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UK TV Spot For Star Trek Into Darkness Focuses On The Good Guys

…and name-drops London. Feel special now, Britain?

Finally We Know Who Peter Weller Is Playing In Star Trek Into Darkness

Our man Michael Moran has gone off at a secret location to watch almost 40 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness and when he gets back to Earth, he’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime, here’s one easily relatable factoid gleaned from the footage.

UK Release Date Of Star Trek Into Darkness Brought Forward One Week

A minor news story, really but don’t worry – we’ll have confirmation that Khan is the villain soon enough. No, really.

Star Trek Villain Spoiler? Is This Benedict Cumberbatch’s Character Introducing Himself By Name – His Real Name?

I like this. The pieces seem to fit together pretty well.

Four New Star Trek Into Darkness Images, New Plot Details

John Harrison is so in fashion. Two separate movie fashions.

Star Trek Into Darkness Blurb Is Tweaked To Reveal Cumberbatch’s Villain Isn’t Acting Alone

John Harrison, or whatever his name is, isn’t all alone in this.

Star Trek Into Darkness – Longer Theatrical Teaser Trailer, New Footage

It’s a different beast to the original online-only teaser.

Paramount Finally Name Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Villain

The villain, behind glass. With something on his arm. All part of the plan?

Star Trek Into Darkness: A Very Close Look At The Teaser Trailer

This trailer is a tricksy thing. Let’s see what we can work out.

Not Every Hobbit IMAX Screening Will Feature The Star Trek 9-Minute Prologue So Check This List

Where in the world you can see nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness on a really, really big screen.

Official Plot Blurb For Star Trek Into Darkness

They don’t name the villain but they do give us lots of strong evidence to his identity.

NSFW Star Trek 2 Trailer From Those Scary Taiwanese News Animators

Next Media Animation produce quickly thrown-together CG videos riffing on topical news stories. I first saw their work when the Tiger Woods cheating story was going on. Now, these videos are not so novel, and Next Media have started playing …

For Some Reason, The New Star Trek Film Is Called Star Trek Into Darkness

What? Why?

Characters Not In The Next Star Trek Movie, According To Writer Bob Orci

As part of a headline farming exercise, Aint It Cool News’ Hercules pestered Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci for some news on the Ask Mr. KERN radio show last weekend. He did quite well. One headline he could have opted …

The Hunger Games Sequel To Feature Some IMAX Sequences

The next film to join the craze of IMAXing certain sequences will be The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The large format film company have themselves announced that Francis Lawrence and team will shoot some of the movie in the large …

First Look At A New Star Trek Sequel Klingon

The MTV Movie Awards did not play here in the UK last night, but tonight instead, while we were “all enjoying” the Jubilee concert. So you’ll have to forgive my Stevie Wonder lovin’ self for not spotting the reveal of …

Star Trek Sequel Chooses Real Life Government Lab As A Location

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, comes under the auspices of the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, and houses the National Ignition Facility, or more colloquially, “the world’s largest laser.” And, for a little while at …

Is Leonard Nimoy Coming Back For The Next Star Trek Movie?

He’s been talking about it.