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The Scottish Sun Splashes With Doctor Who Spoilers

Bleeding Cool has chosen not to run spoilers based on the first five scripts of the new series of Doctor Who after we broke that story out on Monday. Basically because I have chosen not to read them – though …

The Betrayal Of Batman Eternal (SPOILERS)

Coming out of the retailer sessions with DC Comics ahead of Emerald City Comic Con are a few interesting pointers. Might be worth a spoiler warning, though it’s probably the kind of thing they’ll be talking about at ECCC. One …

The Deception Of Today’s Superior Spider-Man #30 – Trying Not To Spoil It

There is something you need to remember when reading today’s Superior Spider-Man. That you are getting the entire Black Widow #1 free in the back. But you might forget, get distracted by the heft in your hand and begin thinking …

There Are Spoilers In Superior Spider-Man #29. SPOILER UPDATE x2

Please avoid spoilers and sneak peeks of next week’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #29. Trust me. You’ll enjoy it more when you read it in the book. — Dan Slott (@DanSlott) March 6, 2014 Dan Slott Protocols are in force for today’s …

The Biggest Judge Dredd Spoiler You Could Possibly Read Today (FINAL PAGE SPOILER)

Here is a request. Below will be a major spoiler for the new Judge Dredd Megazine. The monthly hard sci-fi comic anthology featuring the mighty law giver of Mega City One in his continuing real time adventures. If you are …

Two Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cameos Spoiled With New Footage

It does look like fun. I hope it is.

Carl? Carl? Carl? (Walking Dead #120 Spoilers)

He’s had an eye and part of his head blown away. He’s lost his mother. He’s begun to lose himself. Carl, child made to grow up before his time by the world around them, the world of The Walking Dead. …

SPOILERS: Leaked X-Men: Days Of Future Past Script Excerpts – UPDATE: TOO LATE

VERY SPOILER-FILLED details about the film contained within. Proceed at own risk.

Spoiler Rumour: Two Big Cameos Set For 22 Jump Street

Consider this story your warning to look away.

DC Collectibles Spoiler Alert

DC Collectibles is getting into the holiday spirit by teasing fans. The below image was posted on the DC Comics website and is a “heavily redacted” close-up shot a new collectible. They don’t specify if it’s a statue or action figure. …

The First Appearance Of The New Teenage Muslim Jersey Girl Ms Marvel – Is In Today’s Captain Marvel #17

Captain Marvel #17 has been relatively ordered on the low side. The fuss about the new teenage Muslim Jersey girl Ms Marvel has been rather on the high side. Comic collectors are welcome to do the maths, because the new …

Identity Of Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers Accidentally Leaked (SPOILERS)

CB Cebulski of Marvel is planning a portfolio review at the Festo Comic Con in Mexico. And Marvel and the show have made a downloadable script of Mighty Avengers #1 available for people to create some sample art to be …

A Possible Superior Spider-Man Spoiler?

At New York Comic Con, Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott was insistent, repeatedly interrupting any questioner asking about Peter Parker with a loud “He’s Dead!” to repeated amusement and an emerging response from questioners through the show, “I’m glad he’s …

So, Yes, More On That Justice League #22 Rumour That Will Tear The Internet Apart. Spoilers, Obviously.

You know. The one with big massive spoilers we first hypothesised at the weekend and suddenly got it all firmed up yesterday that will make certain comic fans tear their hair out at the roots (if they have any left …

New Facebook Page Set Up To Help You Spoil Movies For Your “Friends”, Already Doing It Wrong

If you’re going to make it easy for people to spread spoilers about, wouldn’t you want your quality of spoiler to be better than this?

This Week In Doctor Who Spoilers

A few new Doctor Who rumours have come along this week, some others have been repeated and others still have been fully confirmed.

The Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Mystery Is About To Be Solved – But Do You Want To Know?

Do you really want to know if John Harrison is an alias for Khan, or Robert April, or a time travelling Jean-Luc Picard?

Sherlock Series 3 Gets A Surprise – And Very, Very Spoilery – Guest Star

The paparazzi have come up with a real oddity this time. In these images – which qualify as pretty big spoilers – you’ll see a special guest star that comes right out of left field.