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Live Sports In Spurts, And Hannibal Eats It – The Week In TV Ratings

Here’s your quick run-down of the highs and lows of TV ratings from the past week.

Community Is In Bad Health, Big Bang Theory Stumbles – The Week In TV Ratings

Also: a very accurate account of what you did last Monday.Yes, you. Personally.

2013 Quietly Kicks In But Big Bang Gets Its Highest Ever Rating – The Week In TV Ratings

Of all episodes to be the highest rated Big Bang ever, it’s was last week’s.

Castle Drops, Arrow Does Okay, Fringe Was Steady And More – The Week In TV Ratings

Castle on the rocks, and I ain’t talking Rob Reiner.

People Are Watching TV Again After Thanksgiving, How Did Revolution End Its Midseason? – The Week In TV Ratings

All the shows are up after the holiday, except the ones that aren’t…

Let’s Give Thanks To The Crashing Tuesday Comedies – The Week In TV Ratings

What shows are crashing and burning during the Holidays?

Arrow Shoots Up, Revolution Falls, Someone Gets Elected – The Week In TV Ratings

The election had a knock-on effect that saw Wednesday night TV break a record.

Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, The Sounds Of TV Execs Crying – The Week In TV Ratings

How did the holidays and weather affect your shows?

Nikita Returns…. Not So Good, Once Upon Flies Up, Revolution Does Its Thing – The Week In TV Ratings

With Fox taking a week off, the other nets fight to… the death? Well, you won’t know otherwise unless you read this…

Walking Dead Hits Record Ratings, Angrily Stomps Over The Rest Of TV

The decomposing champion returns.

Arrow Scores, Nashville Sings And Vampire Diaries Bites – The Week In TV Ratings

A good week for US TV, but just how good?

Treehouse Of Horror, Terrible Flops And Surprise Success – The Week In TV Ratings

The ups and downs of US TV ratings.

Revolution Holds Well, Last Resort Sinks, Fringe Keeps Steady – The Week In TV Ratings

How did your favourite shows rank as premiere week kicked into higher gear?

Marvel Comics To Be A Little More Mature

Marvel Comics is amending the solicitations for a number of titles that were solicited in Previews with the wrong maturity rating. Amazing Spider-Man #697 and #698, Avengers #33 and #34, Fantastic Four #1, FF #1, New Avengers #33 and #34, …