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Remo Williams: The Adventure Reboots – Shane Black To Helm The Destroyer

I love Hollywood headlines. Everyone talking about this is focused on the name The Destroyer… which is a good name… but the fact that there was a Destroyer movie in 1985 called Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins with Fred Ward, …

Shane Black Says His Predator Film Is A Sequel Not A Remake Or Reboot

Just some clarification on the new Predator movie, courtesy of the man set to direct and co-write it. Shane Black answered a few questions from Collider, giving his reasons for not hitting the big red reset button. Why start over, …

Shane Black Co-Writing And Directing Predator Reboot

If at first you don’t succeed, reboot. 20th Century Fox were very keen to get Shane Black to rewrite their Predator script back in the 80s. He resisted, so the studio tried a trick. They cast him in the film, …

Why Agents of SHIELD Feels More Like Iron Man 3 Than The Avengers

Agents of SHIELD, which debuted last night, was co-created by Joss Whedon and he scripted the pilot episode, just as The Avengers film was written by him, though it was also directed by him. We can expect the series to …

BC Mag #5: How To Make Movies The Marvel Way

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Brendon Connelly Iron Man 3’s Shane Black explains to me just what makes Marvel Studios movies so different. Is this the secret of their success? If I somehow found the impossible formula for a smash-hit …

Iron Man 3′s DVD And Blu-Ray Supplements Revealed – Exclusive Thor Sneak Included

There’s no sign of any Marvel One Shot in the official Iron Man 3 special features listings. Peggy Carter is MIA.

Latest Iron Man 3 Clip Is As Much Fun As A Barrel Of Monkeys

If you’re still waiting to see Iron Man 3 or you just want to relive one of its standout sequences, here’s the latest officially released clip.

Trailer For The Chinese Iron Man 3 – A Little Bit Of Extra Business, Here And There

As you’ll see in this trailer, Chinese audiences are being promised a scene where Iron Man pulls off a bit of action in front of the Yongdingmen Gate.

Shane Black On His Death Note And Doc Savage Movies

Shane Black has some real and very immediate plans for a Doc Savage movie. He also wants to adapt Death Note.

Iron Man 3 – The Bleeding Cool Review

Can Tony Stark defeat his enemies AND the Curse Of The Threequel? Michael Moran reports on Iron Man 3, the start of Marvel Phase 2 and other numerological matters

Iron Man 3 Bleeding Cool Podcast Special

A second opinion.

Iron Man 3 To Feature Different Scenes And Characters In Alternative Chinese Version

There are to be two different cuts of Iron Man 3 – the one played outside of China, and one to be played inside

Brand New Iron Man 3 Trailer, UK Release Date Comes Even Further Forward

Oh boy. Big movie.

Iron Man 3 Images – New Pepper Potts Poster And Tony Stark Portrait

To be or not to be Iron Man? That is the question.

Let’s Over Analyse This New Iron Man 3 Image For Fun

Seems like it’s Iron Man 3 week. Here’s a new image of Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen.

Iron Man 3 Poster Shows Tony On His Way Down

…and the film will be the story of his climb back up.

America To Wait A Little Longer Than Everybody Else For Iron Man 3 In IMAX And IMAX 3D

So we win again.

First Images Of Wang Xuequi In Iron Man 3, Chinese Shoot Starts Tomorrow

Iron Man does a little work for its Chinese co-production status.