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How Did Jimmy McGill Become Saul Goodman?

How did Jimmy McGill become Saul Goodman? Better Call Saul creators Vince Giligan and Peter Gould talk the origins of their new series title character in this teaser clip.

AMC Teases Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul

In what may be one of the shortest teasers of all time… AMC released this video for the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. The network also announced the series will premier in February 2015 (pushed back from this …

Breaking Bad Spin-Off Better Call Saul Already Has A Second Series Booked, And Here’s The First Image

Production is underway just now on the pilot episode of Better Call Saul and AMC have decided to announce a second series pick up. That’s confidence. Perhaps it has something to do with having to get commitments out of the …

Josh Duhamel To Star Opposite Dean Winters On Vince Gilligan And David Shore’s Battle Creek Series

CBS’ new series Battle Creek, from Vince Gilligan and David Shore, is about a pair of crime solvers (sounds familiar) and now it’s got its two leading men locked in.

Bryan Singer To Direct Pilot Of Vince Gilligan And David Shore’s Battle Creek Series

The show has already been picked up straight to series for 13 episodes so we should see it on CBS’ fall schedule.

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan To Make Acting Debut On Community

What do you do after delivering one of the best shows that’s ever aired on TV? Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan is giving acting a shot, setting a guest star role on this season’s Community.

You Can Expect To See Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul In Breaking Bad Spin-Off, Better Call Saul

The basic shape of Better Call Saul is starting to take focus around its Bob Oedenkirk-shaped nucleus.

Breaking Bad Prequel Gets The Go-Ahead – Better Call Saul Is Coming

It’s real. And I’m a little bit surprised.

Complete Breaking Bad Blu-Ray Set To Come In Fancy Packaging With Extra Bits And Pieces

It’s not cheap but it’s flash looking and I reckon a bunch of hardcore fans will go for it right away.

New Breaking Bad Is Easily Available In Many Countries But Is Still Being Illegally Downloaded

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Trailer For The Final Run Of Breaking Bad Episodes – “What Are You Going To Stop Me?”

There are only eight episodes left.

Breaking Bad Recap Video Highlights How Far We’ve Come

Watch four and a half seasons of Breaking Bad in less than three minutes.

All Bad Things Must Come To An End – Poster And Ten Second Promo For Breaking Bad’s Final Episodes

AMC have started their PR roll out for the last block of eight Breaking Bad episodes.

Breaking Bad Spin-Off With Saul Goodman In The Works

A criminal lawyer, history suggests, is well suited for a procedural show. That’d be a phase or two away from Breaking Bad.

The Ending Of Breaking Bad Might Echo The Beginning And Have A Casablanca Vibe, Is Definitely Proving Hard To Write

Vince Gilligan is trying hard to make the end of Breaking Bad work as well as possible.

The Science Of Breaking Bad To Get Tested By The Mythbusters

Dissolving a body in a bath tub of acid and more.