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Game Of Thrones Tidbit With Possible Spoilers

An actor from Game of Thrones who appears to be dead told a reporter in an interview that perhaps we’ve not seen the last of their character. The fact that Game of Thrones has a body count as if it …

‘Maybe Stan Lee Is My Biggest Literary Influence’ – George RR Martin

Holding a talk at the Edinburgh Festival, now available to watch courtesy of the BBC iPlayer, George R.R. Martin has been talking about his books, and his love of character. During which, he talked about his first literary love, comics, …

Live With George RR Martin At San Diego Comic Con – Comics And Fantasy As Living Multiple Lives (UPDATE)

William Christensen of Avatar Press hosted George RR Martin on his work in comics in a massive turnout to Indigo Ballroom at the San Diego Comic Con. To thunderous applause, they kicked things off in what would be a discussion …

Complete Exclusives, Panels, And Signings For Avatar Press At San Diego Comic Con

Avatar Press are making their presence felt at San Diego Comic Con in a big way, so get ready to choose your favorite creators and works for plenty of signings, exclusives, and panels. Avatar Press’s exclusives include: God is Dead …

How To Appreciate George R.R. Martin At San Diego Comic Con Best

George R.R. Martin was listed in 2011 as one of Time Magazine’s “most influential people in the world” and that was back 2011. In 2014, his presence at San Diego Comic Con is one of those things that makes the …

A Neurological Explanation Of Hodor’s Condition From Game Of Thrones

In Game of Thrones, the character Hodor can only say one thing and that’s “Hodor.” It’s why he’s called Hodor, the assumption being made that if he says it, it must be his name. As it happens, this is a …

Game Of Thrones Movies Being “Actively Discussed”

According to the author, there have been real and meaningful discussions about taking the series to the big screen.

Second Full-Length Trailer For Game Of Thrones Season 4

Returning to A Storm of Swords, already in progress.

Game Of Thrones: Fire And Ice Foreshadowing – HBO’s New, Fifteen-Minute Preview Of Season 4

HBO screened this on their channel last night and then dropped it onto YouTube too.

Full Trailer For The New, Fourth Series Of Game Of Thrones

Here’s the first full promo for the next run of Game of Thrones, adapting the second half of A Storm of Swords.

See Every Death In The First Five Volumes Of A Game Of Thrones. Sort Of. Not Quite

If you thought that the head-rolling had come to… er… a head in the last run of HBO’s Game of Thrones, think again.

George R. R. Martin Confirms He’s Always Had A Thing For Wolves In Skin Trade

By Hannah Means-Shannon The Avatar Press comic Skin Trade is an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s 1989 Fantasy Award-winning novella by the same name, and one that he’s been involved in discussing and promoting rather than taking a more …

Game Of Thrones’ Comic Con Video Pays Tribute To The Fallen

Here are three seasons worth of fatalities, back to back.

Max Brooks, George RR Martin, and Christos Gage San Diego Signing Schedule

With San Diego Comic Con just a little over a day away, fans are starting to line up their schedules to get to all the signings, panels, and exclusive product lines.  Avatar Press just released the schedule for Max Brooks, …

Avatar Press Solicitations For October 2013 – Jonathan Hickman, Kieron Gillen, Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Christos Gage, George RR Martin and David Lapham

It’s that time of the month when publishers start to let us know what’s coming up in three months. It seems to come earlier each month… so here are Avatar’s offerings for October. Continuing series from writers  Jonathan Hickman, Kieron …

New Neverwhere From Neil Gaiman And Sandman In A Flower

Stephen Lacey writes; Tonight Neil Gaiman spoke to a packed audience at the Peacock Theatre about his new novel The Ocean at the End Of The Lane. The Q&As threw up some interesting tidbits. Regarding Sandman Zero, Gaiman reinforced that …

The New Characters Of Game Of Thrones Season 3 – Including Footage From Upcoming Episodes

Each season of Game of Thrones has seen some characters fall by the wayside, and usually in pieces. At the same time, some more have always come along to fill out the ranks.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 – Full Length Second Trailer, Lots Of New Footage

After this, I doubt there’s going to be much new footage forthcoming before Game of Thrones season 3 kicks off on March 31st. Surely HBO don’t want to overshare?