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Ch-Ch-Changes – Earth 2 World’s End And Axisness

A few changes ‘twixt solicitation and publication that may be of note…. Danny Miki appears to be joining the credits for the upcoming DC weekly Earth 2 Worlds End according to the cover… But that’s not Andrew Hope apparently. Any …

TOLDJA: Third DC Weekly To Be Earth 2: World’s End

As Bleeding Cool told you back in January, DC Comics are publishing a new weekly series set in the alternative universe of Earth 2. And back last June, we told you that a planned Earth 2 second series with the …

Simon Pegg’s Finger Moves On…

Ha ha, Simon Pegg, ha ha. From Los Angeles… Everyone’s gone to see World’s End, right?

Patrick Vs The World’s End – Afterwards They Will Explode

We spent a fair bit of time speaking with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright at San Diego Comic Con. Here’s the first of our reports.

Patrick Vs Comic Con – The World’s End – Afterwards They Will Explode

Patrick Willems continues his journey to San Diego Comic Con, and this time gets to see The World’s End and shake Edgar Wright by the hand as he promises himself he would. But how? Here’s how. Catch his previous episodes …

The Hunt For World’s End At San Diego Comic Con – Afterwards They Will Explode

Patrick Willems continues his video coverage of San Diego Comic Con (after a quick break for his epic Breaking Bad Jr video) – this time is was collecting the required cards to get into the screening… You can see the …

Who Wants To See The World’s End For Free? (UPDATE)

So we have a prize. To see the World’s End. Out in the US on the 23rd August, Canada last week on the 6th August and the UK back in the 19th July. Here’s what’s on offer. $50 Visa gift …

The Annotated, Illustrated Screenplay For Shaun Of The Dead

I’d recommend going into full screen mode for this.

New World’s End Promo Profiles Director Edgar Wright

So, okay, we know this chap’s name and he’s got a fanclub of the likes we rarely see in Blighty, but what’s so special about Edgar Wright anyway?

There’s A Lot Of Human Vs. Robot Violence In This World’s End TV Spot

This features some new footage, and if you pause it in the right place, you’ll see some extremely busted up robothings. Ouch.

Vue Cinemas Showing The Cornetto Trilogy Back To Back

“It seems worth pointing out that this comes with a free Cornetto” – Edgar Wright

Six Character Posters For Edgar Wright’s The Worlds End

From The Trusty Servant to The Lion Heart by way of a Famous Cock and Intrepid Fox.

Not Live Blog: Edgar Wright And The World’s End Panel At MCM London Comic-Con

…and there were conversations about Star Wars and Ant Man. Sort of. But not quite.

Second, Longer Trailer For Edgar Wright And Simon Pegg’s The World’s End

The conclusion of the Cornetto trilogy.

Easter Eggs, Hints And Mysteries – A Close Look At The First Trailer For Wright And Pegg’s The World’s End

Picking over the first trailer for The World’s End, shot by shot. There’s an awful lot more in here than might first meet the eye.

New Poster For The World’s End – Five Guys, Rosamund Pike, Beer And Furniture Against The Apocalypse

Is there a hint in this new poster for Edgar Wright’s The World’s End that, like a hopsy cross between The Faculty and The War of the Worlds, beer will be our defense against the apocalypse?

Edgar Wright To Make A World’s End Appearance At MCM London Comic-Con

One of the summer’s better looking prospects will be stopping off in the docklands next weekend.

First Trailer For Edgar Wright’s The World’s End With Pegg And Frost

The conclusion to the Shaun of the Dead-Hot Fuzz-World’s End Three Flavours Trilogy.