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Tim Kring Talks Heroes: Reborn

Tim Kring, creator of the series Heroes, talked with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming Heroes: Reborn mini-series. The series will be post season 4 and will pick up on a few threads that where left out. It contains some of …

If Anyone Is The Star Of Star Trek, It’s Spock – And Here’s Why

Michael Moran will tell you why Spock shines brightest in the Star Trek universe.

New Star Trek TV Spot And Spock Poster

Vulcan goes volcano, and Carol Marcus talks.

Star Trek Into Darkness – Impressions From The New 30 Minute Super-Teaser

Michael Moran has seen the first half-hour of JJ Abrams’s Star Trek sequel. He was too excited to make much sense, but this is what we got out of him…

Star Trek Into Darkness – Longer Theatrical Teaser Trailer, New Footage

It’s a different beast to the original online-only teaser.

First Image Of Alice Eve On The Star Trek Sequel – Does This Clue Tell You Who She’s Playing?

I think we can assume that Alice Eve won’t be playing a Klingon in the new Star Trek. Here she is, half out of her flight suit uniform and featuring a typically smooth forehead. But that suit is the interesting …

Star Trek Spock Photo Shows Off His “Volcano Suit”

It’s getting hot in herre. Apparently. This image of Spock comes courtesy of On Location News, as quoted by MTV. Looks like fun. For five minutes. The image came with a blurb: After first rehearsing the scene with a Spok …

Star Trek Set Video Shows Cumberbatch And Quinto In Action

You’ll get a good idea of some Star Trek sequel fight choreography from this paparazzi video, but I suggest listening with the volume down. Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Of Star Trek 2 by splashnews Who on Earth did they think …

Star Trek Set Pictures: Cumberbatch, Spock, Uhura And The Shape Of A Monster… Thing

In case you might consider the following images and information to be spoilers, let’s start with the big warning sign. Turn back now, cowards.

Star Trek 2 Won’t Be Called Star Trek 2, So Let’s Play The Naming Game

Star Trek star Zoe Saldana has revealed that she’s super-excited about JJ Abrams‘ forthcoming sequel to Star Trek, which will begin shooting in mid-January. She’s also said that she’s super-excited about Zachary Quinto coming out of the closet, as are …