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The New Fantastic Four Cast Have Been Selected And They Are Teller, Mara, Bell And Jordan

it’s said that Teller, Mara and Jordan have been amongst Trank’s picks all the while, Bell is reportedly a newer consideration.

Magic: The Gathering Is Headed For The Big Screen

I remember kids playing this when I was younger, but I did not realize it was still a thing people are into and want to see more of, but clearly I’m wrong here.

Briefly: The Fantastic Four And X-Men Crossover Movie Rumours Are Back Again

I know this came up and then belly flopped just recently, but I thought you’d want to know….

Bryan Singer Working With X2 Writers On X-Men Apocalypse (And A New, “Mutants In Time” Marvel Comic)

Bryan Singer is into the X-world right up to his neck.

Latest Star Wars: Rebels Promo Video Puts Simon Kinberg In The Spotlight

If Star Wars succeeds in this next, Disney-powered generation, Kinberg will be due some of the credit. Of course, there’s a flip side to that equation too…

Rumour: Mark Millar’s Upcoming Comic Book Starlight Is Becoming A Movie

It’s about a retired superhero who goes back into space for one final adventure.

Murder On The Orient Express Is Getting A Remake

Scott, Gordon and Kinberg have a lot to live up to, to say the least.

X-Men: Apocalypse To Be Direct Sequel To Days Of Future Past With Many Of The Same Cast

I’ve been doing some digging, and asking around to see what I could find out about Fox’s X-plans. Certain things started to come into focus, but nothing became really clear until yesterday.

Fantastic Four Reboot To Get Potentially Substantial Rewrites From The X-Men’s Simon Kinberg

Fox have called on yet another writer to redraft their upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Josh Trank remains attached to direct, but don’t be surprised to see the March 2015 release date pushed back.

May The 4th: Simon Kinberg On What The Star Wars Spinoff Films Will Keep From The Originals

There aren’t any specific plot or character details here. We’re talking about something a bit more nebulous, easier to promise and perhaps harder to deliver – but nonetheless, ultimately more important.

Lucasfilm’s Quoteful JJ Abrams’ Announcement, Lawrence Kasdan And Simon Kinberg “Advising”

Quotes from all and sundry. And all’s dog and sundry’s mother.

Star Wars Spin-Offs Coming – Kasdan And Kinberg’s Star Wars Scripts Not Yet Set For Main Saga

There’s more to new Star Wars than the main saga, and Lucasfilm are planning for it already.

Lucasfilm Hire Empire Strikes Back Scribe Lawrence Kasdan For New Star Wars – UPDATED

Do we have another downbeat middle chapter coming our way?

Bryan Singer Shares A Giant’s Face And Some X-Men Info

Singer tweets about Jack the Giant Slayer and Days of Future Past.

Jane Goldman: Hammer Working On Woman In Black Follow-Up, She’s On Board With X-Men First Class 2

Jane Goldman is typically candid about a couple of upcoming projects.

Game Of Thrones Director Brian Kirk Directing New Take On The Osterman Weekend

The Osterman Weekend is one of the Sam Peckinpah pictures it’s okay to remake (well, I think it’s okay to remake them all, but I know some people are sentimental about these things). One reason this would get the nod, …

Is Jane Goldman Writing The New X-Men Movie? We Asked Her, And She Said…

Out on February 10th is The Woman in Black, an adaptation of Susan Hill’s phenomenally successful ghost story by screenwriter Jane Goldman and director James Watkins. Before then (as soon as the embargo lapses) I’ll be bringing you a great …

Matthew Vaughn Has Signed On To Direct The X-Men: First Class Sequel

Fox are said to have just closed the deal for Matthew Vaughn to direct a sequel to X-Men: First Class. Deadline‘s report has it that Bryan Singer will return to produce, and Simon Kinberg is writing the screenplay, as previously …