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Fox Casts Oscar Isaac To Play Apocalyse

Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) has signed on to play Apocalypse in the upcoming X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse. The film will be based on a Simon Kinberg script and directed by Bryan Singer. It’s set in the 1980s …

Deadpool Movie To Be Part Of The X-Men Cinematic Universe

With the recent announcement of the Deadpool movie being scheduled for release in February 12th, 2016, folks have wondered how it it would fit into the existing Fox series of X-Men movies or if it would at all. X-Men: Days of …

Bryan Singer Signs On For X-Men: Apocalypse

Bryan Singer has just closed a deal to direct X-Men: Apocalypse for Fox according to Deadline. This will be the fourth time Singer has helmed the mutant franchise starting with the original film X-Men in 2000 and most recently this …

Mark Millar’s Starlight Gets A Star Wars Spinoff Screenwriter

Mark Millar and Goran Parlov’s recent comic series Starlight from Images Comics is now moving forward at Fox as a motion picture as a Star Wars spin-off writer comes on board the project. THR is reporting that Gary Whitta who …

Simon Kinberg Tries To Set The Fantastic Four Story Straight

In a talk with Latino Review, writer and producer of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, Simon Kinberg, talks about what to expect from the film at Comic-Con and addresses the comments by Kate Mara about the ties to Marvel’s comics …

Simon Kinberg Admits “Some” Of The Original X-Men Cast Will Be In Apocalypse

As I first reported in December, members of the ‘grown up’ X-Men cast will be appearing in Apocalypse. Several other sites have kicked around reports that it was going to be a ‘younger team only’ deal but Simon Kinberg has …

Simon Kinberg Compares X-Men: Apocalypse To Emmerich Disaster Films, Justifies Wolverine Taking Over From Kitty Pryde

A couple of recent interview bits with Simon Kinberg have just floated to the surface during this incredibly successfully, record breaking release weekend for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Simon Kinberg Interview: On Adapting X-Men Days Of Future Past, Crossing X-Men Over With Fantastic Four

I worked hard to get the straightest answers I could.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past – A Spoiler Free First Review

I intend there to be no real spoilers here. Something more spoilery can come along later, and properly flagged as such.

The New Fantastic Four Cast Have Been Selected And They Are Teller, Mara, Bell And Jordan

it’s said that Teller, Mara and Jordan have been amongst Trank’s picks all the while, Bell is reportedly a newer consideration.

Magic: The Gathering Is Headed For The Big Screen

I remember kids playing this when I was younger, but I did not realize it was still a thing people are into and want to see more of, but clearly I’m wrong here.

Briefly: The Fantastic Four And X-Men Crossover Movie Rumours Are Back Again

I know this came up and then belly flopped just recently, but I thought you’d want to know….

Bryan Singer Working With X2 Writers On X-Men Apocalypse (And A New, “Mutants In Time” Marvel Comic)

Bryan Singer is into the X-world right up to his neck.

Latest Star Wars: Rebels Promo Video Puts Simon Kinberg In The Spotlight

If Star Wars succeeds in this next, Disney-powered generation, Kinberg will be due some of the credit. Of course, there’s a flip side to that equation too…

Rumour: Mark Millar’s Upcoming Comic Book Starlight Is Becoming A Movie

It’s about a retired superhero who goes back into space for one final adventure.

Murder On The Orient Express Is Getting A Remake

Scott, Gordon and Kinberg have a lot to live up to, to say the least.

X-Men: Apocalypse To Be Direct Sequel To Days Of Future Past With Many Of The Same Cast

I’ve been doing some digging, and asking around to see what I could find out about Fox’s X-plans. Certain things started to come into focus, but nothing became really clear until yesterday.

Fantastic Four Reboot To Get Potentially Substantial Rewrites From The X-Men’s Simon Kinberg

Fox have called on yet another writer to redraft their upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Josh Trank remains attached to direct, but don’t be surprised to see the March 2015 release date pushed back.