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Syfy Renews Dominion And Defiance

Syfy’s creative revamp continues as Deadline reports the network has renewed both Dominion and Defiance for 13-episode seasons. Dominion launched in June to 2 million total viewers and 805K adults 18-49. It was paired with the second season premiere of Defiance, …

SyFy Picks Up Whitley Strieber Novel Alien Hunter As A Straight To Series Order

Whitley Strieber’s novel Alien Hunter has been optioned by SyFy with a straight-to-series order. The 13-episode series has the working title of Hunters and will be produced by Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead). The novel is about a decorated …

4 Minutes Of Hannibal Creator Bryan Fuller’s New SyFy Movie

Bryan Fuller, creator of the hit NBC series Hannibal, tried pitching an adaptation of John Christopher’s The Lotus Caves as a television series. SyFy passed on it as a pilot, but green lit doing the Jim Danger Gray (Pushing Daises) …

The Wil Wheaton Project Not Renewed By SyFy

Wil Wheaton announced on his blog yesterday that his nerd-centric Wil Wheaton Project will not be returning to SyFy. The former Star Trek: The Next Generation actor explain exactly how he got the news as he was returning home form …

From The Makers Of Sharknado 2: The Second One, SyFy’s Z Nation

This September SyFy will kick off its new 13-series Z Nation which stars Harold Perrineau (Constantine, Lost), Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do, Beauty and the Beast) and DJ Qualls (Supernatural, Road Trip). Its from The Asylum, the studio that specializes in mockbusters …

SyFy Sets Original Movie Ratings Record With Sharknado 2

Its seems that Wednesday night isn’t just new comic day, it also appears to be campy movie night as a lot of people stayed in and watched Sharknado 2: The Second One. Deadline is reporting that the ratings for the …

“Holy Shark!” – Trailer For Sharknado 2: The Second One

What we have here is the official trailer for Sharknado 2: The Second One… as opposed to all of the unofficial ones hitting the web. This features Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A Fox, Mark McGrath (of Sugar Ray), Kari …

Talking To Charles Soule About Getting Letter 44 On TV And Writing Eleven Comics In September

Rich Johnston: We start with the biggie, Letter 44 announcedas a TV series… This is going to be on actual TV right? I don’t have to buy a game console or a tablet or some kind of exotic fruit to …

SyFy’s New Slate Includes TV Translations Of Some Comics We Love

It’s a pretty broad slate and while it’s almost inevitable that some of these shows won’t click, it’s looking like a pretty healthy set of odds for SyFy here.

Syfy Options Frank Miller’s Ronin, Oni Press’ Letter 44 And More For Series Adaptation

Now Syfy is getting in on the comic book adaptation game too.

Watch: The First 15 Minutes Of Ron Moore’s New SyFy Series, Helix

SyFy are feeling confident that if you give this one fifteen minutes, it will have you hooked.

A Bunch Of Promos For Ronald D. Moore’s New Sci-Fi Show, Helix

Comparisons to The Thing have come and not quite gone. You’ll see some familiar zombie movie tropes in this footage too.

First Trailer For Ronald D. Moore’s New TV Series, Helix – Body Horror In The Arctic

Yes, the comparisons to The Thing are obvious, and indeed, Ronald D. Moore did work on the sequel to John Carpenter‘s endlessly seminal horror movie before creating this show. But Helix is going to have to create a personally all …

Heroes Of Cosplay – “Female Sexuality Is A Big Part Of Comic-Book Art”

Endymion Mageto, our Senior Cosplay Correspondent writes; Rather than joining in the first week frenzy over SyFy’s new show Heroes Of Cosplay, I decided to wait till the second episode before sharing my thoughts on the show.  Since the pilot …

Sharknado Getting Limited Cinema Release, Audience Being Invited To Tweet Along During Screenings

My idea of hell but to many. I’m sure, a good night out

Video: You’ve Seen Sharknado, Now Prepare Yourself For Ghost Shark

I blame Jaws 4 for suggesting that sharks act out revenge upon those that have killed them.

The Signs Of San Diego – Winter Soldier, Helix, And Syfy’s Cafe Defiance

Chris Thompson writes; San Diego is a hive of activity as it prepares itself once again for the oncoming storm that is Comic-Con International. Now in its 44th year, CCI or SDCC (depending on your preferred acronym) is a juggernaut …

Full Sharknado Trailer – “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Chopper”

Here it is in all of its mildly gory, basic cable glory.