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Dedicated Discussions – Ubisoft Gets Its Groove On At E3 2014

By Dan Celko The Dedicated Server is a YouTube news show here to keep you informed about gaming, talk about the implications for related fandoms, and to have fun doing it. Feel free to check out our channel and subscribe …

Shop Front Sales – EA And Ubisoft Highlights At E3

By Phil Harris Nestled amongst the three console press conferences, Ubisoft and EA, take a chance to show their wares and its always worth picking out some of the highlights from E3. Every year EA Sports wheels out the latest …

Live(ish) From The Games Shop – Mario Kart 8, Watchdogs, Sly Cooper Collection Vita, The Forest, Saint Row The 3rd FREE!

By Jared Cornelius Well we made it the finish line everybody, May’s almost over and arguably the biggest releases of the month are out this week.  Our games in today’s line up, include the 8th iteration of “The” kart racing series, an open …

First Person Boredom – Sick Of Multiplayer Shooters?

By Jared Cornelius So this week, the Wolfenstein series gets a reboot courtesy of Bethesda Softworks and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s not because I’m a huge Wolfenstein fan, or I’m starved for content, it’s because Wolfenstein is a single …

Next-Gen Gaming Watch: April Edition – Scott Pilgrim, Kinect Sports Rivals, Lego: The Hobbit, Final Fantasy XIV And More

By Sage Ashford Ah, and now we come to the first month of Spring.  Gamers looking for the typical, big budget AAA titles may find themselves wanting a bit, but there are still quite a few games for PS4, XBox …

First Impressions of Ubisoft’s Mighty Quest For Epic Loot : Building Fun, Raiding Quality

By Etienne Dubuc Free-to-play is clearly the economic model the video game industry has going on these days. While the biggest successes have come from those who were at the time lesser known company like Zynga and Riot, the major …

Assassin’s Creed: Brahman Graphic Novel With Karl Kerschl, Cameron Stewart And Brendan Fletcher Scheduled For February

It was announced at San Diego Comic Con as coming out this autumn, but it looks as if its slipped a little until February. Assassin’s Creed: Brahman by Karl Kerschl, Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher and more is an original graphic …

Scott Frank Rewriting Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed Movie

This is a very good thing as Frank is a very strong writer.

Will The Assasin’s Creed, Watch Dogs And Far Cry Films Build A Marvel-Style Universe?

It seems that Ubisoft’s big video game series are coming together in a shared universe. Is this prep work for the upcoming film adaptations?

Ubisoft Planning Far Cry, Watch Dogs And Rabbids Feature Films

Ubisoft Motion Pictures are ready to start development on their second wave of films. That’s before even a single clapperboard has been… er… clapped on the set of the first slate.

Trailer: Ubisoft Announce Rabbids Invasion, A TV Show That You Can Actually Play?

“The way that we entertain is about to completely change.”

Alex Ross’ Cover For Watch_Dogs

Watch_Dogs is a new supervillain game set in Chicago from Ubisoft,. Chicago resident Alex Ross designed the cover. He told Forbes; I went downtown to a photographic area that would position both the Sears Tower as well as the elevated …

Ghost Recon Movie Also In The Works At Ubisoft

Ubisoft line up their third big film franchise.