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Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray To Include All Hail The King Short Film And Several Deleted Scenes

With or without Ben Kingsley? Hmmm. I’m guessing “without.”

Our First-Look, Spoiler-Free Mini-Review Of Thor 2: The Dark World

To a very large extent, Thor: The Dark World works rather well indeed.

Weekend Viewing: Nearly Fifteen Minutes Of Thor: The Dark World B-Roll Footage

What Thor: The Dark World looks like without the Asgardian magic.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige – “We’re Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Daredevil Now”

Kevin Feige and I are obviously best buddies now, having had a good chat on Friday and plenty of follow up questions today.

New Clip From Thor: The Dark World Puts Malekith At The Heart Of Something Very Sci-Fi

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that in the Marvel Movieverse, magic can be explained by science, it just that it hasn’t been, yet. They’ll call Thor a god, for sure, but also frame him as an alien.

This Minute-Long TV Spot For Thor: The Dark World Uses The Avengers As An Okay Excuse

Two of the central threads in Marvel’s Thor sequel revolve around the women in the big guy’s life. The studio aren’t kidding when they say they set out to make their films into relationship dramas as much as anything else. …

Joss Whedon Was Called In To Fix Some Scenes In Thor: The Dark World

New Thor director Alan Taylor has been speaking very openly with SFX magazine, explaining how Marvel called on their biggest gun when they really needed an extra big blast. Here’s a snippet from the magazine’s interview feature, courtesy of ┬áthe …

New Loki And Odin Posters For Thor: The Dark World

Giving some wall space to a pair of the supporting players, here are a couple of new Thor: The Dark World posters.

Thor Character Posters – Jane Foster And Malekith Are Ready For Their Close-Ups

Now then. So it seems that Christopher Eccleston had to get slathered in Dark Elf makeup for at least some of his scenes in Thor: The Dark World and didn’t get off lightly with just a plain mask. These are …

Thor 2: The Dark World TV Spot – “You Must Be Truly Desperate”

That Loki’s got an attitude, hasn’t he?

New Thor: The Dark World Poster Is An Asgardian Compendium

Here are lots of Thor things mashed up in the now rather conventional movie poster fashion.

First Look At Thor: The Dark World’s Kurse… In Action Figure Form

Be sure to read the character bio from the back of the blister pack too, to see how they’re putting him into context in the movie.

Surprise Guardians Of The Galaxy And Thor 2 Connection Revealed? Sounds Like It

We’ll get to meet a member of the Guardians cast ahead of time.

New Image From Thor 2 Reminds Us That It’s Not All About Men With Beards

I’m not sure I was left entirely satisfied with the treatment of the female characters in 2011′s Thor.

More Thor – Some HQ Pictures From The Dark World

Don’t forget, kids, home taping is killing music.

Jaimie Alexander Spells Out Sif’s Role In Thor: The Dark World

Sif has a very important role to play in the next Thor movie. You may consider Jaimie Alexander’s new comments to wander into spoiler territory.

First Teaser Trailer For Thor: The Dark World

Just in time to roll out with Iron Man 3, here’s the first trailer for the next Thor movie. It immediately looks a little less colourful than the last movie, as befits its title.

Thor 2 Images And Plot Details – Dating Issues And Demigod Fighting Moves

It wasn’t just incidental that Thor didn’t call Jane Foster during The Avengers. It wasn’t just the outcome of him being somewhat busy with an alien invasion. It was a key plot seed for his own new movie.