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See Footage Of Nicholas Cage Flying In This New Trailer For The Death Of Superman Lives Documentary

Whoa…  this piqued my interest when it was announced awhile back, but this full trailer for the Death of Superman Lives documentary looks very, very cool.  I’m in.

The Death Of Superman Lives – Saturday Trending Topics

I never followed the production of Superman Lives very closely, aside what you’d hear about it re the Kevin Smith script, here and there. But… huh.  Looking at the timeline now, here’s an interesting little tidbit I never noticed before: …

First Teaser For The Kickstarter-Fuelled Superman Lives Documentary, About The Unmade Tim Burton Movie

I really wish Tim Burton’s Superman Lives had happened. It sounds pretty idiosyncratic.

The Death Of Tim Burton And Nicolas Cage’s Superman Lives – Documentary Project Now On Kickstarter

This promo trailer for the documentary includes concept art and pre-production images.