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Trekkers And Shatner Snubbed by SETI

The SETI Institute announced today that the two smallest moons of Pluto will be named Styx and Kerberos. Shatner isn’t happy.

It’s Time To Sit Down With Shatner

Captain Kirk talks to Bleeding Cool, Big Willie style.

Alex Ross Paints The Box For A Somewhat Smaller Replica Of The Starship Enterprise

At the weekend, we were talking about a life-size replica of the Starship Enterprise that was so very, nearly, almost, just about built in Las Vegas in the 90s. Now for its little cousin. Polar Lights are to issue a …

Kirk Vs. Kirk – Shatner And Pine Arm Wrestle

Rich seems to have taken to ending each day’s posting with something a bit lighter, a relative “skateboarding dog”, if you will. Okay. I can do that. So here’s a picture of William Shatner and Chris Pine, the two Captain …

$#*! My Dad Says Gets Operating Instructions For The Slow

This Thursday evening, $#*! My Dad Says premieres on CBS. That’s the one based on the Twitter thing with Captain Kirk in it (though, really, the original Morris Buttermaker was the ideal casting, RIP). Maybe you just thought “Oh, good! …