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Rumour: Pixar Making A Star Wars Movie

I do believe somebody has gotten ahold of the wrong end of the stick.

Report: Another Saw Movie Is In “Active Development”

We’re three years out from Saw 3D and the end of the last sequence of movies, but the rumour is that a new director is being sought right now, somebody to pick up the pieces and put together something new.

Rumoured Plans For The Mandarin At Marvel Seem To Undermine Iron Man 3

We’re go deep into real spoiler territory so make sure you’ve seen Iron Man 3 before reading this story.

Rumour: Star Wars Episode VII May Film In The Highlands And Isle Of Skye

An interesting proposition as the last run of Star Wars films tended towards artificial, green-screen facilitated settings, not the more organic approach of the original Tatooine or Moon of Endor.

The Doctor Strange Casting Rumours Begin – Justin Theroux For Stephen Strange

Kevin Feige has copped to the fact that Doctor Strange is part of Marvel Studio’s phase 3 plans, alongside Ant Man. It wouldn’t be crazy to think it could come along as early as April 2016.

Rumour: Johnny Depp Wanted For World Of Warcraft? Possibly?

The combination of Warcraft and Duncan Jones is going to set fire to a lot of fan imaginations. This isn’t the last rumour we’re going to hear, even if it’s the only half-credible one.

Rumour: Are Universal Planning A Middle Earth Theme Park?

And word of a real Middle Earth tourist attraction you can visit today.

Star Wars VII Plot Details Start Popping Up – But Are They Right?

Reuters think they know where the series is headed.

Is There Another Transformers Film Coming That Has Nothing To Do With Michael Bay?

Also, he’s ruling out a comic book adaptation of his Transformers 4.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Reps Refute Batman Rumours

Batrumour hits the rocks.

Star Wars Rumour: Lando Back In Michael Arndt’s Sequel Plans

Amber light rumour alert. Would be nice, though

Rumour: Darth Vader To Come Back From The Dead For Episode 7

The pros and cons of bringing back Vader from the dead.

Updated: Brian Michael Bendis Busts Rumours Of Powers Pilot In Trouble

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Rumour: Mark Wahlberg Getting Set For Role In Transformers 4

Do you want some Wahlberg with your big chuffin’ robots?

Thor 2 Rumour – Is A Major Character Going To Be Killed Off?

A couple of sources have echoed one big Thor 2 idea to me. It’s nothing official, but the indications are clear.

Comic-Con Rumour: Peter Jackson Might Get Three Movies Out Of The Hobbit, Not Just Two – UPDATED

Though none of this gossip played out during the Hall H discussion of The Hobbit today, Peter Jackson has apparently been speaking with journalists at Comic-Con…

Checking The Marvel NOW! Rumour Checklist

Did a quick check and, yes, there are twenty-two Wednesdays from October to February. Thanks to Tom Huxley for the Photoshop job on the Marvel NOW! weekly relaunch news. So how is the checklist coming along? Some hits, some misses… …

Can We Back Up The Latest Doctor Who “Lesbian Love Affair” Rumour? I Think So

This started in a UK Tabloid, so I know why you might be feeling a little sceptical, but we do have some corroborating evidence of our own.