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New Trailer For The Raid 2 – Mud, Punches And A Whole Lotta Bone Crunching

Gareth Evans is a very skilled director of action. He knows how to conceive it, how to stage it, how to shoot and how to cut it. For that alone this film will be essential.

Expendables 3′s Patrick Hughes To Direct The Raid US Remake

But without any real aptitude for the style of fighting that made the original film so popular, what is even the point?

Now Is The Time To Buy The Raid On Blu-Ray

We’re just a month and a bit away from the release of The Raid 2. That already makes it time to order The Raid and get that in your eyeholes, but it’s also very, very cheap right now.

Full US Theatrical Trailer for The Raid 2

It actually makes me really want to see this movie, even though I know I’ll regret it when people start getting graphically knifed and hammered to death.

The Raid 2 Set For March 28, 2014 Release

First, it will play at the Sundance Film Festival.

Red And Battleship Writers Erich And Jon Hoeber Writing American Remake Of The Raid

Also including info on a Raid 2 fight sequence I previewed at Frightfest.

The Raid 2: Gareth Evans Talks Us Through His Villains, Car Chase And Prison Scenes

Gareth spills lots of juicy details about The Raid 2 and talks us through how he shot a prison sequence and a very tricky car chase. Also introducing Baseball Bat Man.

Interview: The Raid’s Gareth Evans On Shooting POV Horror For VHS 2

Gareth Evans talks us through the anxiety he had in making a horror film and how he dealt with the difficulties of shooting POV.

Trailers For The Ten Lowest Grossing Wide Releases Of 2012

Includes one bona fide genre classic.

Kapow! 2012 Day One – Abe Lincoln, Fast Girls, The Raid, Storage 24 And More

Comics editor Rich Johnston has posted his own account of Kapow! Comic Convention 2012, but since we somehow managed to avoid running into each other, the Bleeding Cool Film experience was hopefully different enough to be worth writing about. Among …

Remake And Sequel For Action Phenomenon The Raid – And In The Meantime, Its Trailer Again

We’ll start with the trailer for Gareth Evans’ The Raid becuase, if you didn’t see it last time, you’ll be wanting to see it now. Evans sometimes seems to be playing about with the camera quite enthusiastically there, canting it …