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Trailer For Robert DeNiro And Luc Besson’s New Gangster Movie, The Family

The first on screen credit in this trailer for The Family names Martin Scorsese as the Executive Producer. Along with the music and the slicked back hairstyles, it’s all evoking a certain mood…

Look! Robert DeNiro And Sylvester Stallone In The Ring As Rival Boxers In Grudge Match

Rocky Balboa vs. Jake La Motta, from the writer of Entourage.

Robert De Niro’s Taxi Driver Picks Up Rorschach In Before Watchmen

The comparison between Robert De Niro‘s Taxi Driver character Travis Bickle and Watchmen‘s Rorschach has been made a number of times. Many of Rorschach’s other views are similar to Bickle’s: the idea that there is a politician who can clean …

Luc Besson To Write And Direct Time Agent Movie Based On The Valérian and Laureline Comics

Adapted from the French comic, that I have never read but sometimes heard of, Luc Besson‘s Valérian and Laureline movie is to be another large-scale science fiction film after The Fifth Element, and another comic book adaptation, after The Extraordinary …

Trailer: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro And Jennifer Lawrence Tear Up The Silver Linings Playbook – UPDATED

An error meant the wrong video was embedded earlier. Correct video in place now.