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Essential 8 Thor Comics – Hammers, Beards, Dragon-Punching and the Best of Baddest Asgardian

By Erik Grove My name is spelled weird. If you look right up there where it says “By…” you’ll see it. Most Eriks spell the name with a “c” and most people writing my name misspell it. Close relatives have …

Monkeybrain Leads The Way from Digital to Print—IDW’s Big Panel at Baltimore Comic Con

IDW hosted a grand total of 9 comic creators to talk about upcoming work on their “big panel” at Baltimore Comic Con, and the atmosphere suggested that a turn toward the creator owned was part of the proliferation of quite …

When Walter Simonson Tweets The Hulk

Walter Simonson has been tweeting panels and pages in pencil and ink from his upcoming run on Indestructable Hulk with Mark Waid…. have a peek.

Walter Simonson Joins Mark Waid On Hulk… And Thor Too?

  Walter Simonson will be drawing Mark Waid‘s Hulk in April, and it looks like he is struggling with certain Mjlonir. Courtesy of iFanboy who got the image from Marvel PR. Could this be where recent tweeted pics from Simonson …

Jim Starlin And Walter Simonson Show Off Their Helmets

Jim Starlin just posted on Facebook; This helmet looks like it may play a part in the new series I’m writing for DC Comics. Could that be a little Vigilante? Walter Simonson has also tweetedAny more for any more?  

Everybody Stop And Look At Walter Simonson’s Artwork For Avengers #25

As you were.