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Pokemon’s Eevee Is Headed To Build-A-Bear Workshops

Build-A-Bear Workshops has announced their second Pokemon plush available in their stores and on-line will be Eevee. Joining the previously released Pikachu, the 14-inch Eevee will be available starting on September 1st with the standard starting cost of $28. There will also be an exclusive on-line set for $62 that comes with the plush, a… Read more »

How Many Warcraft Players Will Be Calling In Sick Tomorrow?

If you are sitting at work tomorrow and notice a few extra empty chairs then normal, it may be because of the release of World of Warcraft: Legion. The newest expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s highly successful MMORPG comes out tomorrow and players are returning to the game in droves. They may not be at the… Read more »

Getting A Refund After Playing A Game Over 50 Hours Doesn’t Make You A Thief But It Is Hurtful To The Art

No Man’s Sky has been a controversial topic in the few short weeks it has been out. Accusations of lying, false advertising and missing features have run rampant and everyone and their mum has an opinion on where they fall. Arguments range from changes being part of the artistic process as things change in development,… Read more »

People Are Getting Refunds For No Man’s Sky Despite Having Played 10s Of Hours

No Man’s Sky is amazing in its abillity to start controversy after release. Everyday it seems we have a new debate popping up around the game, with people vehmently fighting on both sides. This one is a doozy though. It turns out that many players are getting refunds for the game. This comes from users… Read more »

The SML Podcast – The Witness, Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, Recore And More

By Joe Cammisa It’s Monday night so it’s time for The SML Podcast – Episode 214: Hack Hack Cough Spitooie here on Bleeding Cool! The show kicks off with tons of news including Xbox One Backward Compatibility additions and the September Games With Gold lineup, The Witness coming to Xbox and the ReCore file size…. Read more »

Catch 30 Minutes Of New Gameplay From Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is finally making its way to our hands after over a decade in production. Understandably, there is a whole lot of excitment around it to. Around a week ago we got over an hour of gameplay footage, and to get you excited again, here is an extra 30. It’s not wildly different… Read more »


Win An Ant-Man Artist Mix Set Designed By Touma

Sideshow Collectibles is giving away one of the Ant-Man Artist Mix deluxe sets. This set include three figures designed by Japanese toys character designer Touma. The three non-articulated bobble heads include a special Blackout version of Ant-Man that is only available in this set as well as a regular Ant-Man and a Yellowjacket. To enter… Read more »

Check Out All Of The Revamped Intros For Each Game In The Bioshock Collection

Bioshock, as a franchise, has some excellent openings. Few in games are as iconic as Rapture’s first reveal in the original, and Colombia’s introduction in Bioshock Infinite really is quite majestic too. Well, now you can see all the intros for games’ in the franchise as they will appear in The Bioshock Collection. 2K have shown… Read more »

Azeroth Armory – Bringing Ashbringer To Life

We are now just 3 days away from the release of World of Warcraft: Legion, the newest expansion from Blizzard Entertainment for their highly successful MMORPG. To go with the release, Blizzard got Hollywood weapon maker and blacksmith Tony Swatton to craft some real-life versions of the legendary weapons from the game. He’s recently made… Read more »

See Dontnod’s Vampyr In Action In This Lovely Gameplay Footage

I was very impressed by what I saw of Vampyr at E3. That game has some really lovely ideas going for it, putting you in the shoes of a doctor who has just recently been converted into a vampire. You have to manage areas in this version of London, and decide who to feast on… Read more »

Look What Came in The Mail: Joker’s Wild!

By Will Romine, Age 32 I get a lot of things in the mail.  As a professional geek, it comes with the territory.  When I get something that really charges me up, I write about it. Today, was a fun trip to the mail box.  I had a package waiting for me from my good… Read more »


3 New Women Of Dynamite Collectibles Including An Arthur Adams Red Sonja Bust

Dynamite has announced three new collectibles based on their Women of Dynamite: Red Sonja and Vampirella. First up is the new Women of Dynamite: Red Sonja Bust by Arthur Adams. This is the first in a new line of busts inspired by the art of comic legend Arthur Adams and sculpted by Jason Smith. This… Read more »

Duke Nukem Surprise Could Be A ‘Remix’ Titled Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour According To Possible Leak

Last night I reported that a countdown on Duke Nukem‘s official site had started, pointing to a reveal in 8 days. Well, it seems we might know what it is a little early. Coming from a supposed leak on Reddit, user self.Games has said that they have been given information on a title called Duke Nukem 3D:… Read more »

A Retailer Is Selling PlayStation 4 Slims Already

So, this is weird and pretty shaky. So remember that leaked PlayStation 4 Slim from the other day? Well, Sony are still trying to save ‘the surprise’ for their September 7th event in New York, but you can actually go buy one at a store in the UK right now. (Not that I’d advise it.)… Read more »

No Man’s Sky, Pre-Owned At GameStop

That was fast.  Find your local here… thanks to LurksOften of r/gaming.  

Something Duke Nukem Related Is Being Announced In 8 Days

Duke Nukem as a property is in a very precarious place right now. Duke Nukem Forever was a colossol disaster in terms of reception, and there are real questions of where the franchise exists in 2016. Well, it seems we may be on our way to getting ‘something’ from the franchise before too long. This… Read more »

Matchmaking For Raids Is Not Off The Cards In Destiny

Raids are, almost undoubtedly, the most interesting and fleshy bits of Destiny content. They have also long been controversial too. The fact that you have to round up six friends to do long periods of gaming, and all those friends have to be in the late game; it’s a high barrier for entry for the… Read more »

You’ll Be Able To Play Halo 5 On PC By Way Of Forge Mode Very Soon

Since Halo 2, the franchise has been absent from PC (excluding Halo Online). This isn’t do to lack of asking though, as getting Halo back onto the platform has been a constant ask of fans for quite some time. Well, on Thursday September 8th that wait is over…kinda. As was previously reported, Halo 5’s Forge… Read more »

GoldenEye Getting A Remaster Or Coming To Current Consoles Is A Rights Issue Says Xbox Boss

Yesterday, I reported on 30 minutes of footage from a cancelled GoldenEye remaster from Rare. It was meant for Xbox Live Arcade, but never came to fruition. And the reason for that is the one we all probably expected. Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the game is a particularily… Read more »


Check Out A Couple Of Link’s Weapons In Zelda: Breath Of Wild Gameplay

Over the last week or two, Nintendo have been very giving with clips of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild showing off various aspects of the game. And hey, we got a new one here. This one is focused on some of the weapons you’ll be able to wield in the game, as you… Read more »


Captain Kirk And Mr. Spock 1/6th Scale Figures From Quantum Mechanix, Inc

Sideshow Collectibles is offering up 1/6th scale figures of Classic Star Trek characters Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock. Made famous in the late 60’s by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, the two actors would become synonymous with the characters for decades with the original series coming up on a fifty year anniversary. The… Read more »

Dark Souls 3 DLC Confirmed As Ashes Of Ariandel

As reported yesterday, Dark Souls 3 is getting new DLC, but that has all been made lovely and official now. It’s been announced the first DLC for the game will be called Ashes of Ariandel, and will be released October 25th. It seems that, as we heard, the DLC won’t actually be PvP focused. There… Read more »