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Netflix Demonstrate UHD 4k Streaming – Ultra High Definition, Next Generation Image Quality

The bigger the better, the better the bigger.

Wow – Samsung Seem About To Unveil A Taller-Than-Wide TV Set, And It Might Even Be Transparent

A TV set so crazy it will either be year zero of new viewing habits or a flash in the pan novelty.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Vs New iPad For Reading Digital Comics

In a new video David Berlanga looks at the merits of reading digital comics on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 over and above the new retina screen iPads. He starts by comparing print to digital, befoire comparing your digital reading …

Samsung And Real D To Make The 3D TV Set You Really Want

If you want a 3D TV set, you want it to be high quality. You want the image to be bright, and to overcome the dimming effect of the glasses. You want the glasses to be cheap, but you do …

Is Sucker Punch Going To Be In 3D After All? – UPDATED

Back in August, Zack Snyder told the world that his next picture, Sucker Punch, was now going to be released only in 2D, not the previously announced 3D. He said: We really were considering it. But we had seen a …