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Bryan Singer Reveals How X-Men: Apocalypse Begins

It looks like X-Men: Apocalypse will pick up where Days of Future Past left off, and that’s in ancient Egypt. Bryan Singer shared a photo of the treatment for the new movie, highlighting the start of “sequence 1-15.” When it …

Shane Black Says His Predator Film Is A Sequel Not A Remake Or Reboot

Just some clarification on the new Predator movie, courtesy of the man set to direct and co-write it. Shane Black answered a few questions from Collider, giving his reasons for not hitting the big red reset button. Why start over, …

Guillermo Del Toro And Zak Penn At Work On Pacific Rim 2, Raleigh And Mako Set To Return

While Legendary haven’t given the film a green light, much less Warner Bros. pictures, Guillermo Del Toro says that he’s working on Pacific Rim with the belief that, someday, he’ll get to shoot it. Buzzfeed spoke with the director at …

Annapurna Pictures May Be In On A Starship Troopers Reboot

Right now, Alan Taylor and company are hard at work on Terminator, a new seqboot instalment of James Cameron‘s formerly exciting series of killer robot time travel pictures. All being well, this new chapter will be able to make us …

Goonies 2 And Gremlins Remake Both Promised. Or Threatened, Your Call

Ghostbusters 3 isn’t the only old rehash on deck.

Brad Bird Has Told Samuel L. Jackson That Frozone Is Part Of The Incredibles 2

And “I’m just looking forward to seeing what Jack-Jack turned into,” says Jackson.

From Out Of Nowhere, Phantasm 5 – And Here’s Its Poster

Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm films are amongst the most idiosyncratic, memorable and, to be blunt, off-the-wall horror films in the canon.

New Trailer For The Raid 2 – Mud, Punches And A Whole Lotta Bone Crunching

Gareth Evans is a very skilled director of action. He knows how to conceive it, how to stage it, how to shoot and how to cut it. For that alone this film will be essential.

Fresh Character, Plot And Production Details Of The New Terminator Movie

I knew that casting for supporting roles on the new Terminator movie was underway but hadn’t been able to conjure up a breakdown myself. It looks like Moviehole were able to secure one, however, as they’ve listed a number of …

Karl Urban Again Alleges That Lionsgate Have Spoken To Alex Garland About A Sequel To Dredd

Karl Urban has a habit of lightly trolling fandom. Do you remember his “first footage from Star Trek Into Darkness” stunt?

Another Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer, Running Over Three Minutes

Yet another trailer for the next Spider-Man movie.

Warner Bros. Have Announced The Lego Movie 2 For May 26th 2017 – Over Three Years Away

Obviously understanding the time it’s going to take to do this right, Warner Bros. have announced that their sequel to The Lego Movie won’t be in US cinemas for over three years.

Disney’s CEO: “Frozen Has Real Franchise Potential”

Bob Iger has promised new content and “continued interest” for “quite a while.”

Liam Neeson Says Nobody Gets Taken In Taken 3

It was actually his condition for signing on.

First Poster For 22 Jump Street

This year, there are two films from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. There’s the R-rated, live-action 22 Jump Street and the PG, animated (mainly) Lego Movie. That kind of release pattern is called “the Spielberg.”

Captain America 3 Coming Together, Anthony And Joe Russo Attached To Direct

A show of confidence for The Winter Soldier.

New Image From The Inbetweeners 2 As Cast And Crew Finish Work In Australia

Maybe Will looks a little more confident than normal, and Jay a touch less gormless. Call it character development.

Third In New Planet Of The Apes Series Planned With Matt Reeves Already Signed To Co-Write And Direct

Reeves is going to co-write the third film with Mark Bomback, one of the writers on Dawn as well as The Wolverine.