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The Animated Smurfs Movie Has A Production Blog And Some First-Look Concept Art

I’d really like a good Smurfs movie. I’m hoping this will be it.

Sony Animation Sets Up Three New Projects Including Smurfs Prequel And Hotel Transylvania Sequel

All three films will be released over the next two to three years.

Third Smurfs Movie To Be Entirely Animated, I’m Hearing It’s A Prequel‏

The third movie is to be an entirely animated movie, eschewing the blend of CG and live action that characterised the first two instalments.

Christmas Swag – From Sandman to Doctor Who

When we go to comic cons, we usually post swag shots, but Christmas often blesses us with plenty of geek delight, too. Inspired by seeing comics people posting their hauls on Facebook, I decided to share what friends and family …

First Trailer For The New, Largely Hand-Animated Smurfs Special, Legend Of Smurfy Hollow

With a mixture of CG and hand-drawn animation this new Smurfs special blends the old and the new.

How Internet Gossip About A Film Can Go: The Smurfs, Product Placement And Licensing Deals

Sony spent a lot of money on The Smurfs 2. They’re not getting it back at the US box office. But have they already broken even? Pfft.

First Look At Hand-Drawn Smurfs TV Special, The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow

Had enough of those CG Smurfs? Want something more like the TV show of your youth, just with better production values?

Full Trailer For The Second Smurfs Film

Is a Smurf’s butt blue? Neil Patrick Harris wants to know.

Smurfs 2 Trailer Plays One Funny Trick, Introduces Evil Creatures

Here’s the smurf trailer for Sony’s smurf new Smurfs 2 smurf.

I Know You Want To See The Smurfs 2 Teaser At Any Cost, So…

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen.

Here Are The Evil Smurf Type Villain Things From The New Smurfs Movie

And… what will they mean for the film’s double entendres?

The Papercutz Manifesto – Jim Salicrup Discusses How His Company Is Succeeding With Demographics The Direct Market Often Ignores

Whenever one talks about the future of comics, part of the answer always includes talk of expanding the fan base and reaching demographics currently not being served. Despite all the talk though, there remain areas where comics could, and should, …

Get Ready For A Smurfing Sequel To That Smurfing Smurfs Movie

The Smurfs has just made over $78 million domestic with a current worldwide box office count of $135 million, which according to Sony is as good a reason as any to make a sequel. It’s been announced by the studio that …

This Smurf Day Video Has At Least Some Bits About The Original Comics

Apparently, Smurf creator Peyo modelled Smurfette on his daughter. There’s that, and several other bits of smurfy trivia in this featurette to promote international Smurf Day. Which is today, on what would have been Peyo’s 83rd birthday. Apparently, lots of people …

Neil Patrick Harris Plays Rock Band With Some Smurfs

Here’s a scan from the latest Entertainment Weekly that shows Neil Patrick Harris Rock Banding Out with the Smurfs. There’s a Scottish Smurf, a bespectacled Smurf and… I’d say there’s a Smurf who pokes his tongue out, but it looks …

The Smurfs Have A Whole New Problem To Face In This Poster Of Their Butts

Here’s a German poster for The Smurfs that reveals whole new problem for the wee blue men and… woman. These characters have never had to be drafted with such texture before. They’ve just been little graphic shapes. Now, seeing as …

Weird Fetish Alert: Your First Look At Brainy Smurf And Smurfette Might Just Do Something For You

Rumourmongers once had Quentin Tarantino pegged for the voice of Brainy Smurf* in the upcoming Smurfs picture, but the role actually went to Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen. Smurfette, with seeming inevitability, is to be voiced by Katy Perry. Now, …