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Comics And Cosplay Are Launching A Twitch Stream With Tonight About Overwatch Cosplay

Bleeding Cool’s very own cosplayer are launching a new bi-weekly cosplay live stream TONIGHT on Twitch. The new stream Crappy Gaming Great Cosplay will feature a mix of live video game play and cosplay costume construction. Each episode will include a mix of the team’s not so impressive gaming skills as well as a demonstrations… Read more »

Nintendo Suggests The NX Isn’t Just A Technical Advancement But Something More Unique

The Nintendo NX, in the grand scheme of things, is not meant to be too far away, with an early 2017 release date slated. However, we still haven’t heard an official peep about it from Nintendo. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, it’s because the console has something unique going for it. Speaking to the Associated Press, the nintendo… Read more »

Batman: Return To Arkham No Longer Has A Release Date

was not far off, with the remaster of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City hurtling towards its July 29th release date. However, that has been put on old it seems. In a post on the WB Games forum, it was confirmed that the collection was now delayed indefinitely. In the post, the publisher said: After reviewing… Read more »


Three Game Of Thrones Collectibles To Buy And Stare At Until Next Season

What’s worse than a Game of Thrones season coming to an end? Facing the next eight plus months missing it every Sunday night. The HBO series wrapped up its sixth season last night and ended on such an epic note. [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES SEASON SIX BELOW!!!] One: Starting on a small scale, you might… Read more »

Get The Low Down On The Cancelled Daredevil Game Details

Marvel have just announced a new Spider-Man game at E3, and it looks like an honest to goodness true attempt to make a serious AAA game again. That hasn’t been the case for years though ad the studio hasn’t exactly put out too many major console based video games since around the early 2000s. During… Read more »

Shigeru Miyamoto Has Seemingly Shut Down Hope Of A Female Lead Main Line Zelda Game

The debate about a female Link, or a female run Legend of Zelda game has raged on for a little while now in spirited debate. It’s clear at least a portion of the series’ fans would like the option, while another are less thrilled about the idea. Well, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has waded in… Read more »

Balrog And A Couple Of Surprise Guests Get A Street Fighter V Reveal Trailer

While many things promised for Street Fighter V have yet to materialise, like a functioning shop and a story mode, updates on new characters are certainly still trickling out. Balrog the boxer is still on his, and has been revealed in this new trailer. The character will be available from Friday, and he looks like… Read more »

Oculus Have (Kind Of) Opened Thier Library Up To Vive Users

ReVive is a program that allows the Oculus front page to work on a Vive. When the headsets first launched, it meant game that were Oculus exclusive, could be played on Vive. Despite Oculus founder Palmer Luckey saying he would like the Library to be open to all VR users, that came to a stop… Read more »

There’s A New Sonic Game Coming Next Year With Details Coming At SDCC

Poor Sonic. It’s no secret that he has had a rough patch in games for…well, over a decade now. That cultivated with the last woeful entry in the franchise, Sonic Boom. Well, Sega are giving it another stab next year. A new Sonic game has been announced for 2017 it was announced at a Sonic… Read more »


Who Is Mysterion? Kidrobot Releases South Park: The Fractured But Whole Figures

In celebration of South Park’s new game, Kidrobot is bringing us Mysterion and Professor Chaos Medium Vinyl Figures! Each figure is 7 inches tall and come at a price point of $49.99 each. This comes on the heels of a new game from the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The game… Read more »

Big Bang Theory Cosplay As Star Trek In SDCC Exclusive Action Figures

Seven figures. The characters from the Big Bang Theory. But each of them also as a cast member of Star Trek: The Original Series. The characters have Star Trekked cosplayed in the show. But nothing like this. Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! have made these exclusively for San Diego Comic Con. Each exclusive figure… Read more »

Ark Adds The Biggest Dinosaur And A Boat Load More In New Update

[Image via reddit.] Ark is really chugging away when it comes to new releases now. The game is out later this year, but updates are coming thick and fast now. The latest one is huge, both in terms of content, and…well, Dinosaur. The mighty Titanosaur has just been added and it is the largest creature… Read more »

Until Dawn 2 Is Not Getting Worked On Right Now

Until Dawn was a real sleeper hit for Sony. The game wasn’t expected to do great, but actually came in to really impressive reviews and sales when all was said and done. However, that doesn’t seem to have prompted any rush for a sequel. Supermassive said in an interview with Gamesindustry that while the developer… Read more »

Get An In Depth Look At Civilization 6 In This Gameplay Walkthrough

Civilization is the time sink that keeps on giving, so it is a big deal that a new entry is incoming. It doesn’t come too often, so for those of us who have been caught in its grasp before, this is a big deal. You can take a look at the game in motion finally… Read more »


Three More SDCC Exclusives To Add To Your Wish List From Entertainment Earth

The San Diego Comic Con 2016 Exclusive List is miles long, and we’ve got three more things to add to that extensive list. There will be an exclusive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Aquaman Patina Pop!…   …a limited Edition Ant-Man and Giant Man Pin Mate Set of 2 and what I’m most excited… Read more »

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Creator Advises Remaster Team To Not Mess It Up

Okay, he didn’t actually say ‘mess it up’. He went a little more colorful than that. Vince Zampella was one of the creative leads on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He left developer Infinity Ward less than amicably and went off to form Respawn Entertainment and work on Titanfall. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare… Read more »

Xbox Boss Reiterates That Microsoft Are Committed To Gaming And The Xbox Brand

There has been word for years and years that Microsoft have been looking to offload the Xbox brand. I’ve heard it for the best part of five years, and I’ve seen the talk with renewed vigor of late. Don’t buy into it says the Xbox boss. Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Phil Spencer has… Read more »

Assassin’s Creed Creator Can’t Play Ubisoft Games Any More Because It’s ‘Too Personal’

The storied history between Patrice Desilets and Ubisoft is pretty complicated. The developer created Assassin’s Creed, before leaving through production of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood to work for THQ. He then returned to Ubisoft in 2013, before getting more or less kicked out on short notice. He then went back and sued the publisher for $400,000… Read more »

Bleeding Cool’s E3 2016 Game Of The Show Nominations And Winner

So E3 is well and truly over. Every company has shown their wares, and there is a lot to pour over. I saw a ton of games out at the LA Convention Centre, approaching over 50, and there is a whole bunch I want to give recognition to. As is seemingly mandatory, in the wake… Read more »

Zelda Producer Explains Why Breath Of The Wild Will Feature Voice Acting

Zelda is a series that has nearly become defined by not having voice acting. Reading scrolling text was just a part of the package. That is changing in Breath of the Wild. Speaking to Polygon, producer Eiji Aonuma explained the decision to use real voices in the game. He said: It’s really difficult to leave an impression… Read more »

Burnout Developer’s Untitled Game Has Been Cancelled

Back at E3 2014, Criterion announced an untitled project that was going to have a ton of vehicles and something to do with online extreme sports. It was all a little undefined and odd, but had potential. Well, I hope you weren’t excited about it as the game has now been cancelled and the developer… Read more »


Still Shaking My Head Over June’s Geek Fuel Box

Sometimes it’s not going to be what you think. That’s the trouble with subscription boxes. They tend to be random. With all that said, I’m usually incredibly satisfied with my Geek Fuel subscription. I can’t confidently say that this month. [GEEK FUEL JUNE BOX SPOILERS BELOW!] Here’s what the box included:   The coolest thing in… Read more »