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When Bob Schreck Got Kicked In The Face By Nancy In Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For

Bob Schreck was Frank Miller’s editor on Sin City, when it was first puplished by Dark Horse Comics. He was also Frank’s editor on All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder for DC, and on Holy Terror for Legendary. …

When The Present Jars With The Past Or Separating Frank Miller As A Creator From His Creations

By Devon Sanders I’m loyal to nothing, General—except The Dream. –Frank Miller’s Captain America in Daredevil: Born Again (1986) With those eight words, at 14 years old, writer Frank Miller showed me what type of American I wanted to be. …

Frank Miller Tells Playboy About How Rod Stewart Took Away Masculinity And How Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Get His Batman

It didn’t escape many people’s notice that Frank Miller was looking more and more like some of the characters he’s drawn in Sin City, when he made an appearance at San Diego Comic Con. With all sorts of rumours flying …

Discussions With Scott Allie – Dark Horse’s Strategies For SDCC 2014, Defining Creator-Owned, Prometheus, Fight Club 2, And The Whedon Threeway

San Diego Comic Con is the untackleable beast, and yet for Dark Horse, they seemed to have a very clearly defined strategy this year that I found other journalists and fans remarking upon, from their full slate of announcements concerning …

The Sin City Cinema Display Is Now Online, And I Bet This Becomes A Thing

The marketeers behind Sin City: A Dame to Kill for have innovated in bringing online a nice, official look at the ‘standee’ or cinema display for their movie. This is after they released GIFs in place of images a few …

First Trailer For Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For Sneaks Out Ahead Of Schedule

This is short and not very sweet and it looks like Sin City.

First Look At Jamie Chung As Miho In Sin City 2, Trailer Incoming

That’s Jamie Chung, who has inherited the role of Miho from Devon Aoki. She’s holding… well, it ain’t a lightasber, and that’s the point. Shiny, though. And no doubt sharp as anything.

Sin City 2 Images Feature Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke And Joseph Gordon-Levitt

No sign of the titular Dame to Kill For as yet but here are some grimy, gritty, post-processed shots of other Sin City stars.

Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For Postponed Until Next Year

The October release for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has been scrapped and the film will now be released on 22nd August next year. This makes it two Eva Green vs. green screen pictures to be punted out …

Sin City 2 First Look – Josh Brolin Is The New Old Dwight, Before And After Green Screen Pics

Such is the chronology of Dwight’s story this time around, we’re seeing him with his first face, before he has plastic surgery to change his appearance entirely.

Sin City Gets A Shot Of Pure Evil In The Form Of Stacy Keach

The casting for The Kraut is out.

The Dame To Kill For Has Been Found – It’s Eva Green, Retrospectively Obviously

Frank Miller described the character as “every man’s most glorious dreams come true, she’s also every man’s darkest nightmares.”

Sin City 2 Adds Another Stripper (Of Course It Does) In The Form Of Julia Garner

Jessica Alba has a lot more dancing to do in the Sin City seque. She probably won’t be shouldering whole whine-n-grin burden by herself, though, as Julia Garner has been added to the film’s pole brigade.

Bruce Willis Definitely Back For Sin City 2, Ava Lord Still To Be Cast

Nobody had publicly said Willis was coming back, until now.

Sin City 2 Cast Rounds Out With Juno Temple, Jeremy Piven And Ray Liotta

Production continues in Austin, Texas, with or without an Ava Lord.

Sin City 2 Gets Josh Brolin As The Pre-Plastic Surgery Clive Owen

They needed a pre-plastic surgery Dwight for Sin City 2, and now they’ve found him in the form of Josh Brolin. Is getting Clive Owen-ed a facial trade up or trade down? I’m not a very good judge of these …

Official “Johnny” Announcement Gives Mini-Hint Of Sin City 2′s New Plot

Keywords “cocky,” “darker,” and “foul.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Sin City 2, Not In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Joe is Johnny because Johnny isn’t. But he isn’t Peter, and I doubt Johnny will be.