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The Most Pirated Movies Of 2013 Vs. The Top Grossing Movies Of 2013 (In The US)

Well, I’m glad the box office is so healthy (at this level at least) even while so many are stealing movies.

Major Comic Pirate Site, Hank Scorpio, Closes Down

Hank Scorpio was one of the major comic book piracy sites in the industry. It didn’t host any files, but it linked to a series of download sites such as Hotfile,  SendSpace and the like. Named after the Simpsons character, …

The Top Ten Most Pirated TV Shows Of 2012 – UPDATED

What do the crooks like to watch?

Another Comic Book Pirate Writes

Bleeding Cool does not condone comic book piracy. I do find the thought processes behind those that facilitate it fascinating, however. We ran a piece last week, interviewing the semi-retired pirate Archangel. As a result, a current operating pirate, going …

The Best Reviewed Films Of 2011 Vs. The Most Pirated

Is there going to be any crossover between the top ten most pirated films of 2011 and those that were awarded the most positive reviews? Are downloaders drawn to the same movies as hacks?

Brian Wood, Steve Niles, Fred Van Lente, And Steve Lieber On Comic Business Models In A Digital World

Much of the industry talk today has been about digital comics, triggered in large part by retailers boycotting Dark Horse due to their digital policy, and Dark Horse has issued a statement today clarifying that policy. That of course didn’t …

This Is What Happened Because The Americans Didn’t Get Thor First

The above poster is hanging on the wall, taking pride of place outside my local Vue multiplex. In the words of Mrs. Connelly “Well, I haven’t seen that before”. We Brits have had Thor in our cinemas for five of …

On Batman, Spider-Man, The Mr. Men, The MPAA And A Piracy Manifesto

For tonight’s journey into Podcastia, I am joined by Ben Mortimer to discuss: Liam Neeson’s take on “gloomy” Batman Irrfan Khan’s comments on why he almost didn’t take a role in the new Spider-Man The  upcoming Mr. Men film The …