Marvel Spoils Fantastic Four #600 In National News. SPOILERS Obviously.

In an arranged news release with the Associated Press, and as Bleeding Cool warned you, Marvel Comics has released news concerning the contents of Fantastic Four #600. Althoigh, in a twist from form, they have released the spoiler for the Wednesday of release, rather than the Monday before…

It has been picked up by CBS News, the Seattle PI, NPR and the Washington Post and is likely to spread out across all known news media. If you would like a surprise, Bleeding Cool recommends you turn off the internet now.

Naturally, Bleeding Cool will be running a piece later today, which will be also be spoiler warninged up the wazoo. We’re not interested in accidentally spoiling the issue for you, so we look forward to you coming to us after you’ve read the comic in question.

Good luck.


Even the Associated Press take a more languine, long term view of the news that Fantastic Four #600 will see the return of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch to the book.

“Death is no stranger to the Fantastic Four. Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, supposedly died, but that was just a ruse. Similarly, her husband, Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, was thought to be dead after being caught in a blast with his archenemy, Dr. Doom. Instead of death, however, Richards and his nemesis were snatched away to another dimension.”

And has Tom Brevoort letting us know that;

“Yes, he did die. He died a couple of times,” Brevoort said, adding that writer Jonathan Hickman had outlined the plans for a return months ago so readers won’t “feel cheated or disappointed in the slightest.”

Yeah, Tom, you know comic book readers. They alwasy feel cheated and disappointed. Otherwise they wouldn’t have any fun!

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