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License To Kill It: Licensed Games That Do It Right

By Jared Cornelius My article about licensing in games actually made me sad.  When I got my thoughts together on the topic, hundreds of titles came to mind that never lived up to their potential.  Good franchises with rich lush …

Brad Bird Has Told Samuel L. Jackson That Frozone Is Part Of The Incredibles 2

And “I’m just looking forward to seeing what Jack-Jack turned into,” says Jackson.

A Modest Proposal: Marvel, Sony and Fox Need to Share IP

By Tony Panaccio It’s a Big Sandbox, People – If You Play Nice, You’ll ALL Make Billions There is one word – one ridiculous word – that Marvel cannot use in any of its self-produced films within its cinematic universe. …

Five Things The Incredibles 2 Should Do To Be An Even Bigger Smash Hit

By Mike Federali I’m a huge fan of The Incredibles. In my humble opinion it’s one of the top superhero movies of all time. So news of The Incredibles 2 finally happening got my brain going in a thousand directions. …

Disney And Pixar Announce The Incredibles 2 And Cars 3‏ – UPDATED

This is going to make a lot of people very happy.

A New Look At Hiro And Baymax From Disney’s Animated Marvel Comic Adaptation, Big Hero 6

This is the protagonist and his robot surrogate brother. We could be some way out from finished animation images of the characters but these peeks at promotional materials will keep me interested in the meantime.

New Trailer For Maleficent Sells It On The Disney Legacy, And I Guess I Would Too

I hope this comes off. Even if it doesn’t, we can all just run back to Sleeping Beauty anyway.

Figment! A New Marvel Comic From Jim Zub And Felipe Andre With Disney Kingdoms/Imagineers/Marvel

Coming from Jim Zub and Felipe Andre, in association with Disney Kingdoms and Walt Disney Imagineers, comes a new Marvel comic based on the Figment character from Walt Disney theme parks. If the tune is not in your head, here …

Contrast And Compare The Two Classic Mickey Mouse Designs With Disney Animator Eric Goldberg‏

Disney seem to be ramping up promotions for their semi-retro short Get A Horse right now.

Two Trailers From Star Wars Rebels With Actual Footage, Highlighting Some Of The Lead Characters

The first of these is the “spark” trailer, and then there’s the “ignite” one. You won’t miss the messaging.

The Frozen Stage Musical Seems To Be Coming On Nicely – Disney Have Launched An Official Site

The latest we heard on the show is that it is going to happen and it will be on Broadway.

Disney’s CEO: “Frozen Has Real Franchise Potential”

Bob Iger has promised new content and “continued interest” for “quite a while.”

The Music Inspired By Scrooge McDuck – And Don Rosa

Tuomas Holopainen, of Nightwish has completed a solo album based on “The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck” by Don Rosa, created with Rosa’s co-operation and participation, creating the cover above. You can read more about the production here, but …

All New Footage For Disney’s Super Bowl Special Promo For Frozen

Here’s some especially created animation, a little promo for Frozen on Super Bowl Sunday.

Disney Planning A Live Action Chip ‘n Dale Movie And It’s Going To Be Rescue Rangers Flavoured

I certainly enjoyed the Chip ‘n Dale shorts I’ve seen but I’ll have to admit, their late 80s TV revival with Rescue Rangers passed me by.

Rumour: Pixar Making A Star Wars Movie

I do believe somebody has gotten ahold of the wrong end of the stick.

From Horse to Mouse – Speculating the Star Wars Comics Transfer

By Brandon Rucker We all knew it was inevitable even before the ink dried on the contract that turned over ownership of LucasFilm (and subsidiaries) to Disney, the House of Mouse that also owns Marvel Entertainment/Studios/Comics from a previous acquisition some four-plus years ago. …

Construction Updates On Avatar And Harry Potter Theme Park Attractions

Diagon Valley and Na’vi populated new themed attractions are coming to a Florida theme park near you.