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Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray To Include All Hail The King Short Film And Several Deleted Scenes

With or without Ben Kingsley? Hmmm. I’m guessing “without.”

Video: Do The Work, A Short Film Directed By Terriers, Matchstick Men And Oceans 11′s Ted Griffin

The story behind the story behind the film behind two Golden Globes & seven Oscar

Evil Dead Director Promises His Remake Doesn’t Have A Single Drop Of CG In It

So says a director who owes his career to a very heavily CG short film. How odd.

Video: Kung Fu Panda’s Director And Ridley Scott Bring Back The Soda Pop Polar Bears

Theeeeey’re baaaaa-ack.

Video: Michel Gondry’s 2013 New Year Short Film, Haircut Mouse

Like a jazz Ratatouille with coiffeture instead of cuisine.

Want To Give Terry Gilliam A Birthday Present?

Watch The Wholly Family, Gilliam’s most recent movie.

Have A Look At Napoleon Dynamite’s Creepy Condom-Porno-Man Short Film

Mixes live action, animation, ripped up porn and lots and lots of condoms.

The Halloween Deleted Scene That Wasn’t – Driving Lessons

A plot hole from John Carpenter’s original gets filled. Or spoofed. Or both at once.

Poster For Marvel Studios’ Avengers Spin-Off, Item 47

A sort of pseudo-sequel to The Avengers, Item 47 is to be premiered this Friday night at San Diego Comic-Con and then presented as a short film on the Avengers Blu-ray this September. It sounds like it might be fun: …

Short Film: Sunday, From Nacho Vigalondo, Director Of Timecrimes, Extraterrestrial And Supercrooks

Nacho Vigalondo‘s Extraterrestrial is released today in the US, at selected cinemas and via VOD and iTunes. With no UK release so far on my radar, I think I’ll be logging into my US iTunes account later on. To promote …

All The Mary Elizabeth Winstead News That’s Fit To Print

One bit of casting news, one set of photos and one full short film. Seems that Mary Elizabeth Winstead stories are like the number 38 bus. Let’s start with the casting. Another new project to have been unveiled at the …

Trailer For Dual, Ambitious Short Film From The Brothers Lynch

One of the Brothers Lynch is called David but, no, it’s not him. The other is called Keith. They co-direct their projects, including Dual, an ambitious new short that has been programmed in the London Film Festival. This is the …

Really Lovely Poster For Pixar’s La Luna

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet the first poster I’ve actually coveted in the 21st Century. It will be mine – oh yes, it will be mine. Enrico Casarosa’s short, La Luna, will premiere at the Annecy festival and then…? In …

Now I’ve Seen This Trailer For Archetype, I Won’t Rest Until I’ve Seen The Whole Thing

With X-Men: First Class, Big Fish, Gremlins 2, The Mist and plenty more on his resume*, Aaron Sims has developed a most impressive back catalogue of design and FX work. All indications are that his output as a director will …

Register Now To See The Premiere Of Terry Gilliam’s New Film On Your Computer

Terry Gilliam’s new film, The Wholly Family, is to receive a World Premiere “multicast” on the 25th of May. Essentially, it’s going to be streamed to viewers simultaneously, like a world premiere not happening in just one location, but still …

Terry Gilliam’s The Wholly Family Images And Video

In these BTS clips and snaps, you’ll see something of what Terry Gilliam has in store with The Wholly Family, his new short film. It looks beautiful and, as will surprise no-one, I’m counting down the hours until it’s unveiled …