The Khan Conspiracy – Thursday Trending Topics

I still remember how surprised people were that Ricardo Montalbán was in Star Trek II, as he was so closely associated with an extremely popular television role at the time, and also seemed to be everywhere on TV in a well-remembered Chrysler commercial campaign. But Mr. Roarke in Star Trek?  He’d become so famous for other reasons that his guest appearance on TOS had been forgotten by most, so to the casual observer, it didn’t seem to fit.  Diehard fans had to explain it to their friends back then, and perhaps the hardcore fans can explain Khan now for Star Trek Into Darkness too.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Marvel’s Land Grab On DC In March

No big showboating, no exclusive agreements, just quietly taking names associated with DC Comics. I expect more people to notice if Gail arrives, of course…

A Black Canary Cosplays In London 

Model – Anna Psylocke Sheldrick

Nine Of Brian Wood’s DC Comics That Never Were

Brian Wood, currently to be seen on comics such as Conan, Star Wars and The Massive for Dark Horse Comics and his upcoming Mara from Image Comics, did have a few spits and spots for DC Comics. And he’s made a list of the pitches that never made it to print. Including an original graphic novel with Jamie McKelvie

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

New Wolverine Poster – In Both Still And Animated Variants

There are two versions of the new poster for The Wolverine. First, one that doesn’t move, then one that does.

The Best Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Theory I Know Of 

The best theory I’ve heard as to what’s going on with the mysterious “villain” situation in Star Trek Into Darkness is a real corker. I first picked up the threads in the forums of this very site then had some real world conversations with Trek buffs who were able to flesh it out a little.

Trailer: Pacific Rim – Guillermo Del Toro’s Bigger-Than-Big Robots Vs. Monsters Film

Don’t expect any other film in 2013 to be on a bigger scale to Pacific Rim. Here’s the first trailer, at long last. I’ve been waiting hungrily to see this since some footage unspooled at Comic-Con.

Most-Discussed In The Forum Today:

New Full Trailer For Man Of Steel – Superman Returns In Fine Style

A viral website for Man of Steel has been counting down, in Kryptonian cyphers. We’ve now reached zero hour, or whatever alien equivalent, and our reward is the new trailer.

Retailers Respond To Image’s Decision To Drop Second Prints

Yesterday Bleeding Cool ran a letter from Image’s Jennifer De Guzman addressed to retailers on Image’s plans to stop publishing second printings on popular books that sell out, as a way to encourage retailers to order more of such titles initially. Saga #7 and #8 were specific titles and De Guzman pointed out a number of books that orders were dropping on while popularity was rising.

Marvel’s Land Grab On DC In March

But in March, they’re on Ultimate Comics: X-Men, Avengers Assemble and Wolverine.


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