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Capcom Is Asking For Your Opinion About A “Resident Evil 2 Remake”

Resident Evil 2 is one of the most beloved games in the franchise, and after the original game got the HD remake treatment this year, it is the title fans have been asking for next ad nauseum. And it seems Capcom are listening. In a Facebook post on the Resident Evil page, the company has… Read more »


Rocket League Has Over 5 Million Players Playing Crazy Car Soccer

Rocket League has been one of the true surprises of the year thus far. The game came out with little fan-fare yet has climbed up to be a lot of people’s favorite evening past time. Who knew the idea of car soccer could be so compelling and an absolute blast? The game, with no doubt… Read more »


More Games Could Be Added To Rare Replay After Its Release

Rare Replay is just a few days away, bringing 30 Rare games to the Xbox One to celebrate 30 years of the developer. This should be enough to satisfy just about any Rare enthusiast and nostalgia hunters. If you expect even more though, you could be in luck. During a livestream yesterday (via GameSpot), Rare lead… Read more »


Techland Announce New DLC For Dyling Light With Huge New Map And Cars

Dying Light remains one of the true surprises of the year. The game came out in January to unexpectedly good reviews and remains one the best selling titles this year. And things are about to get a whole lot bigger for the game too. Techland have announced a new DLC titled the Following that plans… Read more »

This Dev Diary Goes Into Who Just Cause 3’s Rico Is

Rico is a weird character, but then again, so is the whole Just Cause universe. It all exists in this sweet spot of ludicrous over-the-topness, but also a grounded realness to make things gratifying. Rico is a good guy, a bad guy, a saviour and an anarchist, but also, it can be argued he doesn’t… Read more »


PlayStation 4 Reaches 25.3 Million Consoles Sold

The PlayStation 4 has been selling ludicrously since it was released way back in 2013. It has eclipsed the PlayStation 3 in the same period by a long margin, and this was at a time when people thought console gaming was dying. That steam train continues to barrel on too as Sony announced that the… Read more »

warcraft orc

New World Of Warcraft Expansion Being Announced At GamesCom

World of Warcraft is still going strong after 10 years, which is pretty wild when you think about it. A subscription based game has retained millions of users for over a decade. It recently grew with the Warlords of Draenor expansion too, which saw a big spike in players resubscribing for the game (before dropping off again)…. Read more »

LEGO Dimensions Gets A Story Trailer Expaining Why The Universes Are Crossing Over

LEGO Dimensions has huge potential. LEGO obviously is a huge brand right now and mixing that both with a multitude of popular franchises as well as toys-to-life games… it could mean a lot of hurting wallets for parents. Well, here is a new trailer for the game, which I caught at E3. It finally goes… Read more »

wii u

The Wii U Has Sold 10 Million Units In Its Lifespan

The Wii U has had a a bit of a torrid go of it this console generation. After the insane success of the Wii, the Wii U has had a very tempered lifespan thus far. Here is a little reason for Nintendo to celebrate though. In their financial report today, it was announced the console… Read more »


Get A Look At This Rainbow Six: Siege Interactive Trailer

Rainbow Six: Siege surprised me when I played it at E3. I wasn’t expecting to have a great time with it, yet the hardcore tactical focus really captured my interest in a way I wasn’t expecting. Who’s to say if that interest will sustain over several matches, but yes. I enjoyed my time throughly. And… Read more »


Splatoon Has Sold 1. 6 Million Copies

Splatoon has been the biggest new IP from Nintendo that I can remember in a while. It absolutely specialises in fun, colour, strategy and has a pretty surreal edge to boot. It absolutely is one of the best new franchises this year. And the sales reflect that. In an earnings report (via Gamespot), Nintendo have… Read more »


Fallout 4 Won’t Have Modding Tools Until After Launch

One of the things that keeps Bethesda’s games alive long after release is their extensive modding communities. Games like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim remain relevant to this day thanks to the great work of these modders, who are constantly making new content. Fallout 4 will support mods too, even bringing them to… Read more »


Not Including Splitscreen In Halo 5 Was One Of The Hardest Decisions 343 Has Ever Made

Halo has been a series that is synonymous with splitscreen multiplayer. You could probably make a convincing argument that the series wouldn’t be as big as it is today without it. That is why the loyal community are up in arms at the moment that Halo 5 won’t support the feature. 343 have now spoken… Read more »


Fallout 4 Won’t Require You To Resort To Combat Every Time

Fallout games take place in a Nuclear wasteland, where you will no doubt come across all sorts of mutations and bad dudes out for your life. That being said though, you won’t always have to resort to combat in all of your altercations in Fallout 4. When talking to The Guardian, VP of Development Todd Howard… Read more »


Sweet Release! Xeodrifter, The Swindle, N++, King’s Quest, Vita Roundup

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back to Sweet Release! Bleeding Cool’s look at the new games hitting store shelves and digital platforms.  Let’s face it, July has been pretty baron of great games.  Oh sure, there’s been something to cover every week but as July comes to a close and we edge ever closer to the falls metaphorical landslide of big… Read more »

No man's sky

Could No Man’s Sky Be Coming To VR Headsets Like Morpheus?

When the PlayStation 4’s Vr solution Morpheus comes out, the device is going to need games to sell. There are no two way about it. In order to convince the skeptical that VR can come to consoles, major titles will have to support the headset to survive. No Man’s Sky, one of the games that has… Read more »


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Coming To Xbox One With Games With Gold This Month

Another month looms and that means it is time for more free games in just a few days. Microsoft have now announced their titles for Games with Gold first for August. On the Xbox One, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will make up the triple AAA title of the month. This is the prequel to… Read more »

This Impressive Mod For Fallout: New Vegas Trades The Desert For The Tundra

Fallout 4 is just around the corner, which no doubt a ton of us will be playing come November. It is only 4 months until we will be navigating across Boston’s nuclear landscape, but how about something a littler different set in the same universe (admittedly not canon though)? If you are satisfied with playing… Read more »


Mafia III Confirmed With Reveal Coming Next Week

Mafia is a bit of an obscure series. It certainly has its fans, but failed to ever take off in a serious fashion when compared to crime-centric open world games like Grand Theft Auto and Saint’s Row (although that series has turned into something else entirely). Well, the franchise is having a third bite of… Read more »


Crackdown Gameplay Will Be Shown At Gamescom

This time next week GamesCom will be kicking off with the press conference day getting going. Microsoft will have just finished their conference, in which we actually suspect quite a lot of surprises. Crackdown is one of the games we know will be there and it will show gameplay footage during the show. Xbox head… Read more »


Bethesda Say They Literally Can’t Make Any More Pip-Boy Special Editions

The demand for Fallout 4: Pip-Boy edition has been huge. I’ve haven’t seen people go this nutty for a collector’s edition in a long, long time. The fervour has been so much that it sold out in a mere matter of weeks, and with that, any hope to get one if you hadn’t picked one… Read more »


Xbox Boss Praises The PlayStation 4 And Is Excited For What Nintendo Are Doing

Phil Spencer has never been shy about praising his competitors. He doesn’t pretend they don’t exist or only refer to them as ‘our competition’, which is the baffling tact I’ve seen other business leaders take. As an examples, in a recent interview with Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar), he went about praising both the PlayStation and… Read more »