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And Finally… Mike Richardson To The Rescue Of Sin City’s Marv At New York Comic Con

Okay, I confess to finding a few odd photos on my phone, post New York Comic Con. So here’s a place to put a few of them. Such as discovering a tipped-over Marv figure at the Dark Horse booth. Much …

When The Present Jars With The Past Or Separating Frank Miller As A Creator From His Creations

By Devon Sanders I’m loyal to nothing, General—except The Dream. –Frank Miller’s Captain America in Daredevil: Born Again (1986) With those eight words, at 14 years old, writer Frank Miller showed me what type of American I wanted to be. …

Cinema Sins Shows Us Everything Wrong With Sin City…

You would think by now that a group calling themselves Cinema Sins would have already gotten around to a movie called Sin City… but with upcoming release of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, the guys have whipped up …

On Thomas Alsop, Shakespeare And Watson, Writing Comics and More -Talking With Chris Miskiewicz

By Nikolai Fomich   [Chris Miskiewicz] Who is Chris Miskiewicz? What is Chris Miskiewicz? Some say he’s a writer of short stories, comics, and film. Others that he is in fact an international man of mystery. Though both are probably …

SDCC 2014: Frank Miller’s Sin City – A Dame to Kill For Panel

  Live updating by Hilton Collins All right-y folks… the Sin City: A Dame to Kill for panel starts in Hall H pretty soon, in like about 10 minutes, so geeeeettt ready… Comic-Con’s director of programming Eddie Ibrahim has come …

First Clip From Sin City 2 Gives Rosario Dawson Some Flirting To Do

This clip from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For premiered on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night. This is the best version I could rustle up on YouTube. It might not seem like the best clip to drop first, but Rosario …

The Sin City Cinema Display Is Now Online, And I Bet This Becomes A Thing

The marketeers behind Sin City: A Dame to Kill for have innovated in bringing online a nice, official look at the ‘standee’ or cinema display for their movie. This is after they released GIFs in place of images a few …

New Lone Wolf And Cub: A Classic Continues – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes: [*Warning: Spoilers below!] The wait is over. The first volume of the official sequel to Lone Wolf and Cub has finally come out in English. The original series is something you probably know by now: a samurai …

New Trailer For Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Of course, Eva Green looks poised to steal the show.

Essential 8 Comic Book Movies – From Portland, With Kleenex And Ricola

By Erik Grove Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of the summer. In Portland the sun is now marginally more present than the clouds and the rose bushes that next to my driveway that like to hook onto my …

Six Gifs From Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

These are officially called “Animated Images” but hey, we all use Tumblr.

Second Promo Trailer For The Hyper-Stylised Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

I can’t wait to see what this thing looks like in 3D.

So-Called Storyboard Images From Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

According to my eyes, they’re more likely to be comic book panels.

First Trailer For Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For Sneaks Out Ahead Of Schedule

This is short and not very sweet and it looks like Sin City.

First Look At Jamie Chung As Miho In Sin City 2, Trailer Incoming

That’s Jamie Chung, who has inherited the role of Miho from Devon Aoki. She’s holding… well, it ain’t a lightasber, and that’s the point. Shiny, though. And no doubt sharp as anything.

Sin City 2 Images Feature Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke And Joseph Gordon-Levitt

No sign of the titular Dame to Kill For as yet but here are some grimy, gritty, post-processed shots of other Sin City stars.

Sin City Sequel Is Now Officially Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

I’m guessing a little seen 1916 black and white short film of the same name is the culprit here.

Get Your Robert Rodriguez Fix: Sin City 2 Website Launched, First Promos For El Rey Network Released

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and even a whole TV channel, coming soon for the Robert Rodriguez enthusiast in all of us.