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The Bear Gets It In New Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes TV Spot

There’s a remarkable moment with a bear in this trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. it not only introduces a new colour to the logistics of life on Earth in a post-virus future, it ruffles up some …

New Promo For Mrs. Brown’s Boys, D’Movie

What better way to celebrate Bleeding Cool’s fifth birthday than… with… a TV spot… for… Oh. Dear. As you’ll have noticed, this film appears to have a big choreographed number in it, likely with singing. That’s new. That’s something I …

First TV Spot For Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Leaves The Hairless Ones Out Of It

The next line of dialogue is probably something like “Yeah, but they do need bananas” and then the whole film is about a war for fruit. Maybe. Or probably not.

Video: The Muppets Go To The Drive Through

Including a brilliant, lovestruck reaction from Rowlf.

The Lego Movie’s Irreverent, Eccentric Super Bowl Promo

Well, I’ve called it a Super Bowl promo in the headline. Maybe I should have said Puppy Bowl.

All New Footage For Disney’s Super Bowl Special Promo For Frozen

Here’s some especially created animation, a little promo for Frozen on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl TV Spot For Darren Aronofsky’s Noah

Yes, I think those were angels.

Two More Lego Movie Promos – One With Green Lantern, One Working The Superman Angle

Well played, Warner Bros.

The Muppets And Terry Crews’ Full Superbowl Car Ad – No Room For Boring

A fantastic combination, and you won’t have to endure a single touchdown to see it.

New UK Promo For The Robocop Reboot

I’m looking forward to Robocop a great deal for two major reasons: Elite Squad and Elite Squad: The Enemy Within.

Superman Finally Gets Something To Say In The New Lego Movie TV Spot

So far it’s been all Batman, Batman, Batman but Channing Tatum’s take on Superman finally gets a chance to be funny in this latest TV spot for The Lego Movie.

Another Great Muppets Most Wanted TV Spot, This One Gunning For Awards Season Fuss And Bad Social Media Behaviour

More fake tweets and fresh footage from the Muppets. Cheeky bleeders.

This Promo For The Lego Movie Is Built Out Of New Gags

I said Built! And it’s about Lego! Built! Lego! BUILT! (Man, when you really look at it, “built” is such a strange word)

A Fun Trailer For The Oscars – Written And Directed By Paul Feig, Starring Ellen DeGeneres

This is a rather nice promo for next year’s Oscars ceremony that trades nicely on Ellen’s persona and that special, not-quite-real backlot feeling.

Watch: Martin Scorsese’s Short Film Advert Thing With Scarlett Johansson And Matthew McConaughey

Kicking off with an echo of Once Upon a Time in America…

New Frozen TV Spot Plays On Hallowe’en For Scares And Goofiness

Tonight’s the night that Toy Story of TERROR! will premiere on ABC, bringing back the Andy’s Room gang – sorry Bonnie – for their first TV special.

Video: Ron Burgundy Flogging Cars To Promote The New Anchorman Movie

We’re interested, really, because it gives Ron Burgundy another chance to do his thing.

Watch: Michel Gondry’s New Commercial, With Special Soundtrack Composed By LCD Soundsystem’s Phil Mossman

I actually bought some products by this advertiser last night. I guess the ad works so well it sends its influence back through time.