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Cards Against Humanity Makes $71,145: We Really Get Nothing, But The Creative Team Does

On Black Friday the popular card game Cards Against Humanity had a deal to purchase nothing for $5. I was skeptical of the offer, feeling like they would probably end up giving people something in return. However, here’s the real deal: This year we offered our customers the ultimate Black Friday experience – the ability to buy nothing from us… Read more »

Quantum Break Will Be At The Game Awards

The Game Awards are nigh, with Geoff Keighley‘s yearly ceremony taking place on Thursday night. As ever, it will also be packed with world exclusives and reveals. We already know that Far Cry: Primal will be at the show, but what else? Well, Keighley has now revealed that Quantum Break will be showing up too…. Read more »


Report Says That PlayStation 4 May Have ‘Won’ Black Friday

So, lets get all silly and talk console wars. A report by Infoscout has said that it looks like the PlayStation 4 might have reclaimed Black Friday off of Xbox One, who took it last year. The report claims that Sony’s console beat the Xbox One 48% to 32% in the console market in the 18-35… Read more »


Free Portal Items Coming To Rocket League Next Month

Psyonix have been very generous with the amount of post-launch content it has brought to Rocket League. Be it paid, or just free, there has been no wanting for new things to kit your car out with. On top of the free winter themed DLC coming next month, how about a little more free content? And… Read more »


Destiny’s King’s Fall Is About To Get Harder Still

Destiny‘s King’s Fall raid has already seen a ‘Hard mode’ added to give those who play it over and over again a new challenge. However, yet more challenges await still. In Bungie’s Weekly Update it was announced that the Raid would be getting weekly challenges added to it soon to make certain bosses harder to… Read more »


These Fan Posters Crossover Legend Of Zelda And Studio Ghibli

Here is an idea. Mix two beloved Japanese pop cultural corner stones and watch the internet swoon. That’s exactly what artist Matt Vince (via Kotaku) has done, by creating these posters for a Legend of Zelda Studio Ghibli movie. There are three and they show off Link, Zelda and Ganandorf respectively. They really are gorgeous and capture Ghibli… Read more »


It Looks Like Little Big Planet 3 Is Getting Doctor Who DLC

Little Big Planet 3 sure does have a pretty passionate community around it. It can be easy to forget about the little platformer since it isn’t in our front view too often, but the game is still receiving support. Speaking of, developer Sumo Digital have teased some new DLC coming, and it seems to be… Read more »

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Cards Against Humanity Gives Us Nothing For $5?

Cards Against Humanity has been known to give some pretty cool stuff out on Black Friday. Last year they gave us a box of poop, and this year we get nothing? I’m so shocked to see this, but also have a feeling that it’s all a hoax. I’m sure people that donate will be getting… Read more »

Rainbow Six: Siege’s Launch Trailer Gets A Bit Shakespeare

I’ve just come back from a wee go on the Rainbow Six: Siege open beta that is currently taking place, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with how much it keeps bringing me back. It’s lucky that the game is out next week then too. To celebrate, Ubisoft have just released this new… Read more »


Final Fantasy 15 Could Get Yet Another Demo

Final Fantasy 15 has been gestating for an awfully long time, but there have been hold overs. Be it trailers with dad hugging or the lengthy demo Episode Duscae, there has been chances to get a good glimpse at the game. In fact, we might yet be getting another demo. Speaking to VGTime (via VG247), director on the… Read more »


Sony Are Working On Remote Play For PlayStation 4 On Mac And PC

There is a very concentrated effort in gaming right now to get home streaming into as many people’s hands as possible. With the launch of Steam Link and the Xbox One streaming capability on Windows 10, it leaves the PlayStation 4’s capabilities in this pursuit a little lacking. It’s now been confirmed that Remote Play… Read more »

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Launching Free-To-Play Version

For my money, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is one of the strongest sports games of the year. It’s certainly the one that has seen the most improvement of the yearly titles and I honestly think the series has surpassed FIFA now, at least in sheer gameplay. Here is an interesting development though. Konami have confirmed… Read more »


The SML Podcast – Giving You An Episode Of Black Friday Deals To Listen To Instead Of Your Family!

By Joe Cammisa Hope you’re enjoying Thanksgiving, becasue it’s time for The SML Podcast – Episode 140: ThankSMLgiving Deals here on Bleeding Cool! Enjoy this early mid-week episode as the SML crew gives you a great way to ignore your family this Thanksgiving and then save money the rest of the weekend! This week we… Read more »


Rainbow Six: Siege Open Beta Now Live After Hiccup

This is just an update on news from yesterday. The Rainbow Six: Siege beta was meant to go live yesterday, but was postponed, due to minor technical issues. Well, it is now live. Now you can get in on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC by searching on each platform. This is encouraging, especially considering… Read more »

This Star Wars: Battlefront Encounter Is Quite Silly

Here is something to keep you happy on Turkey day. This video has been getting passed around a fair bit, so I thought I’d share it with you. It shows an encounter between two players in Star Wars: Battlefront. There is lots of sizing each other up and then it ends the only way appropriate…. Read more »

Trailer Reveals February Release Date For Attack On Titan In Japan

The Attack on Titan Game could be pretty massive given the cultural standing of the anime across the world. It really has been one of the most ludicrously popular anime in the last ten years, and it only takes a trip to your local comic con and to how many AoT cosplayers you see to… Read more »


Rocket League Opening An Ice Hockey Playlist For Winter Event

Rocket League will likely be a pretty big player in most game of the year discussions this year. If you told me a car soccer game would be part of the discussion back in January, I’d probably not believe you. The game is seeing a bit of an overhaul to celebrate Winter too. Specifically, starting… Read more »

PlayStation Plus Games Outlined For December

The Christmas season is nearly on us, (or if some shop decorations are to go by, it’s been upon us in the last two months.) Still, with December about to start, it means we are in for another batch of free games. We’ve already seen Xbox’s offering, and now it’s PlayStation’s turn. One the PlayStation 4,… Read more »


Far Cry Primal To Get Reveal At The Game Awards Next Week

The Game Awards are next Thursday, and I’m looking forward to them. On top of the game reveals slated to happen, of which there are 10, I also just like the art of giving congratulations to good games. One of those reveals we now know though. Far Cry Primal will show up, as revealed by… Read more »


Rainbow Six: Siege Beta Delayed (Hopefully) Briefly

Rainbow Six: Siege was meant to be coming to beta today, giving players a couple days of play a week before the game came out and allowing Ubisoft kicked the tires on the title. A little risky if you ask me from a developer stand point, but great for consumers. However, something seems to have… Read more »


Star Wars: Battlefront Review: There Is Good In Him, I’ve Felt It

Over the last year, I’ve really been thinking about ‘the power of Star Wars‘. Even as someone who would only considers themselves a passing fan of the franchise, with the run up to the Force Awakens, the sheer excitement and wonder that I get from those around me has been palpable. If you’re as entrenched… Read more »


Art Piece Or Toy? Kidrobot’s It’s A F.A.D. Dunny 20” By J*RYU

The more and more I see toys like this, the more I feel like they should just be referred to as art pieces. I guess that’s where the world collectibles come in to play, but I mean…wow. The newest release from Kidrobot is this beautifully sculpted piece coming in at a reasonable $500.00. Now, I can’t really talk because… Read more »