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Sinister Sequel Gets A New Director

Filming starts this summer.

Sinister Sequel In The Works – Will Give Blumhouse Three Franchises Running In Parallel

Also; Deus Ex movie gets a subtitle. A meaningful subtitle…?

French Audiences Pee On Seats In Response To Paranormal Activity 4, Get Sinister Boycotted

I see Paris, I see France, Paranormal Activity made them wet their underpants.

Uncanny X-Men Brings You A Brand New Xorn Moment (SPOILER)

Remember Xorn? Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely for New X-Men, he suddenly appeared in the book as a teacher at Xavier’s school, a man with a head encased in metal, claiming to have a small star for a …

Sinister’s Director And Producer Reunite For Adaptation Of Stephen King’s The Breathing Method

What do The Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, and Apt Pupil all have in common?

Sinister – The Bleeding Cool Review

Bring your own sofa to hide behind.

Grab A Cushion And Watch This Red Band Trailer For New Scott Derrickson Horror, Sinister

Meet the film that nearly scared Bleeding Cool’s reviewer right out of the screening.

First Trailer For Sinister, Ethan Hawke’s “Found Footage With A Twist Thriller”

Sinister isn’t comprised of found footage, but features sequences of film-within-the-film that are. It’s at least an attempt to expand the genre. Interestingly, there’s very little sign of this in the first trailer which looks quite “traditional.” Oh, why does …