those who are adept in combat, it subs in Alfred. Turns out… Read more »


EA Say They Don’t Know If There Will Be A Need For Speed In 2016

Need for Speed is back after taking a year off in 2014. The game has been partially rebooted too, returning the series back to a more Need for Speed: Underground vibe. But after this next one is out, what does that mean for 2016? Is the series about to get annualised once again? According to… Read more »

Star Wars Battlefront

Team Deathmatch Mode Coming To Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront will live or die on its game modes. The online multiplayer centric game will need variety and breadth in order to keep the player base coming back all the time. With that, EA and DICE have announced a new mode for the game, called Blast. Don’t expect to be blown away by… Read more »


EA’s Unravel Is Coming Early 2016

One of the real surprises from EA this year at E3, was that they gave a significant amount of stage time to a little game called Unravel. The game’s protagonist then went on to steal the entire expo with his cute social media presence, capturing everyone’s heart. Well, we now have an idea of when… Read more »

Angry Birds 2 Gets First Gameplay Trailer Showing New Ideas

The Angry Birds craze seems to have subsided of late, but don’t make the mistake of thinking the franchise isn’t still popular The game can do serious numbers, and with a fully animated movie coming, we might be on the precipice of a second wind. That could all start with Angry Birds 2. It seems… Read more »


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Have “Dramatic Changes” Says Developer

A lot of people have a lot of opinions on Final Fantasy 7 Remake . Some people just want the graphics upgraded, others want Square Enix to implement more modern gameplay and some people just want the whole thing fiddled reworked. Well, game director Tetsuya Nomura has been talking to OPM (via PSU), and he has… Read more »

Indie Horror Game Tangiers Gets A Deeply Unsettling Trailer, Which Is Great

Tangiers has been floating around my consciousness for a while. I never quite grasped what the game was, but murmurs had peaked my curiosity and alerted me that I should be looking into it. And after this new trailer, it has my full attention. This is dark, avant-garde, abstract and all the way unnerving. Take… Read more »

Total War: Warhammer Gameplay Reveal Is Very Impressive

Since the reveal of Total War: Warhammer, I’ve been saying all I want to see is gameplay footage. The idea of Warhammer on this big of a scale was a huge draw, and seeing it in motion is what was going to sell this. Well, that day has finally come, and I have to say,… Read more »


Capcom Is Asking For Your Opinion About A “Resident Evil 2 Remake”

Resident Evil 2 is one of the most beloved games in the franchise, and after the original game got the HD remake treatment this year, it is the title fans have been asking for next ad nauseum. And it seems Capcom are listening. In a Facebook post on the Resident Evil page, the company has… Read more »


Rocket League Has Over 5 Million Players Playing Crazy Car Soccer

Rocket League has been one of the true surprises of the year thus far. The game came out with little fan-fare yet has climbed up to be a lot of people’s favorite evening past time. Who knew the idea of car soccer could be so compelling and an absolute blast? The game, with no doubt… Read more »


More Games Could Be Added To Rare Replay After Its Release

Rare Replay is just a few days away, bringing 30 Rare games to the Xbox One to celebrate 30 years of the developer. This should be enough to satisfy just about any Rare enthusiast and nostalgia hunters. If you expect even more though, you could be in luck. During a livestream yesterday (via GameSpot), Rare lead… Read more »


Techland Announce New DLC For Dyling Light With Huge New Map And Cars

Dying Light remains one of the true surprises of the year. The game came out in January to unexpectedly good reviews and remains one the best selling titles this year. And things are about to get a whole lot bigger for the game too. Techland have announced a new DLC titled the Following that plans… Read more »

This Dev Diary Goes Into Who Just Cause 3’s Rico Is

Rico is a weird character, but then again, so is the whole Just Cause universe. It all exists in this sweet spot of ludicrous over-the-topness, but also a grounded realness to make things gratifying. Rico is a good guy, a bad guy, a saviour and an anarchist, but also, it can be argued he doesn’t… Read more »


PlayStation 4 Reaches 25.3 Million Consoles Sold

The PlayStation 4 has been selling ludicrously since it was released way back in 2013. It has eclipsed the PlayStation 3 in the same period by a long margin, and this was at a time when people thought console gaming was dying. That steam train continues to barrel on too as Sony announced that the… Read more »

warcraft orc

New World Of Warcraft Expansion Being Announced At GamesCom

World of Warcraft is still going strong after 10 years, which is pretty wild when you think about it. A subscription based game has retained millions of users for over a decade. It recently grew with the Warlords of Draenor expansion too, which saw a big spike in players resubscribing for the game (before dropping off again)…. Read more »