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Third Of The New Planet Of The Apes Films Is Set For July 29th 2016

Well, that’s set the agenda for “final questions” on the Dawn junket, anyway.

Clerks 3 Is A Film Again Now – And Kevin Smith Started Working On It At 4.20am Today

It’s obviously on his mind that today’s the 20th anniversary of when he started shooting Clerks.

First Teaser Trailer For The Hangover Part 3 – Not Quite As Harry Potter-ish As The Poster

Promising to be rather distinct from the repeated plotlines of parts one and two, here’s our first look at the “epic conclusion to the Hangover trilogy.”

Tron 3 Moving Ahead With New Writer

Seems like nothing will kill Tron 3.

Stallone’s Big Ideas For The Expendables 3 Involve Geeks And Girls… And Sigourney Weaver

Sylvester Stallone finally gets to say “Expendabelles” himself.

Keanu Reeves Sets Up The Plot Of Bill & Ted’s Third Adventure

I’ve got a good feeling about the promised third Bill & Ted film. So does Keanu Reeves, it would seem. Which is nice, seeing as he’s going to be in it and all. Talking to GQ to promote his new …

Expendables 3 To Feature Time Travel? Go To Mars? Stallone Drops Us A Hint…

Expendables 3 going sci-fi. Or it might be a Christmas comedy about a toy. It’s hard to tell right now.

Bill And Ted Threequel Gets Galaxy Quest Director

This is either totally non-non-non bogus or I lost count somewhere in the middle of all that.

Heather Graham Returning For Hangover Part 3

The recurring criticism of the second Hangover was that it was a virtual beat-for-beat do-over of the first film. One notable omission, however: Heather Graham, who for Twin Peaks alone gets a thumbs up from me.* But now she’s back …

Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 Will Go Ahead, Just Without Bill Murray

Change of plan.

Two Possible Names For The Third Hobbit Film Registered And Revealed, Unless…

It seems that Jackson, Warner Bros. and the full furry-feet team have registered a couple of possible titles for their third Hobbit picture while they make up their mind which of them will be best. Both of the possible options …

Peter Jackson’s Official Statement On Why He’s (Officially!) Making The Hobbit Into Three Films

There’s probably a lot of interesting people using Facebook, but none have posted as many updates to intrigue me as Peter Jackson. He was a pioneer of video blogging movie productions too, and is continuing that superbly with The Hobbit. …

The Grim Reaper Could Return For Bill And Ted 3, Says William Sadler

The Grim Reaper could return to haunt Bill and Ted again.

Here’s Exactly What Gillian Anderson Said About X-Files 3

Yesterday we ran a piece on the possibility of a third X-Files film, hanging it on the hand-me-down citation of Gillian Anderson. The Once And Future Scully had been speaking to Kylie Speer, an Australian TV presenter and celebrity interviewer, …

Third X-Files Movie Coming Next Year? – UPDATED

Gillian Anderson has this week ridden the media merry go round to Sydney where she’s doing interviews to publicise the second Johnny English picture. Conversation has wandered a little off topic, of course… Kylie Speer, presenter on the Australian breakfast …