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Video: Disney’s Hand-Drawn Test Version Of Wreck-It Ralph

It seems that Nick Ranieri, a veteran of almost 25 years at Walt Disney Animation Studios, has decided to mark the end of his employment with a treat for fans.

Video: Disney’s Hand-Drawn Animation Test For Wreck It Ralph

Though you’d think it was a pretty obvious candidate for CG right from the beginning, it seems like Disney did tests to see how Wreck-It Ralph would benefit from hand-drawn animation.

Video: Wreck-It Ralph’s Official, 28-Minute Live Action Spin-Off, Plus Bonus “Day In The Life” Clip

Like King of Kong but with Fix it Felix. And funny. And sometimes weird and creepy.

Two Deleted Scenes From Wreck-It Ralph Plus The Whole Thing Remade In Sixty Seconds Of Live Action

Vanellope’s grown up a bit. Also: two scenes featuring EZ Livin’ 2, the Sims-style game that didn’t make the final cut.

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Star Wars, BAFTA, Wreck-It Ralph, Hitchcock, I Give It A Year, Ruby Sparks And More

Jason Staveley and Brendon Connelly talk about movies. Finally. Includes a run down of the Superbowl trailers.

When Bleeding Cool Met Rich Moore To Discuss Wreck-It Ralph

The director of new-new-golden age Disney and older-golden age Simpsons talks about Wreck-It Ralph.

When Bleeding Cool Met Sarah Silverman To Discuss Wreck-It Ralph

On the politics, or lack thereof, of Wreck-It Ralph.

Disney’s Incredible Short Film Paperman – Now Online In Full, Legally

A pioneering animation, sure. But also a very sweet and charming one with a couple of good chuckles too.

BC Mag #2: The Wreck-It Ralph Animation Masterclass

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Brendon Connelly In Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, runaway bad guy Ralph hops between the games in Litwak’s arcade, skipping from 8-bit beginnings to 90s-style cartoon Karts, and on to the cutting edge HD of an in-your-face …

Listen To Christophe Beck’s Entire Score For Paperman

I can’t show you Paperman, but I can put it in your ears.

Exclusive: Hand Drawn, CG And Something Paperman-Like In Future Of Disney Animation

There’s a little bit of everything coming our way from Disney.

The Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Ideas That Director Rich Moore Is Working On

Some ideas for the possible sequel to the best videogame movie of all time.

The Hero’s Duty Shoot ‘Em Up Ad From Wreck-It Ralph

Bonus: childish poop pun.

New Bad Guys Clip From Wreck-It Ralph Tells Us To Take It One Game At A Time

Because sometimes a job is for life. All of your lives, in fact.

Second Wreck-It Ralph Retro Ad Takes Us On To The 16-Bit Era

I’d play the heck out of Sugar Rush Speedway.

Clip: Check Out Wreck-It Ralph’s FPS, Hero’s Duty

$2 per game? I remember when these things cost a dime a pop. Back when I was the ‘right’ age for them.

Retrogamers Rejoice At This 80s-Style Commercial For Wreck-It Ralph

Makes me want to drop some dimes.

New UK Trailer For Wreck-It Ralph

I’m still working on a nice little Wreck-It Ralph story for you. Sorry for the delay. In the meantime, here’s a new trailer cut for the UK – which appears to mean the UK like a little more story line, …