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Preview What Appears To Be New Spider-Man Theme

Brassy. Synthy. Zimmery.

Listen: New Music From David Lynch, The Soundtracks To Only God Forgives And The World’s End

A selection of some great new music that you can listen to right now.

Sample Six Minutes Of Hans Zimmer’s Man Of Steel Score

I don’t understand the hows and whys of this turning up on one Eddie Ciubotariu’s YouTube account, but here are six minutes of samples from the Man of Steel score. Thanks to Rope of Silicon for the heads up. In case …

Man Of Steel Soundtrack Listing Features Spoiler Bits, Raises Interesting Questions

Typically, the tracks on a soundtrack album are organised in screen order, effectively making the back-of-CD listing into a cryptic synopsis.

Ten Minutes Of The New Evil Dead Score By Roque Banos

I think the new Evil Dead is going to be really rather exciting.

First Concept Art, Poster And Soundtrack Snippet From Snowpiercer, Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller

The director of The Host has adapted the Transperceneige series of comics.

Listen To Karen O’s Original Song For Frankenweenie

Tim Burton recruited Karen O to write and perform a new song for Frankenweenie. The brief was to write ‘an unconventional unconditional love song,’ the better to reflect the bond between a young boy and his deceased, latterly reanimated dog. This …

What Does The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Listing Tell Us?

You can at least chart some kind of loose emotional trajectory from the track listing of Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight Rises soundtrack album. Well, with luck and a bit of guesswork anyway. You might even want to suppose some plot moves …

You Really Have To Check Out The Soundtrack Listing For Prometheus – But Spoilerphobes Beware

Another Amazon sales page for another soundtrack album, another string of teasing details.

Here’s the full roster of tracks on Marc Streitenfeld’s OST, though you may not wish to read on if you’re feeling spoiler-phobic.

Preview Soundgarden’s First New Song In 15 Years From The Soundtrack Of The Avengers

“Soundgarden reassemble!” Live to Rise is the first new composition from Soundgarden in fifteen years, an early taste of what their upcoming reunion album will bring. It’s also lurking somewhere in the soundtrack for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers movie. Rolling …

Pusher Remake Has Score By Orbital, Full Of “Anthemic Film Noir Moments”

In 1997, Orbital contributed to the scores of two feature films, Event Horizon and The Saint, and the music they made was amongst the more powerful and interesting elements in either movie. This year, they’ll be back in the OST …

What If Randy Newman Had Written A Chipper Theme Tune To We Need To Talk About Kevin?

It’s cruel and kind of funny and sort of accurate, but it would and could never happen in real life, thank god. Here’s a parody of Randy Newman singing a theme tune to the harrowing, emotionally draining We Need to …

Interactive Muppet Soundtrack Thing Preview Video – Plus Forget You In Full And More

We’ve already shared Life’s A Happy Song in its entirety, but if you want to preview the rest of The Muppets’ soundtrack, Disney’s new interactive YouTube video is a pretty fun way to do it. And also a bit of …

Details Of The Muppet Soundtrack Revealed – Feist, Joanna Newsom, Covers Of Nirvana And Cee Lo Green

The second big Muppets album to be released this year, after The Green Album and its hip array of covered Muppet classics, will be the soundtrack to the movie. The track listing has been released, and there’s a bunch of …

Listen To The Chemical Brothers’ Soundtrack For Hanna

I’ve just visited MySpace for the first time in about two and a half years. Why? To listen to the Chemical Brothers’ soundtrack for Joe Wright’s killer fairtytale thriller, Hanna. There are seven tracks available to stream, of a total …

Ssshhh! Listen! It’s The True Grit Soundtrack And It’s Goooood

I wuv you Carter Burwell. The score to True Grit, one of the year’s most keenly anticipated remaining films, has been made available for free streaming online by Paramount Pictures. The plan is to have Academy members acquaint themselves with …