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Casting Roundup: Leonardo Dicaprio Becomes President, Kelsey Grammer Becomes Expendable

Leonardo Dicaprio still dreams of Oscar, Aaron Eckhart gives exorcism a shot and Kelsey Grammer is the latest Expendable in today’s roundup. • Remember how loose canon, crazy-eyed Nicolas Cage was courted for The Expendables 3? Well, he passed and …

The Future Of The Marvel Universe Has A Black Republican American President

In the new issue of Daredevil: End Of Days out today, Ben Urich trudges the streets of a future Marvel Universe looking into the death of Dafredevil, in a clear tribute to Citizen Kane. And we see Time Square wth a very commercialised superhero landscape.

Alexander Payne To Direct Movie Of Daniel Clowes’ Wilson

Daniel Clowes Wilson is one of my favourite comics in a long time (available via Amazon in the UK and US right now). It observes its title character, a rather alienated divorcee, as he struggles to relate to the people …