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Batman ’66 Ruben Procopio Worked On What Would Become Frozen… 10 Years Ago

Over on his blog the artist for the hit series Batman ’66, Ruben Procopio shared a look back at his work at Disney and an idea of just how long Frozen was in the works. With Frozen out in the theaters I …

Inside The Research, Design And Animation Of Walt Disney’s Frozen With Producer Peter Del Vecho

I’m a real animation lover, I’m sure you’ve noticed, and there’s a lot about Frozen that has me excited.

Video: Frozen Animation Test, Concept Art And Director’s Intro

Our first look at Disney’s adaptation of The Snow Queen in motion.

Disney Officially Releases New Frozen Concept Art – UPDATED With Better Look At Characters

Updated. Check it out.

First Look At Character Art For Disney’s Frozen

Finally! Disney start giving us the good stuff on their version of The Snow Queen.

First Official Blurb For Frozen, Disney’s Take On The Snow Queen

Frozen was already announced for release late next year, but Disney have… for some reason just announced it again. This time, however, they’ve included some more details. Here’s the official plot blurb: In Frozen, a prophecy traps a kingdom in …

Before Disney’s Frozen, A Russian Snow Queen

Seeing as the budget was only around $7 million, this trailer for an animated version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen looks surprisingly well-detailed and nicely lit. The character design is fair too, if rather derivative, but the animation …

SCOOP: Disney’s Frozen Is An Animated Version Of The Snow Queen

Reports are bobbing around the internet that Pixar’s Untitled Dinosaur film has been titled Frozen. Well, it hasn’t. The confusion comes from the fact that Frozen has been given the date previously earmarked for the Dinosaur film – November 27th, …