Rodent Reaction - And A Little Unspinning

mickey So what’s everyone saying?

CB Cebulski: This is all very new to us, folks. We have answers to general questions for now. Nothing specific yet though.

Jason Woods: for once (and probably just this once) I feel like I know what’s happening with Marvel more than you ;)

Gail Simone: I have dealt with Disney several times in the last couple years. I think this will probably be a good thing for Marvel and comics.

Joe Quesada: It feels like Christmas morning. Jen Grunwald. They’re not evil! I’ve always liked them…but we’ll see what they do to us…

CB CEbulski: Not much more I can say right now. More info coming soon. We’re told it’s like when Disney bought Pixar… everything Marvel stays as is. .

Frank Tieri: Yeah, Disney’s gonna love me. .

Joe Quesada: LOL! .

Philip Tan: Disney bought Marvel! Big news! Huge deal! It’s-… Oh yeah… i work for the other fun company :p back to my deadline… more coffee needed

Jamie McKelvie: All theme parks are rubbish. There, I said it.

Steve Wacker: Deadpool is now called Alivepool.

Dan Slott: Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. Hey, it could happen. :) That’s my one-and-only comment. Back to work…

Jeff Lemire: Wow Disney just bought Marvel!

John Reppion: Okay, shut up about the Marvel/Disney thing now. It will most likely make no difference to anything whatsoever.

Steve Wacker: Not sure why but I have four fingers.

Kevin Smith: ’nuff spent! Marvel, like their Distinguised Competition, is now owned by a corporate juggernaut.

Warren Ellis: so I got this phone call from Joe Quesada and it was just the sound of him rubbing himself with money and now I am confused.

Brian Lynch: First Disney/Marvel collaboration: Hannah Montana refuses to reveal secret identity, goes to war with Iron Man. Iron Man wins easily.

Kieron Gillen: I wish someone would buy *my* portfolio for 4 billion :(

Andy Diggle: Nick Happy and his Yodeling Commandos

Chip Zdarsky: Finally: Donald the Duck. .

Skottie Young: Just got a call from Marvel, things are good and getting even better. Stop worrying, go create and let’s make some comics! .

Ivan Brandon: “my main concern is that my checks still have spider-man on them.” That was my first question this morning. They will. :)

CB Cebulski: And to think I was supposed to be spending today getting caught up on e-mails from last week. >sigh<

I know the feeling CB, there’s a barbeque going on outside and all the sausages have gone already. And the West Coast haven’t properly woken up yet either. The Marvel spin is that nothing has changed, everything is the same, we all just keep writing and drawing as we did before, la la la la la. Quesada used the Disney/Pixar model as a guide. Well, despite a much better relationship than the companies had under their first run together, with a great degree of autonomy for Pixar, there are some restrictions over content due to Disney’s ownership. Nothing major, most people will never be affected by them, but they’re there. So don’t expect an Obama Assassination comic, even from MAX, any day soon. Of course, you may never have expected one. Shame, because I’ve got this great script…

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