Street Fighter 5 Welcomes Ibuki (And A Mouse Cursor) In New Trailer

Gran Turismo Director Finishes 22nd In The Real Nürburgring 24h

Game developers often have to simulate a lot of real world effects. They have to understand how something works physically in reality to then translate it to digital form. Few understand their subject quite as well as Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, who does a lot of professional real world racing to inform his dev. The… Read more »


Excited For The Warcraft Movie? Grab The ‘Epic Box’

We only have a little less than two weeks until the premiere of the Warcraft movie, and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. Sure, it looks incredibly CGI heavy, but it’s Warcraft people! I took to the internet to hunt for any interesting merchandise that might be lurking, and I came across a “Warcraft Epic Box.” That’s… Read more »


The Last Guardian Director Reflects On The game’s Turbulent Development In Video Interview

The Last Guardian at one point was talked about in the same way Half Life 3 is today. A mythic game that got so lost in development, it was basically accepted it wasn’t ever coming. Except that it finally is, and it will be with us later this year. Heading into E3, the game is… Read more »

No Man’s Sky Director The New Target For Threats After Delay

This story just keeps running and running, but hopefully this is now the epilogue. This all started with Kotaku breaking a story, reporting that No Man’s Sky was getting a delay. This then started a barrage from the game’s fans against journalist Jason Schreier, who received death threats on suspicion of making up the story…. Read more »


Hot Toys Reveals Third Scarlet Witch Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys has revealed their newest Marvel sixth scale figure from Captain America: Civil War, the Scarlet Witch. The new figure is based on Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of Wanda Maximoff, the second time she’s appeared in a Marvel film after her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The highly-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on… Read more »


Win A Thor Premium Format Figure For Geek Pride Day

When did Geek Pride Day become a thing? But hey, if it means you can win a Marvel Thor Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles (which retails for $439.99), then go ahead and sign me up for Geek Pride. Are there t-shirts? Are we suppose to send greeting cards? Turns out that Geek Pride Day,… Read more »

No Man’s Sky Gets An August Release Date As Delay Is Confirmed

has been a long time in the making, with the gaming world waiting with baited breath to finally figure out if Hello Games can deliver on their enormous promise. Well, hold your breath a little longer. It’s now been confirmed by Sony that the rumoured delay is in fact real, with the game now sporting… Read more »


“I Choose You!” Pokemon Takes Over Geek Fuel Next Month

I’m not going to lie…I was so happy when I checked my email and saw the subject line “Don’t Faint! Geek Fuel Has Pokemon this June!” Well, thank you for the warning. This is a great theme to start your new subscription, perhaps for a kid in your life that loves the game or a… Read more »


Relive Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal With Funko’s Most Detailed POP! Vinyls

The awesome fantasy-adventure film The Dark Crystal has never seemed to leave our minds, but can you really blame us? Jim Henson is a master of puppets after all. Since the films release there has been books, comics, toys, you name it. Now it’s time for Funko to get a piece of the action! Brace yourself, because I… Read more »


Skylanders Battlecast Is Hearthstone…But Not Really.

I’m sure people have thought of what it would be like to play Blizzard’s popular online card game Hearthstone in physical form. Well, now you can…sort of…Skylanders has mimicked Hearthstone with their new game Skylanders Battlecast. That card design looks a bit familiar doesn’t it? Thankfully, they still make commercials that show a bunch of kids playing it so we… Read more »


Why Did Funko Announce A Specialty Series On Top Of Everything Else?

This week Funko announced an upcoming “Specialty Series” of POP! Vinyls that will be exclusively released POP!s everywhere! Grocery stores, gas stations, bookstores, you name it. So is Funko trying to reel the trend back? After all, there are stores that have exclusive POP!’s already. Hot Topic is one of them. So what makes the Specialty Series… Read more »


New Report Says Existing Microsoft IP Is Getting VR Treatment On The Xbox One

A couple of days ago, we heard tell of an improved Xbox One codenamed Scorpio. One of the details that came with the initial report was that Microsoft were actively trying to partner up with Oculus to get VR support on the console. Well, that rumour has gotten a little more support today, as another… Read more »


Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Barbie Revealed

DC and Mattel have revealed through USA Today a new Wonder Woman Barbie based on the Gal Gadot version of the character from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The new collectible is a Comic-Con exclusive and will be available for $80. It can be pre-ordered at starting June 17th. The description of the figure… Read more »

[Updated] Games Journalist Gets Threats For Reporting News

Hoo, boy. People have been on edge on the internet of late. We’ve been hearing of threats made to Captain America writer Nick Spencer for changing a beloved character that’s been with us for decades, which is crazy enough, but I have a whole other level for you here though. News started spreading over the… Read more »

Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Be At E3 But ‘Something’ From CD Projekt RED Might Be

The Witcher 3 is just about to wrap up with the Blood and Wine DLC around the corner, which will act as the final topper for the game. This could’ve led some to believe that CD Projekt RED might be making some kind of intent known at E3 with a trailer for their next game Cyberpunk… Read more »

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Is Back To Remind You Of Its Presence

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has been deathly silent since it was revealed at the end of last year’s Ubisoft press conference. It’s barely been talked about, which I suppose should be seen as a sign that the developers are hard at work getting it done. To remind it you exists prior to an inevitable E3 appearance,… Read more »

Overwatch Review: No Puns, Overwatch Is Just Awesome

Despite dedicating a huge portion of my life to games and the industry, it’s rare that I get “excited” about a title. I’m forever fascinated and curious about everything that is happening in the world, but perhaps the years in the industry has taken the edge off of being able to be a ‘fan’ of… Read more »

Read Into The Xbox Boss’ Comments On Rumoured Xbox One Slim And Scorpio As You Please

Yesterday, credible rumours about an Xbox One Slim, as well as an improved version of the Xbox One currently named Scorpio hit the net, sending plenty of people spinning into speculation. Was it true? Are parts of it false? All things I’ve seen discussed. Xbox head Phil Spencer has somewhat acknowledged the rumours on Twitter… Read more »

Live Action Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer Pushes Sci-fi Buttons With The Mechanical Apartheid

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided is a series that has taken on some big questions in its time. The games ask questions about being human, augmentation and racism, which are topics we will most certainly be talking about in the coming decades. To highlight some of those themes which are coming to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Eidos… Read more »

Is No Man’s Sky Getting A Delay?

No Man’s Sky has been in the public consciousness for what feels like forever. Announced at the only VGX, the game’s substantial secrets have plagued gamers for ages. Well, it looks like we might be pushing things back even farther. According to a couple source speaking to Kotaku, the game is getting pushed back from… Read more »


Massive Horizon: Zero Dawn Poster Adornes LA With E3 Incoming

Horizon: Zero Dawn was probably my favorite AAA title I saw at E3 last year. It truly was lovely looking, and I’m fascinated about what we will see come E3. To highlight that we certainly can expect some noise (roars?) from the game at the show, developer Guerrilla Games have shown off this rather massive… Read more »

There Might Be Two Xbox One Variants Coming Within The Space Of A Year Of Each Other (And Oculus Support Coming To Xbox One)

Xbox One’s future console plans have been a little murky of late. Boss Phil Spencer spoke of a more powerful version of the console a while back (even before mention of Sony’s Neo hit the web), before walking those claims back somewhat. On top of that, there have also been reports on a slim version… Read more »