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Destiny 2 Confirmed For 2017 And A Big Release This Year

Hideo Kojima Has A New YouTube Channel And Wants To Tell You His 10 Best Movies From Last Year

Hideo Kojima is off into the brave new world by himself with his now independent company Kojima Productions after breaking away from Konami. While we can expect games for sure, the first of which will be a Sony exclusive, it has been said the company will produce other content too. The first extra-circular content to… Read more »

Ubisoft Confirm That Assassin’s Creed Is Taking The Year Off

We heard a report a couple weeks back from Kotaku that Assassin’s Creed might finally be listening to fans and taking the year off. Well, as it has turned out, that is the case. Ubisoft confirmed today that 2016 will be Assassin’s Creed-less. This was confirmed on the Ubiblog, where the publisher said: This year,… Read more »


Funko Drops Legion Of Collectors Trailer

Funko has released a trailer for their new Legion of Collectors box… and of course since the theme is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the trailer is a Pop! homage to the film. If you haven’t signed up for the Legion of Collectors, here is the link.

Quantum Break Gets A Time Freezing Trailer Featuring Shawn Ashmore

…and even more Quantum Break news. Only this time, it is a live action trailer. We’re still over two months away from the game, so I’d wouldn’t expect to see a live action trailer just yet as those usually come the week or so before. But, here we are! This trailer features Shawn Ashmore, who… Read more »

Quantum Break Is Coming To PC And You Can Get A Free Copy If You Pre-Order Digitally On Xbox One

Quantum Break just became a lot more open. The game was set to be an Xbox One exclusive, but now many more will be able to experience Remedy’s new franchise. It’s been revealed that a Windows 10 version of the game will launch alongside the Xbox One version on April 5th. What’s even better is… Read more »

Gabe Newell Went All Oprah And Gave Everyone At Vision Summit A Vive

Gabe Newell is a bit of a fabled figure in video games. He’s the face of PC gaming, and as the head of Valve, a fan favorite. With moments like this next one too, it’s not hard to see why. At the Unity Vision Summit, Newell appeared in a video to say that all the developers… Read more »

McFarlane Toys Might’ve Let Slip That Titanfall 2 Is Coming This Year

EA have announced that Titanfall 2 is currently set to come out sometime before March 31st 2017. Most people assumed that meant we’d be getting it some time in early 2017. But it seems perhaps there is a chance we could see it this year. As spotted by Polygon, McFarlane Toys are going to be making… Read more »


Now Anyone Can Be The Black Panther (Aged 4-6)

Ahead of the new Captain America: Civil War movie, here’s a look at some of the merchandise being created for kids alongside it. It must have been an interesting conversation in the design agency. “Black Panther is a black character, isn’t it racist to have a white kid modelling it on the packaging?” “Isn’t it more racist… Read more »


Funko’s Anime POP! Collection Grows With One Piece

Funko has been releasing POP! Vinyl collectibles in all areas over the past few years. From TV shows, movies, sports, and more. There’s truly something for everyone! That also includes some really great anime POPs! You can already find these fun collectibles in Black Butler form and Attack on Titan. Now it’s time for one… Read more »

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne Launches This Month And Has Monthly Releases

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne was revealed last E3, but has been quite quiet ever since. Well, no longer. The game finally has a release date and it will be with us this month in fact. The first of the three episodes planned will launch February 23rd on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox… Read more »

Blizzard Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary With This New Video

Blizzard are one of the biggest developers int he world, with one of the most rabid fanbases. That really became apparent with the launch of World of Warcraft back in 2004, but the company has a history much richer than that. In fact, the developer/publisher/entertainment heavyweight is turning 25 years old this year and to… Read more »

The division

Here Is A Full Mission From The Division Highlighting The Different Avenues You Can Take

I’ve not yet figured out what The Division is, or how it will drag people in. Even though it has been through a closed beta, the structure of the game is still somewhat a mystery. How is everything connected? How will different missions work? How much is there? All things that remain to be seen…. Read more »

The Division Open Beta Confirmed For Next Week

This is just a bit a clean up, since this supposedly leaked last week, but… The Division is getting an open beta next week. That means you’ll be able to play the game, no matter if you have a pre-order or no matter what system you are on. It will kick off for Xbox One… Read more »

Meet Street Fighter V’s Strangest Character F.A.N.G In This Introduction Video

F.A.N.G seems like a pretty bizarre creation. Second in command to M. Bison, the character is probably the oddest looking in the game. He is new to the franchise, and with that, there is lots to learn. You can grab a look at what he is all about in this new introductory video. Weirdly, he… Read more »

Rocket League Comes To Xbox One Next Week

Finally, my friends on Xbox One will be able to sample the mad delights of Rocket League. It was announced that the game will be with us on February 17th for the long awaited version of the game. It will be $19.99 and come with three free DLC packs, Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos… Read more »

Blizzard Celebrates 25th Anniversary And Releases Thank You Video

Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating their 25th anniversary (as of yesterday) and have released this thank you video featuring CEO and Co-Founder Mike Morhaime and CDO and Co-Founder Frank Pearce. In that 25 years they created multiple popular franchises including Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone and in the next year we’ll get… Read more »

New Far Cry Primal Trailer Helps You Learn The Ropes

Far Cry Primal is just around the corner now, and soon we will be able to tame the wild beasts of human kinds first outings and also take on the tribes that threaten your existence. This new trailer is dubbed ‘101’, so unsurprisingly, it is all about learning what you will get up to in… Read more »

The SML Podcast – Press Play, Throw Babies, and Celebrate Three Years

By Joe Cammisa It’s time for The SML Podcast here on Bleeding Cool! A whopping triple episode this week as we handle two interviews and celebrate our third anniversary all in one week! Episode 160 welcomes Tim “Teemo” Ashton of Press Play to the show to discuss their new prototype Project Knoxville! The interview was… Read more »

You Can Watch The First Pokemon Movie For Free Right Here

It’s Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary and The Pokemon company want you to know it. As part of the celebration, they are currently streaming the first Pokemon movie for free on their own service, Pokemon TV. If you want to relive the movie, you can do so here. No Pikachu’s Vacation to begin it sadly. I remember just… Read more »

GameTrailers Has Shut Down After A 13 Year Run

It always sucks for us in the industry and those who frequent gaming sites when we see one go under. Sadly, GameTrailers are the latest site to completely disappear into thin air. It was announced yesterday that the website was closing and even worse, it seems the staff didn’t know about this until the day… Read more »

Exclusive Designs For New Doom Game, From Dark Horse’s Art Of Doom Hardcover

Dark Horse Comics has become quite the specialist in creating high end books based on video games, collecting and showcasing the artwork that went into the game. And now, with a new Doom game scheduled for May, Art Of Doom is a hardcover look at the designs that went into the new game from ID… Read more »

Firewatch Review: Who Watches The Watchmen?

Firewatch is a game about relationships and isolation. Have you ever been in love, convinced you were with the one, only for it to end with a patter? School friends you were sure were life long, only to grow distant after you moved on? These are the feelings that Firewatch evokes. Something of a rumination on the… Read more »