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Play The Taken King Crucible Content Free Next Week If You Own Destiny

The Taken King is just around the corner, and as long time readers might know, I’m pretty excited about it. You don’t have to wait until September 15th to get a taste though. If you own a copy of Destiny, perhaps log in next week. As revealed on the Bungie’s Weekly Update, starting September 8th and… Read more »

There Are Five Ways To Play In This New Need For Speed Trailer

Need for Speed is making a roaring return this year with a reboot that is playing on the Underground vibes of yore. It looks pretty stellar, and I hope it plays as arcadey as ever. The FMV trappings are ludicrous, and I want to feel that stretched across the entire game. There will be some… Read more »

Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Interim Patch Has Been Released

The Batman: Arkham Knight on PC story has been kind of nuts. The game notoriously launched in a terrible state, causing WB Games and Rocksteady to pull the version of the game from Steam in an unprecedented move. That was back in June. Now, in early September, the ‘interim’ patch has finally been released. A… Read more »


Uncharted 4 Is Getting Single Player DLC Because The Last Of Us: Left Behind Success

The Last of Us: Left Behind was a resounding success for Naughty Dog. The DLC went on to go win awards for itself, and was huge critical success by all accounts. It was so good for Naughty Dog in fact, that it has encouraged them to announce single player DLC for Uncharted 4. We learnt… Read more »

Jimmy Kimmel Plays Rocket League With YouTubers To Cool Gamer Drama

I haven’t been writing about the whole Jimmy Kimmel vs Gamers thing for the last few days, because… well, the idea of reporting on another instance of someone who doesn’t get games saying something to get a laugh and a part of the gaming community taking it way too seriously is ludicrously played out. If… Read more »


Fallout 4 Has More Lines Than Fallout 3 And Skyrim Combined

So, Bethesda have been talking for a while about how big Fallout 4 is going to be, and I believe them. The studio excels at massive worlds and by all accounts, this is their biggest, most ambitious project yet. To give you an idea though, here is a pretty good indication of just how big… Read more »


Official Photos And Descriptions For LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sets

If you have been keeping an eye on social media, you know that some of the toys for Star Wars: The Force Awakens have been hitting the shelves and of course there were images of the LEGO sets leaked last month… but now we have the official photos and descriptions for the LEGO sets. LEGO®… Read more »

SOMA Gets A Trailer The Hints At The Story Ever So Slightly

SOMA, the new game from Amnesia: The Dark Decent maestros Frictional Games, has really snuck up on me. There hasn’t been a ton of fanfare surrounding the title, but that may be by design. I’m hoping this comes as another big surprise from the studio due to the subdued marketing. Thus far, we really don’t… Read more »


Fallout Monopoly Is Coming In November

While I’m sure many of you will be knees deep in Fallout 4 come November, here is something else if the supposedly massive game doesn’t scratch the Fallout itch entirely. The game’s Twitter just announced that a Fallout themed Monopoly board is coming, so you can bring the harsh wastes (complete with a mortgage market)… Read more »


There Is An Exotic Sword You Can Equip In Destiny: The Taken King

Well, this is interesting. Last night, after it being teased for the last three weeks, we finally got a look at the equipable sword in Destiny: The Taken King.  While the Sword of Crota has been in the game since the start, this will be the first time you’ll be able to run around with… Read more »

Dishonored 2 Director Walks You Through What You Might Have Missed In The Trailer

Dishonored 2 is high on my list of most anticipated games. The first is one of the best new IPs for the last five years, and seeing where Arkane go with this franchise is going to be very interesting. The E3 reveal trailer for the sequel had a lot going on in it, and I… Read more »

Catch 22 Minutes Of LawBreakers Right Here

LawBreakers has been getting a lot of play recently, what with the game’s reveal last week. I think it looks pretty fun and it will be fascinating to see how the free-to-play model breaks down for the title. Seeing if it catches on will be particularly interesting. Well, if you want the best idea of… Read more »


Destiny’s Raid Unlocks Three Days After Release

Alright, crisis adverted. There was a bit of a stink brewing on the internet about the new raid in Destiny launching after the Taken King‘s release. I said at the time, if it was only a week or two dely, then it would be fine, but as it turns out, it won’t even be that… Read more »


Four New Characters Getting Announced For Mortal Kombat X Today

I reported a few days a go that big Mortal Kombat X news is getting announced this week. Well, now we know the parameters of the reveal, and it is pretty exciting. It seems another Kombat Pack is coming, as series creator Ed Boon tweeted out this image yesterday with four shadowy figures obscured. It simply… Read more »

Sideshow Collectibles Is Giving Away Godzilla

Are you a fan of Godzilla? Sideshow Collectibles is giving away a Godzilla statue based on the Legendary and Warner Bros film. But you have to act fast as they stop taking entries tomorrow September 3rd at 10 A.M. PST. So click this link now if you want to have a chance to win. For… Read more »


Disney Infinity 3.0 Review – You Do Have Your Moments

Disney Infinity as a series has evaded me ever since its launch. I had vague notions of what the game was about, but it never quite clicked enough to bring me to commit all the way. One thing I did understand though was the idea that Disney were bringing together all their franchises into a self-contained… Read more »

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Trailer Shows Off The Beauty Of Digital London

I’m particularly interested Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate for one reason (well, besides quite liking Assassin’s Creed): It’s taking place in my backyard. Seeing how Ubisoft translate the city I live in into digital form is going to be fascinating to explore. It seems, they really are making it a beautiful recreation too. You can see that… Read more »

LittleBigPlanet 3 Gets Metal Gear Solid 5 Skins This Week

I love the customisable costumes in LittleBigPlanet. The there is a serious amount of variety when it comes to franchises who lent their likeness to the series, giving Sackboy many cute characters to dress up as. And here is another pack that is quite timely. It’s been announced that coming soon, you’ll be able to adorn you… Read more »


Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Updated So You Can Play Any Mode On Any Map

Restrictions on online game modes can be frustrating. Sometimes they are absolutely necessary as certain game modes just won’t work on certain maps, but even so, they give this perceived notion of barriers. Well, after initially locking off some modes, The Coalition have now opened up Gears of War: Ultimate Edition entirely, allowing every map… Read more »


Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Coming In Early October

I’ve been lucky enough to get hand’s on with Star Wars: Battlefront, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. I think it is an experience people should get some play time with before writing it off as a ‘Battlefield skin’. Luckily, you’ll get the chance to do that in the upcoming beta for the game…. Read more »

Portal Content In LEGO Dimensions Outlined In Video

One of the most bizarre yet exciting inclusions in LEGO Dimensions is Portal. While most of the other franchises are huge mainstays in the public eye, Portal breaks that mold a little by being a beloved gaming series. That’s not to say the game is small by any means, but…well, it isn’t Lord of the… Read more »

Destiny: The Taken King Raid Stream Gets A Teaser Trailer

Today is the last day of Destiny streams that have been taking place over the last few weeks. The topic of this weeks stream is The Court of Oryx, the new raid in The Taken King. As we learnt this week, it won’t be in the game at launch of the expansion, but I suspect… Read more »