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For What It’s Worth, We Reported That Brian K. Vaughan Was Leaving Under The Dome A Couple Of Weeks Ago

On May 27th, Rich ran the headline: Brian K Vaughan Leaves Under The Dome For Comics – And *That* Saga #19 Beginning And End Today, The Hollywood Reporter ran the headline: ‘Under the Dome’ EP Brian K. Vaughan Exits (Exclusive) …

Brian K Vaughan Leaves Under The Dome For Comics – And *That* Saga #19 Beginning And End

Brian K Vaughan has a new issue of Saga out, the first in three months. He has a new Private Eye out, with a collection of the previous five issues. Then there’s a new season of Under The Dome… but …

First Photo From Under The Dome Season 2 Premiere

The series’ plot points have already strayed pretty far from King’s original novel, but the author himself penned the season 2 premiere episode.

Video: Under The Dome Season 2 Begins Production With Stephen King “Tweeting” From Set

Here he is “tweeting” and getting great WiFi on his typewriter. Who needs all that new-fangled technology?

Swipe File: Damian Hirst And Under The Dome

One of the sections of Mother And Child Divided by Damian Hirst. From the pilot episode of Under The Dome. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, …

Under the Dome Renewed For A Second Season, Stephen King To Write The First Episode

The residents of Chester’s Mill are going to be stuck for a fair bit longer.

The Cow Gets It In Super-Short, Gory Clip From Under The Dome

I’m guessing that the editing of Under the Dome will afford multiple points of view of the moment the dome appears. Or maybe not. Maybe this is our only look

A New Under The Dome Preview Is Streaming Now… For Prime People, Anyway

First there wasn’t a dome. Then there was. Then people started acting… well, like people. Idiots.

One Minute Trailer For Under The Dome

This is the longest preview we’ve had so far, though some of the footage is familiar.

Divided We Stand – New Trailer For Under The Dome Tells A Personal Tragedy

I’m fascinated by these little promo clips from Under the Dome we’ve been seeing. There’s a lot of potential in this one, and it reads pretty clearly in visual terms.

New Under The Dome Promo Gets Up Close And Personal With The Invisible Barrier

Moore footage from the CBS Summer series based upon Stephen King’s big ol’ potboiler. This time there’s some interaction with the dome itself.

Under The Dome Trailer – This Time, With Actual Footage

After some early teases for Under the Dome, we finally get to see some footage. And it does look rather good.

New Trailer For Stephen King’s Under The Dome, TV Style

Check out Brian K. Vaughan and Stephen King’s riff on that classic Simpsons movie plot line.

Under The Dome Set Video – Cows Chopped In Half, Planes Up In Flames

Yep, they do half-cows on network TV now, you know. I guess Damien Hurst took the curse off it.

Under The Dome Superbowl Spot

There’s no footage to show us as yet so the Superbowl promo for the Under the Dome TV show took a different approach…

Under The Dome On TV Will Be Bigger Than The Novel And Gory Too

Pacemakers will explode and cows will be severed.

Under The Dome To Premiere June 24th, Will Have Superbowl Ads

Like The Simpsons Movie but live action-ier.

Under The Dome TV Adaptation Dropped By Showtime And Picked Up By CBS For Next Summer

They’re still under there.