New Neverwhere From Neil Gaiman And Sandman In A Flower


Stephen Lacey writes;

Tonight Neil Gaiman spoke to a packed audience at the Peacock Theatre about his new novel The Ocean at the End Of The Lane. The Q&As threw up some interesting tidbits.

Regarding Sandman Zero, Gaiman reinforced that more favourable contract terms led to the project coming about. He’s driving his editors ‘mad and sad’ with his achingly slow progress. One of the joys of the project is getting JH Williams III to draw the impossible, citing an image in the first couple of pages where he requested an image of Morpheus as a flower, with the leaves suggesting his cloak. Williams has surpassed this, with a great use of the petals to present his face.

When Gaiman first heard the BBC radio adaptation of Neverwhere, he realised he was ready to return to this world. In an upcoming anthology collection curated by George RR Martin, entitled Rogues, he will be contributing a short story from the Neverwhere world, How The Marquis Got His Coat Back. It will delve into the back story of the Marquis de Carabas, as well and extending the world of Neverwhere, introducing, as an example, the Shepherds of Shepherd’s Bush. He also has the title of the next Neverwhere novel – The Seven Sisters.

He briefly touched on Doctor Who, pointing out that he has memories of the show from before he has memories of reading. He gave us some slightly mis-remembered facts from the 1965 Dalek Annual, which he still owns. He described writing for the while as like being god – writing the words ‘TARDIS interior’ was the ultimate supreme power!

I have some blurry photos, I was too far back to get good ones.

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