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Third Trailer For Alien Possession Picture, The Host

The Host isn’t quite The Hidden. If it cements Saoirse Ronan as a star, though, that’ll be a very good thing.

Saoirse Ronan Has An Alien Inside Her In This First Trailer For The Host

Alien action adventure chase romantic drama with Saoirse Ronan. Sounds like a hit.

Because You Care: New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer And Some Stuff About A Big Plot Change

Hey, Twihards. I know you’re out there. The site statistics prove it.

Screening Report: Gattaca’s Andrew Niccol Brings A Few Minutes Of Alien Invasion Film The Host To Hall H

William Hurt’s character alone looks like a fun reason to see the film.

Panel Report: First Seven Minutes Of Final Twilight Film Gets Big Audience Response In Hall H

Not interested in knowing what they presented from Twilight at Comic-Con? I’m not surprised. Just move along.

Lionsgate May Already Be Plotting Twilight Remakes

Coming back to bite ya in the angst

Aliens In Their Eyes – First Teaser For The Host

In The Host, human bodies are infiltrated by alien parasites. As a result, we all become squeaky clean and placid. It’s an invasion of The Body Snatchers idea. And as you can see in this first teaser, it all plays …

Twilight Fanfic Becomes Best Selling Book Becomes… Movie Trilogy?

Agents for “mommy porn” phenomenon EL James have apparently scheduled a number of appointments between the author and movie studios and directors as various Hollywood bodies compete to nab the adaptation rights to her “erotic” novel Fifty Shades of Grey …

Saucy? Ticklish? The First Breaking Dawn Image Comes From Its Sex Sequence

Fans of the Twilight series, of which I have heard there are many, appear to be looking forward to one sequence in the Breaking Dawn double-movie above all others: the consummation of Bella and Edward’s marriage. Dirty. Birdies. It’s a …