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The Top Ten Most Pirated TV Shows Of 2012 – UPDATED

What do the crooks like to watch?

This Liam Neeson/Taken Job Ad Deserves A Huge Audience

The Liam Neeson recruitment drive that stopped me in my tracks.

Fox Starts Work On Taken 3 Because There’s Just Too Much Money To Be Made

Retirement just isn’t working out for Bryan Mills.

Taken 2 – The Bleeding Cool Review

If you read this review now, that’ll be the end of it. We will not look for you, We will not pursue you. But if you don’t, we will look for you, we will find you and we will ask you very politely if you wouldn’t mind reading it.

Rooftop Chase Scene From Taken 2 Maybe Gives Us A Better Idea Of The Film

“When this old world starts getting you down, and people are just too much for you to face”

New Taken 2 Trailer (Now In English) – Plus Bonus Featurette

UPDATE: And here’s a new English language version of the new Taken 2 trailer. It’s so much better when you can actually hear Neeson himself chewing the lines. Now, here’s the original story, complete with a featurette on the film. …

Short New Taken 2 Trailer Is Counting Down To Some Liam Neeson Mayhem

In just this year alone, Liam Neeson will have appeared in Wrath of the Titans, Battleship, The Grey, The Dark Knight Rises and Taken 2, all of them action-loaded crowd pleasers. I can remember when his casting in Darkman seemed …

First Trailer For Taken 2 Shows Off That Very Particular Set Of Skills

Liam Neeson is back in head popping mode for Taken 2. This first trailer reprises many of the memorable elements of the first film, including that amusing telephone moment in which he sombrely spells out how the crap is about …

Liam Neeson Dithering Over Taken 2, Olivier Megaton In Talks To Direct – UPDATED: He’s In

I can’t abide by its politics, but I do love me a little bit of Taken. It’s just the sort of fun nonsense that Luc Besson‘s Europacorp have excelled at, from the original Taxi to District 13, always sprinkled with …