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John Woo Starts Shooting “The Chinese Titanic” Next Month

Perhaps Woo will trump James Cameron and actually nail the love story stuff too.

Patrick Dane’s Top 5 Films of 2012

Brendon’s whipping boy is given a soapbox to share his favourites. It’s the least we could do.

Billy Zane’s Interesting, Unexpected And Individual Comments On 3D, In Titanic And Beyond

Anybody else fancy The Third Man in 3D? Anyone?

Monday Trending Topics: Titanic Footage Surfaces

There was a boatload of people gawking at this one a few hours ago:  For the purposes of this test, Jack is being played by Jeremy Sisto, latterly of May and Law & Order. You’ll barely notice he’s there though …

Video: Kate Winslet’s Original Titanic Screen Test

Kate Winslet and Jeremy Sisto look at rude pictures and talk about souls. Sort of.

Video: James Cameron On “The Great Solutions” Of Titanic 3D

Titanic. Now with added depth… and also height.

What’s That About Avatar Four? Only Parts Two And Three Coming Up

A simple update to a previous story.

Mad Max: Fury Road To Be Shot In 2D After All, Then Converted To 3D

With doubts that 3D camera rigs could hold up to the desert shooting conditions, George Miller and his cinematographer, John Seale, have opted to film the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road, in 2D, then up-convert to 3D in post. …

Some Special Features And Deleted Scenes To Expect On The (Eventual) Titanic Blu-ray

You’ve now got your chance to go back and see Titanic where it works best – on a chuffing big screen, and in your choice of old 2D or new, and arguably improved, 3D. But it’s not going to play …

James Cameron And Jon Landau Tell Bleeding Cool About The Avatar Sequels And Spin-Offs

This Friday, Titanic returns to the big screen in a rather impressive new 3D version. Yesterday we had a masterclass from the film’s writer-director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau on how to handle a 2D to 3D conversion correctly, …

Masterclass: James Cameron And Jon Landau Teach Bleeding Cool The Dos And Donts Of 3D Conversion

Last week, I got to speak with Jon Landau and James Cameron about the new 3D version of Titanic, Avatar’s sequels and spin-offs and the whys and wherefores of 3D filmmaking.

Jon Landau Talks Titanic 3D, And After A Preview Of The Footage, So Do I

This week I found myself at a screening of some footage from the forthcoming re-release of Titanic in 3D, along with a Q&A with producer Jon Landau. Titanic is just one of ‘those’ films – nearly everyone has seen it …

First Trailer For Titanic 3D…In 2D – UPDATED With Jim Cameron Intro, Different Codec

Isn’t a 2D trailer for James Cameron’s Titanic in 3D just a trailer for Titanic? If so, I’m sorry for being a decade and a half late with this report. UPDATE: The previous trailer wasn’t working for everybody, so I …

We’ve Had A Look At Titanic 3D – Here’s Kate’s Take On The Footage

Today was the first day of Big Screen at the O2 and, amongst the trailers and the clips, was a section from Twentieth Century Fox on next year’s biggest re-release, Titanic. As everyone and his dog must know, Titanic was …

Titanic 3D Scheduled For April 2012, On the Centenary of the Tragedy

Somebody has finally come out and given us a date for the Titanic re-release in 3D, and it’s almost two years from now around the centenary of the tragedy in April 2012. Surely that’s enough time to do a post-conversion …