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A quick flick through a few of this week’s comics, in the most popular regular column on Bleeding Cool, X Thoughts About X Comics. Get in touch if you want your comic book featured…   From Uber #8, Joe Stalin …

Cover Variance: Marvel Confirms A Little Douglock Action In All New X-Factor #1

Marvel Comics has given CBR a whole bunch of lovely new variant covers. Including some from Skottie Young. Including this for All New X-Factor. I guess this is a lock now? A Douglock?  

The Full Line-Up For All-New X-Factor #1

Courtesy of jmc247 from the CBR forums and a trusty scanner, from the new Marvel Previews catalogue, the variant cover for the All-New X-Factor #1 reveals the full line up.

Grimm: The Warlock, The TV Spinoff By Jai Nitz And José Malaga

Grimm: The Warlock is a new comic book mini-series from Dynamite, spinning off their  NBCUniversal licence for the TV show, written by Jai Nitz and drawn by José Malaga, launching in December. Announced at Baltimore Comic Con, The Warlock focuses …

When Rob Liefeld Drew Warlock As The Batmobile

Rob Liefeld has been sharing the art he did for a fill-in issue on New Mutants before he became the penciller on the title, which was fully pencilled and inked but never published. In which he draws New Mutant character Warlock as …