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Late Night Fun – Star Wars / Guardians Of The Galaxy Mash Up

I see a lot of these but few are of the production value that this one produced by an editor named Ross Thompson who goes by the Youtube name The Unusual Suspect. Here Ross has sliced together a trailer for …

London Is The Centre Of The Universe. According To Thor.

What explains the sudden clatter of clapperboards in Old London Town? The weather? the Tax breaks? the ineluctable lure of our windswept mayor?

Why Aren’t All The Star Trek Into Darkness Special Features On The Blu-ray?

Paramount have created a bunch of special features for Star Trek Into Darkness. But they’re not all on the Blu-ray.

Sub-Text Into Darkness – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh

Looking deeper into the context of Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3

Benedict Cumberbatch Destroys London In New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

Plus tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Springing Forward Into Darkness – Saturday Trending Topics

I happened to be watching my twitter timeline at the moment of the time change. Amusing. Has there ever been a comic or film about how much we hate it? There should be. Anyway: Star Trek Into Darkness, Army Of …

Star Trek Into Darkness – New Trailer, New Footage

Fresh footage from this May’s Star Trek sequel with a still somewhat awkward sounding name.

Star Trek Into Darkness – Impressions From The New 30 Minute Super-Teaser

Michael Moran has seen the first half-hour of JJ Abrams’s Star Trek sequel. He was too excited to make much sense, but this is what we got out of him…

More Toys Hint At More Plot Points – Images Of Thor 2, Star Trek 2, Man Of Steel And Pacific Rim Tie-Ins

Star Trek aliens, Man of Steel aliens, Thor 2 aliens and Pacific Rim aliens. Aliens aliens aliens. Lots of aliens.

Somebody Made A Star Trek Mistake – But Did They Spoil The Villain Mystery?

Something went wrong – the question is how and why it went wrong in the way it did.

Star Trek Into Darkness Superbowl Spot

“I am better.” “At what?” “At everything.”

Tickets Now On Sale For Early IMAX Screenings Of Star Trek Into Darkness

These things are going to sell out fast, I think.

Star Trek Into Darkness Talking Heads Featurette

Featuring heads, talking.

Star Trek Villain Spoiler? Is This Benedict Cumberbatch’s Character Introducing Himself By Name – His Real Name?

I like this. The pieces seem to fit together pretty well.

J J Abrams Has Officially Turned Down Star Wars Episode VII

Lucasfilm went to Abrams with the Star Wars VII job.

Star Trek Into Darkness New Pics And Details – Monday Trending Topics

Star Trek Into Darkness new pics and a bit of plot info takes us into the holiday:┬áThe last issue of Empire magazine for 2012 is to be a 2013 preview, as you might expect, and so it follows that Star …

Four New Star Trek Into Darkness Images, New Plot Details

John Harrison is so in fashion. Two separate movie fashions.

Star Trek Into Darkness Blurb Is Tweaked To Reveal Cumberbatch’s Villain Isn’t Acting Alone

John Harrison, or whatever his name is, isn’t all alone in this.